ATD's Future

Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
December 29, 2007.

It is unbelievable to me that it has been nearly a year since Against the Darkness was selected to be a Hosted Project. In the past year the map has grown so much and the community has expanded and gained dedicated testers, players, and hosts alike. Soon Version 2.5 will be released as the first of many to gear ATD toward being a more legitimate and official Warcraft III mod. It is in my interest to make this mod become one that will be played and hosted often on as well as a game that has good replayability, a high fun level, and competitiveness. In mid January expect 2.5 to be released, and expect Against the Darkness to feel, look, and play more professionally. Get ready for it!
Level 15
Jun 28, 2007
Do you mean like a save/load system? That wouldn't work for this type of map.

BUT, in 2.5 there will be a new Game Mode on top of the two that already exist, and trust me it is going to be GREAT! I can't wait to release it :)

not like a save load system
like a reward code system
you get x points and you hero unllokcs a new attachment