Glory of the Sea

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Glory of the Sea's

By Sunreaver
Map Info:
This map uses Singelands (Pirates Route) terrain and
contains the Kul'tras Faction as a playable race. This
race is a Naval Human race with powers of the sea.
The heroes of Kul'tras have mastered the storms and
use the magic of the ocean to advance their domain.


A new Race[Kul'tiras]
Naval Units
New Items
GUI Spells (lots of eye candy)
Dialogue Race Selection

How to play:

Select Kul'tiras at the beginning and build a standard
build order. The AI does not know how to use naval
units so you need to find them and destroy them if you
are playing alone.
To play as Kul'Tiras choose Humans

Fixed Terrain
Most stuff from previous versions
Multiplayer works perfectly fine now


Kul'tiras, melee, altered human[/tr]

Glory of the Sea (Map)

Approved. I liked your troll race more, but this one is nice aswell. If you want more reviews, try joining the Grand Review Exchange.