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Goblin Bewm Bewm Tank - The Boomer Retooled

Heavy Goblin Tank.
Modelled in Milkshape and finalized with notepad.

Lightning effect is created with in-game attachment effects.

The lore
The Bewm Bewm (Boomer 2.0, duh) project was an undertaking by the best Goblin mechanists and tinkerers to create a combat platform that is effective in defensive as well as offensive operations. Several Goblin settlements had a hard time withstanding Demon and Undead attack during the last years before the upcoming war. Breakthroughs in creating new alloys allowed to produce a sturdy outer shell, developments in electrical trinkets satisfies the vehicles immense power intake yet make it very volatile in case of destruction and new and improved weapon systems round up the sheer power of this beast.
Be ready to crush enemies under this enormous vehicle or hit them from afar with cannons, missiles, rockets or shock strikes.
Please give credits if you use it in your campaign/map.
You can edit the model to your liking as you please, as long as you give me credits. Have fun with the model.
And if you have questions about the model, feel free to contact me.
Constructive critique concerning the technical aspects of the models are more than welcome.

tank, Goblin, Track, Frankster, Frank, barrel, gun, green

Goblin Bewm Bewm Tank - The Boomer Retooled (Model)

18:23, 28th Mar 2015 MiniMage: Boom Bewm. Beast be beast.

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Deleted member 238589

Impressive model, good work. I also like the animations.
You're back to General Frank! Just when I finally got used to Frankster.

As your tanks tend to be, this is quite complex and epic. I wish you'd use different styles, though; I think the last 50 tanks you made with these textures were enough. I know, those textures are perfect for tanks, but I feel that you've made enough tanks with that style by now to satisfy anyone who wants one with those textures.

That being said, I'm still giving this a 5/5.