Getting the map known.

Level 7
Sep 5, 2006
As we can see Against the darkness (another well made project at the hive) has much higher download and more people posting at their forum (before project was mark finsh), I recommand Steelb_l_ade to do the same thread and stuff that 1)ark_NiTe has done to get more players.
P.S I often find hosting hard as no one likes to spent time downloading it.
Level 8
Apr 28, 2006
As is stated multiple times in multiple threads I havent quit it, in fact I check it everyday, hence this response.

What I have said is, I work now and the map is essentially complete...until a player base decides they want some changes. Then they'l get them if their good suggestions.

I am still intrested in doing ROTG FFA and we have reworked teh terrain into a nice new concept.

I can't force people to play the map ive spent a limited time on promoting it and I still do from time to time, ROTG is now in the hands of the players as it has been created.

If you need help just ask on its site.