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[Altered Melee] Give me creative ideas for ship abilities - passives

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Level 28
Mar 9, 2012
Assault Transport: ? ; what has been tried: turning it amphibian after upgrade (didnt result well), giving it an lesser version of hardened skin (thing just wouldnt sink so it was very advantageous to sneak attack with it)
Frigate: ?
Battleship: Gains Fragmentation shells, ? ; what has been tried: giving it an bombardment ability based on earthquake (it was either overpoweringly devastating or totally limp to use)
Gnomish Recon Submarine: Rocket Battery: same as Siege Engine.

Orc Transport: Expanded Carghold: Can carry 4 more units across the sea instead the usual 8.
Troll Destroyer: Minelaying: Lays an sea-mine. Is projected to be 3 charges non-replenishing, similar to sc1 vulture's spider mine ability.
Juggernaut: Self-Repair upgrade: Repairs 2 Hp per second on self. Additionally gains Flaming Boulder.
Goblin Attack Submarine: Sonar (passive): Can detect other Submerged ships nearby.

Undead Transport: can be individually turned into an Fireship after research.
Sunken Frigate: ?
Ghostship: turns Invisible at night
Kraken: an melee range channeled entangle, cleave passive (due to tentacles)

Corvette: ?
Elven Frigate: ? something like an Harpoon that functions like grappling hook ?
Battlecruiser: gains Impaling Bolt, additionally ?
Manacruiser: Monsoon, ? and Truesight. this one needs one more spell that isnt aoe.

Some more context: the attack damage of ships are upgraded along ranged and a new artillery upgrade, the hull of ships are upgraded entirely seperately.
Bloodelves dont have an dedicated transport ship instead all ships can transport.
Submarines and the Kraken can ofcourse submerge, no need to state.
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
Assault Transport: Can beach itself, turning into a fortified bunker (troops inside shoot at enemies).

Frigate: Stern Guns: Fires a single shot directly behind itself. Enemies take damage, while the frigate is pushed forward via knockback.

Battleship: Broadside: Turns sideways, channels for a few seconds, then fires all guns at the target point.

Sunken Frigate: Ghosts attack enemies even while moving.

Corvette: Every corvette in a certain range of each other gives a movement and attackspeed bonus (up to a limit, obviously).

Manacruiser (this one is an AoE, but unless you've got another caster ship...): Typhoon (Channeling): Summons strong winds that push back all ships in the AOE unless they're submerged (Stampede with knockback instead of damage).
Non AoE: Sailshredder: Fires a magical laser at a ship's sails, making it unable to move for a while.

What model are you using for the Kraken?
Level 28
Mar 9, 2012
Assault Transport: afaik there is no way to clearly define 'Beach', it will either take anywhere shallow water as beach or will have to turn amphibious for it to function.

You have given nice ideas though.

For Juggernaut did consider giving it an ramming ability where it stops for an few seconds then charges towards target direction at fast speed.

For kraken im kinda forced to use this, seeing how its the only 'kraken' model on hive:
Level 1
Dec 29, 2013
I spent a little time trying to make a ship with a range farther then its sight distance. This adds the need for a "spotter" and a real reason to use invisibility potion. You could sell passive birds at a merchant. I don't think the A.I. will attack them even when owned by the player. Make them slow, expensive and wander so the player can't just camp on a single spot without a little maintenance.

great ideas cleavinghammer. good dynamic strategy
Level 12
May 11, 2014
Maybe make a catapult system for ships . So when your ship is destroy , it can catapult the units from it on the ground.
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