[General] Rules, Guidelines & Lore of the Group

Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
The Rules of Kaelicious

Kaelicious is known for always having been very loose about its rules, and I intend to keep it that way, for I believe that is how this group works the best.
However, of course at least a few rules are needed, so I have lined those up below.

  • Do not, in any way, violate the general Hive Workshop Rules.
  • If in a discussion, ask the Maintainer. He is almost always right!
  • Be nice to each other, when in the group. If you absolutely need to have hateful quarrels with each other, please have them outside of the group.
  • Do not upload pictures to the group album, if they have neither anything to do with the roleplay, nor the contests of Kaelicious.
  • Do not post any new threads in the group.
  • Do not write OOC (Out of Character)-messages in the Roleplaying thread, except if you include the message in the beginning, before a title in an actual roleplaying post. Pure OOC-messages that contain no roleplaying at all should be posted in the "[General] Discussions"-thread instead.

  • Respect any other player's posts and storylines at all cost. Do not ignore the contents of their posts, and pretend that what they wrote have not happened. If unsure in any way of what happened in a specific post, simply ask before you post a continuation of the scene.
  • Do not break the special roleplaying rules, that apply to the different holiday themes throughout the year.
  • Members can make only one Main Character, and can never change it to another character, except if the Maintainer have given official permission.
  • Every post of yours must contain your personal main character, except if you are the Maintainer, or if the Maintainer gave you permission to do otherwise.
  • Every member may at maximum create 5 unique named Extra Characters for every year. Additional characters and corresponding posts that breaks these rules will be deleted.
    Extra Characters created in 2014 = Amargaard: 5 (0 left), Paillan: 5 (0 left), Chenralstrasz: 4 (1 left), kari0003: 4 (1 left), Xi Wangmu: 3 (2 left), StormWarriors2: 1 (4 left), Kyousuke Imadori: 1 (4 left), Sky Green: 1 (4 left).
  • Although it is allowed to control other characters in the roleplay, than just your own, permission must be granted to do so. Permission to control other member's Main or Extra characters are granted by the members themselves.
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
The Guidelines of Kaelicious

I figured it would be smart with a bit of guidance for the new people to arrive. In this relatively short chapter I have included a bit of basic advice, that might be useful, as well as some small descriptions of what to do in the group. This is the required basic knowledge, and there ain't much knowledge beyond it, so having read through this should grant you the ability to blend in with all the rest of us.

What is Kaelicious?

A social group that was made back in the days when there still existed Role Playing Social Groups, when Vengeancekael was still a moderator and all that. For knowledge about the history of the group, go see the Kaelicious article on the Hive Wiki.

Basically, Kaelicious is a place on the Hive to hang out. Some of the people here are just here for the sake of being here.
More importantly, Kaelicious is a place to roleplay. The Hive Roleplaying forum is sadly as dead as can be, and so are most (if not all) of the social group roleplays that the Hive has to offer, but Kaelicious still stands, and it will continue to do so for as long as Hivers are willing to come by and roleplay here.
Kaelicious also hosts contests regularly, a tradition Vengeancekael started back in the days.

Tell me more about that Roleplaying-thing!

The Kaelicious roleplay was started by coincidence when several members started following a silly storyline in the many discussions, and the characters were portrayed in contest artwork - because of that silly start, the roleplay is obviously based on a comical unrealistic world.
However, after a while, the roleplay took a turn towards more serious stories. It has always been and still is completely up to the members whether the story plot should be funny or touching or exciting, etc. So, nowadays it is mostly a mix of it all that have played out through the various seasons and holiday themes.

Oh yeah, I should probably tell you about the holiday themes! In Kaelicious, the story stays the same with the same characters and same locations, but Kaelicious still provides plenty of variation, for on specific times each year a special holiday theme is launched, which means that the story of the roleplay will be centered about that specific holiday the corresponding month. Recurring examples being December month having a Christmas roleplay, a Valentine roleplay in February month, and an Easter roleplay during March month.

Every member can make one character for him/herself, and that character can never be switched, so if you plan to enter the roleplay, you better make a decision you will not regret later on!

It is actually really easy to start participating in the stories of the roleplay. There are no rules about when you are allowed to enter - you can enter today, or tomorrow or in a month. Whenever you are ready, just head to the Roleplaying thread, and start writing. Then imagine that the roleplaying thread is a book, and that you are the author - what you write down in the book will actually come to happen in the story! Sounds simple eh? It is!
However, remember that you are not the only author. Other members are in the group as well, and all want to write about their respective characters, and their influence upon the world. Your post must center around your own character, but it is funnier for everybody if you interact with the other players - you are even allowed to control their characters in this roleplay! (If they grant you permission to do so, that is)

It should be noted that it is preferred that you include the following header in your posts, but not required.


(Name of Characters Included) ~ (Title of "episode")

Go right ahead, and write some history - only your imagination is your limitation!

Tell me more about the contests too!

When Vengeancekael created the group, he actually only based it on the idea of having new contests every holiday. He wasn't aware that the roleplaying would take over, and that the contests would remain only for the sake of tradition, fun and competition afterwards. Well, that is the case today - but we keep hosting new contests when each new holiday theme begins.

These contests vary from drawing contests, to terraining contests, to mapping contests, to resource-making contests, to various other things that the Kaelicious community can possibly compete over. However, some things remains the same, no matter what kind of contest it turns out to be.

First one is the fact that the contest will always be holiday-themed, where the final entry must present something that somehow resembles the specific holiday. Second thing to be the same for all contests, is the price-giving. All contests will have prizes, consisting of reputation points, for those who finishes with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Everybody else, who have not gotten a spot in the top three, will at least get a special lower price for participating in the contest.

Sometimes, the contests will be related to the roleplaying plot. In these cases, entries will also have an effect on the roleplaying story.
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
The Lore of Kaelicious

It is important to note that the stories that play out at the moment, have connection back to the stories that took place in the beginning of the group's history. A few years of roleplaying plots that are all connected, which means that there are a lot of knowledge about the different places, characters, races and organizations, items and artifacts, along with a lot of other things that are useful to know.

Follow those of the links, that you might find the most useful, below, and you will be directed to all the information you need about the specific topic.

Holiday RP events:

Places & Locations:
  • The World of Kaelicious (To Be Added)
  • The Valley of Christmas (To Be Added)
  • The Valentine Forest (To Be Added)
  • Easterland (To Be Added)
  • Mordan (To Be Added)
  • The Southern Continent (To Be Added)
  • Mania's Underground Realm (To Be Added)
  • Hell (To Be Added)
  • The Destruction Realm (To Be Added)

  • Member Characters (To Be Added)
  • Other Characters (To Be Added)

  • (To Be Added)

  • The Niss (To Be Added)
  • Cupid's Servants (To Be Added)
  • The Cultists (To Be Added)
  • Mania's Maniacs (To Be Added)
  • Team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. (To Be Added)
  • Team Millennium (To Be Added)
  • The Bunny Army (To Be Added)
  • The Robo-Cops (To Be Added)
  • The Legion of Hell Demons (To Be Added)
  • The Army of Destruction (To Be Added)

Notable Items & Artifacts:
  • (To Be Added)
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
Lore - The Valentine Wars

The Valentine Wars is a series of special holiday events, that are all always played out during February month each year, and is always centered around the struggle between Cupid, the God of Love, and Mania, the Goddess of Insanity. These two deities fight over the title of being Idol of Valentine, which will give them the ultimate power over the holiday.
Players will usually side up with one of the two deities, and help making Valentine into what their deity believes the holiday should be like, a month of Love and unity or a month of Insanity and freedom.

The Valentine Wars will usually take place inside the Valentine Forest and in Mania's underground temple, but the whole world can be used for plot reasons.

The Valentine Wars - February 2013:

Following the cozy and successful Christmas Eve in Santa Claus' living room, Am'ar Kardos, his adopted son David, along with several of their friends and allies journeyed south to the Valentine Forest to encounter their next adventures.
The group was met with a warm welcome by the God of Love, Cupid, who also explained that he was the Idol of Valentine, and that he would use his powers to give them the best possible holiday. They stayed in his city, living peacefully with his people, and had indeed a cozy-, and more importantly, a lovely time, with great company.

During this month, Am'ar fell in deep love with the woman Lizzie, who fortunately returned the love. He then married her, and she thus also became the adoptive mother of David, who liked her just as much as Am'ar did.
In the meantime, David fell in love with Frederica Bernkastel, who had coincidentally also gotten a rivalry with Am'ar back at the Christmas war - so David's adoptive father naturally didn't approve of this love. However, David didn't care about his father's opinion and decided to follow his heart anyways, but then realized that Bernkastel had already gotten into a relationship with the powerful Vengeancekael at the time. Not knowing of this, Am'ar finally ended up comprehend his adopted son's love of Frederica, but that also resulted in Am'ar and David growing more apart from each other.

However, soon it appeared that the cozy holiday would not last, for Mania, and her powerful servants Kari and Alagremm, teleported to the most romantic spot in the Valentine Forest and corrupted it. Among other achievements, they successfully made Am'ar addicted to smoking weed. However, Am'ar and DeadlyStroke used Kari's own invention against him, and made both him and Alagremm LoveSlaves, by placing LoveCollars around their necks, and Mania ended up withdrawing her plans of invasion. The rest of the holiday continued quietly and happily for everyone, except for David who was heart broken.
Like all others, the God of Love of course made sure to enjoy himself as well, with the love of his life - his wife, Princess Psyche.
(Terrain screenshot for the 2013 Valentine contest by GreeN!X.)

Am'ar wrote the following poem for his son by the end of the Valentine Wars.

I found you there, in a hell pit in the realm of Mad King's,
Wounded and scared, from a horrible life filled with bad things,
With father gene prepared, I took your lovely skull under dad's wings,
The others wouldn't stop stare, but I kept on ignoring their mocking chat strings.

Ignited with true father love, Cupid's arrow had hit me hardly,
Mad King would be rather above, when I entered his evil party,
Pay-back for parenting with harsher stuff, teaching him to be hearty,
Making sure that Santa's team were masters of being awesome and arty.

And soon your skeletal appearance was accepted by my friends,
With all of their skeptical interference gone, you became one who attends,
However I notice a bestial incoherence, and now might be when a father's bond ends,
Because you came to a sexual clearance, that you was in love with Bernkastel... and I comprehend.

(Poem + drawing for the 2013 Valentine contest by Amargaard.)

The image says it all.
(Made for out-of-group roleplaying by Amargaard for Archange1.)

There is a special place on the edge of Cupid's garden, where a cliff borders the ocean and the sunset can always be seen. It was known simply as the most romantic spot in the Valentine Forest, and this was the location most of the familiar characters decided to spend their holiday.
(Drawing entry for the 2013 Valentine contest by Amargaard.)

However, the most romantic spot in the Valentine Forest, was also the target for Mania's invasion. She teleported to the place from her underground temple along with her two servants, Kari and Alagremm. Together the three twisted this area totally!
However, they ended up losing the war anyway.
(Drawing entry for the 2013 Valentine contest by kari0003.)

The Valentine Wars - February 2014:

After the dramatic drunken drama that Am'ar and Paillan had caused during January month in, and around Gyro's bar, Paillan had been arrested and imprisoned in the robo-prison, while Am'ar and Juno were contacted by one of Cupid's servants. The servant explained that the God of Love and especially his people were in grave danger. Mania had caused trouble again this year, and seemingly more than ever. When Am'ar and Juno arrived in Cupid's city, they realized that many of Cupid's servants had become drug addicts - without a doubt due to Mania's influence.

A wandering Panda Monk called Chen eventually found out that the guardian of the nearby Lake of Hearts, Valentino, had been cursed - and the lake had been corrupted into the Lake of Broken Hearts instead. Valentino's best friend, the wizard Antonio, had seemingly been killed too. However, Chen fused Antonio's still-intact body with Valentino's soul, so that the Lake's loyal Guardian could help the God of Love once again. Valentino explained that the magical lake was the main source of power for Cupid's people and when the lake got corrupted, their power dwindled drastically, which was the reason why Mania could so easily turn most of them to drug addicts.

In cell DPH55PNR in the Robo-prison, Paillan and his cell-mate, the Christmas Elf Rheiko, were visited by Mania, who offered Paillan his freedom, at the cost of his sanity. Paillan refused, knowing he could easily escape the prison without her aid. He created a clone to replace him, and then teleported away to the Destruction Realm, where he fought the Mad King, Baratheus and Kenny, almost killing all three of them. Kenny decided to track down the half-angel/half-demon and personally revengefully kill him. Their fight was coincidentally taken to the Valentine Forest, inside Cupid's palace. It ended with Cupid killing Paillan, and Kenny leaving the place for good. However, Paillan's soul journeyed to the mysterious God of Light, who agreed to let the soul somehow survive, but split it to several individuals with decreased power. Paillan's angelic side was reborn in a woman called Leila, and his demonic side was reborn in the clone inside the pobo-prison, who called himself Kyrkow. Leila of course joined Cupid's side.

Soon after, south of Cupid's city, Mania and her loyal servant Kari had set a project in motion. With the hard work of an entire village of maniacs, they managed to construct an enormous fire place, which could burn the entire Valentine Forest down to ashes when lit. However, Cupid and his most powerful allies attacked the maniac army before it was too late, and successfully stopped Mania's plans. However, both Am'ar and Kari died during an intense battle by the Lake of Broken Heart's shore - Kari did, however, come to his senses moments before his death and managed to complete a magical drawing that would later revive his old orc friend. What was worse, was that during the battle, Valentino and Antonio had split up again, and Antonio revealing his true intention - to help Mania take over Cupid's title as Idol of Valentine. The insane wizard kidnapped Princess Psyche, bringing her to Mania's underground temple, but in the meantime he also accidentally lost Mania's most important source of power, the Book of Curses, which thus removed her ability to damage and corrupt all that had been blessed with love.

With his beloved wife gone, Cupid decided that the only option he had was to spontaneously journey to Mania's realm, and rescue her from the Goddess' grip. Dawn, a female cat of a special bloodline, and the flirt of Juno, appeared to be the only one able to open a portal to Mania's realm, by using the remaining magical energy from Mania's corruption at the previously most romantic spot in Cupid's garden. Cupid then stepped through Dawn's portal with a hand-picked team of his bravest, most loyal and powerful servants, including the resurrected Am'ar Kardos, Chen the Panda, Leila the Angel, and Valentino the Lake's Guardian.

In the meantime, inside the underground temple, Mania was furious with Kari's death and especially about Antonio losing the Book of Curses, but when he asked if he should go retrieve it back, she simply explained that she needed him for another task - gathering more people to serve her. Antonio teleported to the robo-prison, where he intentionally was arrested by Alwin, the prison janitor. Luckily he was brought to cell DPH55PNR, and after a while he persuaded both Rheiko and Kyrkow to join Mania's side in the Valentine Wars. Together, the three escaped the prison and teleported back to Mania's underground realm, where they awaited Cupid's attack force in Mania's Temple.

Cupid had gone to secretly negotiate with Mania, about trading the Book of Curses for Princess Psyche, while Am'ar had been given control of the attack force and fought their way to the main hall of Mania's temple. Here, Am'ar fought Rheiko, Valentino fought Antonio, and Leila fought Kyrkow. At the meantime, Chen was going to use his dragon form and fly to the other side of the humongous room where Spyche was trapped. However, Mania cheated in her negotiations with Cupid, and trapped him away from the battlefield. She entered the room though, but too late for her to not let Psyche be rescued. In her anger, she made the entire temple crumble around them, and Cupid's team had to escape. Rheiko followed and attacked Cupid's team outside the temple, but Am'ar used a magical cure to remove corruption from Rheiko and turn the Christmas Elf back to his friendly self, and then he teleported with the others back to the surface world. However, Valentino had to heroically stay behind in order for the others to survive, and was brutally killed by Mania.

Mania then teleported Kyrkow and Antonio up to Cupid's palace, where she revealed that she had full control over the Valentine Forest, and all of Cupid's former servants. She had successfully become the new Idol of Valentine.
When the maniacs attempted to build a huge bonfire, that would burn down the entire Valentine Forest when lit, Cupid's forces intervened - and during this battle Am'ar and Kari, who had once formed a brotherly bond, were now fighting for opposing sides and ended up locked in a deadly battle. They ended up by the shore of the Lake of Broken Hearts, where Kari finally killed Am'ar. However, he came back to his senses shortly after, and the last thing he did before he died, was to sketch Am'ar's pumping heart on his magical drawing block. Soon after Kari's death, Vengeancekael came by, revived Am'ar and took Kari's corpse with him to be saved in the flying castle.
(Digital drawing for the 2014 Valentine contest by kari0003.)

Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
Lore - The Easter Games

The Easter Games is a series of special holiday events, which are all always played out during April month each year, and is always centered around a huge Easter-themed competition hosted by Vengeancekael inside the Easter Games Arena, where teams compete against each other in different ways, striving to win the whole thing and leave afterwards with a unique reward.
Rules have changed slightly from year to year, but currently players will have to enter the Games by being part of a team, consisting of at least three members and six members at maximum, with one member being chosen as the team captain.

The Easter Games will without exception take place inside the Easter Games Arena, and the rest of the world is not allowed to be used for this month-long occasion.

The Easter Games - April 2013:

During the end of March month, Vengeancekael arrived to Gyro's bar and told the interested guests to gather two teams for the upcoming Easter Games. Am'ar Kardos was elected captain of team T.H.U.M.P.E.R., with a team consisting of Kari, Kenny, Paillan, Juno, Deolrin, Gen Bloodhorn and Gyro. Mistress Frederica Bernkastel was elected team captain of the other team, Millennium, with Alagremm, David and Bisnar on it.
David had, at this time, almost completely left his father's side, while Kenny had gotten a much closer relationship with Am'ar instead. David's love for Bernkastel made him forget anything Am'ar had told him about fighting for goodness, and in the end he proved to be ready to do anything she asked of him, so she introduced him to the secret purpose of Millennium, hidden from the surface by the Easter Games. Day after day he worked hard in their secret facility inside Mt. Millennium, on creating an ultimate weapon for the organization, for use after the tournament.

Thumper, the bunny which Am'ar's team had named itself after, started making random appearances around team T.H.U.M.P.E.R.'s camp, almost as if it was spying on them. However, Am'ar and Gen Bloodhorn soon discovered that Thumper was just a costume, but never realized who had worn it. It was in fact Vengeancekael, who simultaneously had a relationship running with the opposite team's captain, which gave Millennium a secret huge advantage in the Games, despite Juno befriending the commander of the local Easter Bunny army.

During the Games, team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. also discovered a complete set of child bones, only missing the skull, in the Arena's graveyard of previous Easter Games participants who had been slain inside the Arena, and because the headless skeleton magically moved around, the team curiously decided to take it back to their camp for further inspection. This skeletal body actually originally belonged to David's demonic self, Xenox, but nobody ever found out. After a while, Kenny's skull was attached to the magical body, and strangely after a little bit of training, Kenny proved to obtain full control over his brother's lost body.

Meanwhile in Millennium's secret facility, David had finally pledged his full life to his beloved mistress to do with what she wanted. In return of his loyalty, she magically changed his looks, turned him from undead to alive by giving him a new biologically functioning body. This appeared to be the last step David ever took away from Am'ar, now completely abandoning the orc, even sending away Bisnar, the skeleteal felhound mount that he had gotten from Am'ar in a Christmas present, because he had no further need of it. However, there was another thing he needed to change to get entirely rid of his bond with Am'ar - the name that his adoptive father had given him. From then on David wanted all to refer to him by his original demonic name, Lord Xenox. With the new body came new possibilities, and his experiments in the secret Millennium laboratory moved much faster than before. Lord Xenox finally created the ultimate weapon of destruction that he had worked so hard on the entire month, Origin 23! Hidden and chained in the laboratory's Vault 23, this new robot, designed as a young woman, was infused with an enormous amount of power, but apparently also with depressive suicidal feelings.

On the last day of the Easter Games, away from Millennium's facility for once, Xenox sneaked in Gyro's tent in T.H.U.M.P.E.R.'s camp, and poured poison in Paillan's mug of beer, which made the half-angel completely lose his sense of reality and foolishly fly towards Millennium's facility on top of Mt. Millennium all alone. Am'ar followed the drugged up team-mate, by smoking magical weed that allowed him to fly, and successfully stopped Paillan just before he entered Bernkastel's base. However, at this time Millennium had already successfully won the Games. On the day of their victory, Lord Xenox returned to the secret facility on top of Mt. Millennium, unaware that Origin had been blinded by rage and slaughtered anyone inside. She also mercilessly impaled Lord Xenox on this day and supposedly ended his life. Although she was to meet Bernkastel for the first time on this day, she transferred all of Millennium's data into herself and escaped the facility, and was never heard from again.
Located close to a small creek, and centered around a fireplace, the camp included many features, like the member's tents, a barracks, a statue of Ralle, a tattoo saloon and a look-out tree.
(Digital drawing for the 2013 Easter event by kari0003.)

During the Easter Games, Juno befriended the commander of the local Easter Bunny army.
(Traditional drawing for the 2013 Easter contest by GreeN!X.)

While Deolrin spent most of the Easter Games reading "Not Twilight", and Juno spent time with the Easter Bunny Army, it was then up to the rest of team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. to win the games. However, that proved very difficult with the opposing team being very active and determined to win, constantly having spies sneak around their camp. Vengeancekael also seemed to favor the other team, and actually aided them a bit by confusing team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. with his Thumper-costume.
(Unfinished traditional drawing for the 2013 Easter contest by Amargaard.)

One day during the Easter Games, some of the members from team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. discovered a complete skeletal body of a young boy, only lacking a skull. Not knowing it was actually David's undead body, they decided to take it back to their camp, where Kari inspected it. When it started moving he also built a mechanical head for it, but realized they could never gain control of its movement. A suggestion was randomly made, to attach Kenny's skull to the body, which appeared to be a successful action. Kenny gained full control over his brother's body, and has used it as his own ever since.
(Digital drawing for the 2013 Easter event by kari0003.)

After having pledged his life to Frederica Bernkastel, she rewarded David with a new body. David was no longer just a magically undead talking skull, but had impressively been turned into a whole body with beating heart and organs. After receiving this gift from his beloved mistress, David took back his original demonic name, Xenox.
(Digital drawing about the happenings in the 2013 Easter event by Xi Wangmu.)

After destroying the whole facility, killing everyone inside, and later on impaling Lord Xenox' chest too, this blurred video remains as the only proof of Origin 23's existence.
(Animation about the happenings in the 2013 Easter event by Xi Wangmu.)

The Easter Games - April 2014:

(Description is still in the process of being made. Have patience!)
Three teams that have been formed in Gyro's bar during the previous month - team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. with Am'ar Kardos as team captain, team McPatrickus with Clurey McPatrickus as team captain, and finally team Maniac with Antonio as team captain. All team members meet outside the north entrance to the Easter Games Arena, and follow the Games' popular host, Vengeancekael, south to the center of the Arena. Here, the elven host hands out a chest with three golden eggs to each of the three team captains, and explains the rules of the tournament.
After that, team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. journeys south-east towards their old camp, but on the way the enemy Kyrkow distracts them, while Antonio steals one of T.H.U.M.P.E.R.'s eggs, and team Maniac thus starts out taking the lead with four golden eggs.

Team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. arrives at their camp, finds out one egg is missing, and start discussing what to do. Am'ar decides that Chen, Dawn and Juno will search for the egg, on the road they had walked from the center, to see if they had simply lost it, while the rest of the team sets up the old tents in the camp. Chen, Dawn and Juno soon finds out that it is in fact team Maniac that had stolen their egg, and also finds out where the enemy team had placed their camp. Juno and Dawn heads back to the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. camp, while Chen stays to plan out how to retrieve back their golden egg.

Team Maniac had settled to the north-east in the arena's old Tomb building. Here, Antonio spends his time meditating - and suddenly he feels a lot of ghost activity in the building. He is no ghost whisperer and thus unable to see and hear the ghosts, but he is indeed capable of feeling their presence.

Meanwhile, on the north-western edge of the arena, Kyousuke, the new Idol of Easter, wakes up in his luxury mansion that the army bunny people built for him inside their militaristic town. Soon, his bunny Butler enters the room, and kindly asks its master whether he could do anything to help or not, but the Idol is in fact annoyed by his many servants' excessive servitude, so he decides to use his magical powers to teleport the Butler far, far away, near the foot of Mt. Millennium. Soon after it knocks on his door once again, but this time it is instead Vengeancekael who pays him a visit. Vengeancekael was the person who had given the Mask of Easter to Kyousuke in the first place, so he allows the elf guest to stay. Vengeancekael simply came to explain to Kyousuke the history of the Idols and the Storyteller, and also warns him that others might be interested in killing Kyousuke to take over the title and powers as Idol of Easter. Kyousuke ensures that nothing can possibly defeat him, so Vengeancekael leaves the Idol to be alone in his mansion.

Am'ar is speaking to his team members during a meeting in their camp's Lookout-tree. Juno and Dawn, who had just returned from the Tomb, explains that they know where team Maniac's camp is located. However, suddenly Leila exclaims that she senses Dante and Kyrkow sneaking around in their camp below, because her soul is linked with theirs. Then they all hurry down the stairs to defend their camp from the intruders! Dante and Kyrkow have been fighting over a chest with team T.H.U.M.P.E.R.'s golden eggs, but none of them succeeds in actually stealing it, as the team arrives to protect it in time. Dante escapes, but Kyrkow stubbornly stays, and Am'ar lands a successful Time Stop-spell upon the remaining enemy, which gives time for Gyro to get a LoveSlave collar so they could trap the demon. This was the last collar made by Kari back in the days, so Am'ar decided to use it wisely. He would journey north to the Tomb with the mind-controlled Kyrkow so that he could meet up with Chen, and steal eggs from the enemy team. Meanwhile, the rest of the team would stay in the camp to protect the remaining two eggs from being stolen.

Am'ar and Kyrkow played a short act to trick team Mania, and win back the team's stolen egg, making all the three teams even again with three eggs each. However, Chen had unfortunately been imprisoned in the process, and Dai Quong curiously questions the imprisoned Panda his name and asks where he had gotten the talismans of Fire and Light. However, Chen only answers the question with his name after being threatened by Dai Quong. Antonio then interrupts the two, saying the ghost activity increases, and that there is a special ghost present. The favored child of Mania, Kari!

In the Idol of Easter's mansion, Kyousuke suddenly gets a brilliant idea of how to use his powers over the Easter holiday. He decides to make a perfectly unique team of monsters that he will name the 'Eastermon'. His idea was that the first three Eastermon should be born from three golden eggs, one egg from each Easter Games team, so he used his unlimited Easter powers to make sure that from each of the cracked eggs would soon arise a chicken monster!

All of team McPatrickus, except for Dante, were the first to witness the Idol of Easter's magic, as one of their eggs crack open, and gives birth to a little blue chicken, who soon increases in size to become much taller than any of the others. The hostile blue chicken, which they name the Icyken, starts chasing the others around the foot of Mt. Millennium, blowing rays of ice-cold water, and occasionally even crystallized ice towards them.

Meanwhile, Am'ar and Kyrkow waits for Chen to come back out of the Tomb, unknowing that the Panda had been imprisoned by Antonio. However, at that time the Idol of Easter's magic starts working on team T.H.U.M.P.E.R. as well, and the golden egg in Am'ar's hand that he had just stolen back shakes so much that he accidentally drops it on the ground, where it cracks open to reveal a little cute chicken inside, called the Flamiken. It doesn't stay cute for long though, for it soon increases in size and becomes taller than both Am'ar and Kyrkow - additionally it becomes engulfed in flames and start chasing the two. Am'ar crawls up on Kyrkow's back, and orders the LoveSlave to fly towards Mt. Millennium.

Back at the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. camp, the team is about to go to sleep, when the God of Light suddenly summons Leila to a meeting in the Heavens. Meanwhile, Dante returns to the camp and uses the opportunity of Leila's absence to successfully steal the chest with the team's two remaining eggs, that way putting team McPatrickus in the lead with 4 eggs in total. Dante heads back towards team McPatrickus who is wandering around in the other part of the arena, because they still had not found a great spot to place their camp. Then Leila returns from her meeting with the God of Light, too late to save the eggs, but not to late to get them back, so she heads out of the tent in search of them, but instead she finds a flaming chicken flying through the night sky. She guesses this mysterious Eastermon probably had something to do with the theft, so she decided to follow it.

The Flamiken continues to chase Am'ar and Kyrkow all the way to Mt. Millennium, where Am'ar notices Dante running on the ground with the chest stolen from the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. camp during Am'ar's absence. He then orders Kyrkow to fly right down into Dante. However, the demon regains consciousness for a moment, which is just enough for him to break off the LoveSlave collar and turn on Am'ar, additionally allowing Dante to escape the scene.

Kyousuke Imadori, the new creative Idol of Easter, gets an idea for another Eastermon. With his magic he puts together pieces of old bread to form a creature that he names the 'Breadman', which he then accidentally teleports to Mt. Millennium, where suddenly a lot of people had gathered for different reasons.

Vengeancekael notices this gathering of people and doesn't hesitate to report it live to all the Easter Games' show fans in the world, revealing to them the action-packed area at the foot of Mt. Millennium, where Am'ar fights Kyrkow, and Leila had ended up in the middle of a battle between the Flamiken and the Icyken.
He also reveals the sudden arrival of the new Eastermon 'Breadman', which is chasing the bunny who was once the Idol of Easter's personal Butler. During the Breadman's hunt, Vengeancekael notices most of team McPatrickus hiding behind a huge rock just next to the foot of Mt. Millennium, and sends flying cameras down to spy on them. Clurey and Leprey are talking about their luck actually being able to escape the Icyken, while Yarrick the Ghost Whisperer looks at Mt. Millennium's top - frightened by the sight of a hundred ghosts circulating around it. However, soon the Breadman notices the hiding team, and find them more interesting subjects of his hunt compared to the bunny Butler, so he instead starts chasing the three members of team McPatrickus up a cliff road, leading to the top of the mountain. Just after they had started their run for the top, Dante arrives and follows the rest.

Meanwhile, in team Maniac's camp, the Tomb, the last of the golden eggs cracks open due to Kyousuke's magic, and the most powerful of all the Eastermon, the Stormiken, rises to wreak havoc in the entire arena. The Stormiken quickly destroys the Tomb, alters the terrain with its tornadoes and powers over the weather, making a massive storm cover the entire arena. Antonio and Dai Quong tries to defend themselves from its massive powers, but their wizard team captain find it difficult to keep Chen imprisoned with his magical prison bars while fighting the Eastermon at the same time, so Dai Quong turns into his shadow/fire dragon-form to be even with the Stormiken.

Back at Mt. Millennium's foot, the fight between Am'ar and Kyrkow continues. Kyrkow uses his magical guitar to send a soul siphoning attack towards Am'ar, which hits the orc extremely hard. Luckily for the orc, Kyrkow can't continue his attack for much longer, because the loud music angered the Flamiken and the Icyken who attack Kyrkow in unison, eventually hurting the demon so much that he has to escape the battle scene on his heavily damaged wings. Unfortunately for him, the two Eastermon followed shortly after. At the meantime, Leila comes to Am'ar's rescue, summoning a portal that would lead both of them back to the safe environment of the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. camp, where Am'ar's critical condition could be treated undisturbed.

In the small cave entrance in the lowest of the three mountains in the Millennium mountain chain, sits the bunny butler crying because his master Kyousuke hates him. However, Vengeancekael arrives and comforts the bunny, offering him a new job - as a Messenger, who will have to deliver three envelopes to the three team captains. The bunny accepts, and gets a flying transportation cloud from the elf.

Kyrkow can fly no more, so he turns around to face the two hostile Eastermon, and at the cost of a large portion of his own soul, he cast a powerful spell that immediately kills them in a chaotic explosion. This explosion also causes a disturbance in Leila's portal, which causes her to be stuck in it, while Am'ar is allowed to get through. The orc arrives alone in the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. camp, unable to save her because he is in a critical state himself! Luckily Gyro is there, knowing the one thing that could save him - smoke from the thannalis herb, which is the drug Am'ar had been smoking since Valentine 2013. Gyro is successful in getting Am'ar high, and gets the orc to fall asleep, so that the magical weed's effect could heal him while he slept.
While trying to drag Am'ar into a tent, Gyro is visited by the Messenger, who hands over the envelope for Am'ar to read once he wakes up.


14 ~ The Quest for the Easter Mask!

Meanwhile in a bush near the bunny people's militaristic town, Antonio is hiding with Chen (Who is kept under Antonio's control with magical straps), and observes Dawn and Juno who is also on their way to the bunny town.
Antonio orders Chen to take care of the two T.H.U.M.P.E.R.-members, while Antonio himself would go back to the Tomb and get Kyrkow and Dai Quong to help them getting past the heavily defended town borders. However, before Chen could leave the bush, the ghost of Kari possesses him, and tells Antonio to change his plans.
No need to get help - they should attack the bunnies head on! Besides, Kari also wanted Antonio to drink one of Mania's insanity potions. Antonio of course does like Kari says, having great respect for the ghost, but instead of just getting himself drunk, he also gets Chen drunk - and then sends the Panda to lure Dawn and Juno back to their hiding spot, so that Antonio could kill them here!
Once Chen has left, Antonio meets the bunny Messenger who delivers the envelope from Vengeancekael. Antonio reads it and then kills the Messenger, and takes on the bunny's form (A special ability Antonio had gotten from his loyal servitude to Mania).
Then Chen gets back to the hiding spot with Dawn and Juno and meets the fake Messenger (Antonio in disguise).

15 ~ Millenniumination!

The McPatrickus brothers follow the track up to the top of Mt. Millennium where they enter an old building (Bernkastel's original secret lab facility). However, Leprey is killed by Lord Xenox, the only survivor in the spooky building, and Clurey escapes with their chest of four golden eggs. However, he accidentally trips out over the edge of the cliff road and falls towards the ground long way beneath him.
However, he and the chest with eggs are saved by the dead messenger's cloud, which had automatically come to deliver the last of the envelopes to Clurey. Clurey is deeply saddened by his brother's death, but decides to read the message anyway - gladly realizing that the eggs are his key to resurrecting his brother!
However... the eggs are gone, for Leila have stolen them!
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
Lore - Halloween

Halloween is a special series of holiday events, which are all always played out during November month each year, and is mostly centered around the activity in Hell and struggle between demons to take over the place as new Idol of Halloween - or in case the current Idol is accepted among the people as a powerful and smart leader, the holiday will instead focus on the demon's wish to take over the world of Kaelicious.

The month of Halloween will thus usually take place in Hell in the Earth's Core, but the rest of the world is still allowed to be used for plot reasons.

Halloween - November 2012:

(Note that this event was the first one ever hosted in Kaelicious, and that roleplaying wasn't even popular among the members back then. However, later holiday events and contests at the time gives a general idea of what happened storywise during this month)
After a year-long slumber, the Mad King had finally awoken to claim Hell as his own kingdom again. The first thing he did as King of Hell, was to slay a mighty human servant of the God of Light, with a single fire-spell and a sword-strike. This act proved his power had not decreased at all during his sleep, so the demon people remained satisfied with the Mad King as a powerful and wise Idol to lead them, and there came to be no rebellion against his reign at all during the month. All the demons gladly worked hard to please their master and aid in his goals for world domination during their national holiday, Halloween.

A new type of magical creatures, born from the Mad King's own imagination, came to life - the pumpkin Infernals! Developing these horrifying creatures, along with other minor ones, he had little time to spare for his own skeletal children, Xenox and Kenny, who had been left alone in their Hell pit.

Under his command, his most trusted and loyal servant, the Fist, opened the Gate of Oblivion to different places around the surface world. Allowing demon hordes of Hell to approach from portals in random human towns and villages all across the world without warning, and terrorize those of the citizens who did not offer their belongings and candy to the Mad King. Paillan, a half-demon servant of the Mad King, were among the raiders.

By the end of the month, the Mad King ordered the Fist to direct the Gate of Oblivion to a very special location, known as the Valley of Christmas. His army of pumpkin Infernals had to be tested, and an old rival of the Mad King would prove perfectly for that task - Santa Claus the Idol of Christmas, and his army of Christmas Elves. The Mad King would obviously lead the assault himself, confidently directing his growing army from the front lines.
Among the most loyal of the Mad King's demons, was the Fist, Gatekeeper of Hell. During this month, he wrote the following poem about his master.

Hear me mortals, tremble in fear!
The highest of all the living things, the Mad King is here!
Even the most mighty warriors scurry when he is near.
O, how sinister you are, in the whole universe you are the only one to be feared!

I remember the time when your people revolted,
They were the slaves from the galaxy you have assaulted.
A single spell that destroyed them which you commanded.
O, how great sorcerer you are, let the traitors be affected!

Even the time when you were challenged by that knight,
He was known for his courage and tremendous might.
Seconds after you drew your sword he was out of your sight,
O, how great swordsman you are, it takes only seconds to win the fight!

The Mad King is also a brilliant man!
His wisdom and knowledge is passed from every clan.
His inspiring quotes spun around the galaxy like a rotating fan.
O, how intelligent you are, your prowess is cannot be reached by man!

Now, mortals you have the right to be scared.
Every Halloween, his enemies will be teared.
Not a single soul of his foes will be spared.
O, he will destroy you, for you are not to be cared.

Now, people I have your attention!
Fear not, you can still have your redemption!
Join him, and you will be one with his nation!
O, with loyalty and courage, you shall witness his new creation!

O, my King, the greatest one!
O, we are your servants, the mighty one!
O, no matter what we are loyal, the strongest one!
O, wreak havoc at winter, and the humans are done!

(Poem for the 2012 Halloween contest by Da Fist.)
Halloween - November 2013:

(Note that this holiday event was never actually launched, but later plots reveal a slight idea of what happened during this month)
After Moltenfury banished the Mad King from Hell, renamed himself the Legion King, and then claimed leadership over Earth's Core for himself, in more than half a year, Legion King was finally dethroned by the people, and banished just as his predecessor.

The demons were left without leader, for no one apparently suited the job as good as the demon people required, and this lack of king and Idol was later on revealed to have thrown the nation into a crisis, with a bewildered society and heavy decrease of the power it once held. The lack of an Idol of the Halloween holiday also resulted in no haunting being done, at all, to any of the human villages that month, and thus the demons' place in the world seemingly became smaller and smaller the following months...
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
Lore - Christmas

Christmas is a special series of holiday events, which are all always played out during December month each year, and is always centered around two, or more, opposing factions who either want to save Christmas, or destroying it - fighting back and forth to the final day arrive, the day of Christmas Eve.

The month of Christmas will thus usually take place in the Valley of Christmas in the northern end of the main continent in the world of Kaelicious, but the rest of the world is still allowed to be used for plot reasons.

The Christmas War - December 2012:

(Note that a lot of retconning had to be made later on in order for the story to better match. Because of messy lore, and several different versions of how things ended, a decent amount of creativity had to be added to this description)
On the first day of December, after a long walk through miles of snowy landscape in the Valley of Christmas, the Orc Am'ar Kardos and his Minitaur friend Go'an Wise-Horn and Dilrin the Goblin finally arrived at the doors of the legendary Idol of Christmas' workshop. Wishing to start a new life, they hoped that the legendary Santa Claus could help them, and he indeed could, for the kind old man welcomed the exhausted group into the warmth, then explaining that if they wanted to change their lives and be deleted from the 'naughty list', they would have to work for it. They were willing to do anything, so Am'ar eventually ended up as Santa's personal bodyguard, as well as lead decorationist of both the workshop, and Santa's own personal house further north. The two other joined in the Christmas Elven army, known as the Niss unit. Many of the Christmas Elves, and other helpers of Santa thought the presence of these barbarians was weird in such an environment. However, eventually many of them actually got to build up close friendships with the newcomers. Am'ar formed a close bond with Kari the human engineer, who was in charge of the security in both the Workshop and in Santa's home.

Meanwhile, two cultists, the young lady Frederica Bernkastel, and her colleague Alagremm, broke into Santa's house due to utter boredom, and Alagremm immediately started stealing and cooking the rice pudding from Santa's kitchen, while Bernkastel instead decided to spy on Santa's helpers from inside a present. Most notably Am'ar whom she found interesting for some reason, but couldn't figure why. That was when the thievery was busted by Kari and the friendly, but teasing, electric energy entity known as DeadlyStroke, and the two cultists were finally brought south to a cell in the Workshop. However, Mistress Bernkastel, who could easily be confused with a child, convinced Santa Claus that there were absolutely no good reasons for imprisoning her. She was let free, promising to sign up as decorationist assistant and help Am'ar with his job decorating Santa's living room. She truly appeared interested in Christmas decorations, and Am'ar was very happy about this new friend of his, and seemingly got to know her quite well.
Instead of letting Alagremm be alone in the cell, Kari made up a temporary solution. With some hard work, he finally invented a prototype version of the LoveSlave machine and its matching collars. Applying collars around the neck of any humanoid would immediately bind the person to carry out the tasks that the machine-carrier wanted - so Kari ironically decided to let Alagremm spend time in Santa Claus' kitchen cooking rice pudding for Santa's helpers.

In the meantime, the Mad King's legion of Hell demons, most notably his latest creations; the Pumpkin Infernals, had prepared for an assault on the Idol of Winter's workshop, after the Mad King's most loyal servant, the Fist, successfully had connected the Gate of Oblivion to the Valley of Christmas, so that the huge demon armies could get teleported through. The Mad King led the attack confidently from the front lines, encountering the Niss unit, including Niss Commander Proxy, Go'an Wise-Horn, Dilrin the Goblin, Rheiko the Shape-shifting Christmas Elf and many other Niss soldiers and volunteer helpers of Santa. However, a powerful fire lord demon under the Mad King's command, called Moltenfury, helped push the tide forward despite the hard work from the Christmas Elves' side, and in the end they were able to assault the Workshop head-on! Luckily, Niss Commander Proxy had planned out the defenses perfectly. Besides, Kari had made sure to reinforce each of the three entrances with magical barricades. Using the newest form of magical crystal technology, which Kari had developed together with the smart Christmas Elf Bisnar, they had added Crystal beamer cannons to the walls, and equipped the Niss soldiers with Arcane crystal weaponry and amour. However, the powerful Moltenpyre smashed open one entrance with his gigantic fire hammer, allowing the demons to clash against the Niss soldiers, whose new equipment proved very effective against the first many waves of demons, but the demons just kept on coming, and eventually the Niss soldiers got tired and were overrun.

When the demons had successfully taken control of two of three wings of the workshop, a half-demon under the Mad King's command called Paillan took advantage of the situation and peeked in some of the Christmas presents, and in one of them he found a Holy Rod, which he decided to keep. Soon, the demon armies entered the last remaining room in the Workshop - the enormous main hall, where both Santa and his magical Christmas Gear were located, and the Christmas Elves quickly got very desperate. The crystal scientist Bisnar created a suicide crystal bomb, and killed a large amount of demons, preventing them from coming through for some time. This gave enough time for Kari to complete the final version of the LoveSlave machine. Niss Commander Proxy agreed to heroically try out putting on the collar around the Mad King's neck, while the Idol of Halloween was busy slaughtering the reindeer. However, the Mad King easily killed the Niss Commander when the Christmas Elf approached. That was when Go'an Wise-Horn took over the role, and coordinated perfectly how to get the collar around the Mad King's neck. The plan succeeded! Shortly afterwards, Moltenpyre asked his king what had happened to him, and the Mad King, completely under the control of Kari's invention, simply replied that he had finally realized the real purpose of Christmas - and that they should give up the war at once. Moltenpyre was of course filled with rage over this answer, but now was not the time to question his king.

It appeared to work perfectly! With complete control over the Mad King, Santa Claus then decided to let his nemesis spend the rest of the month in Santa's house giving the old man a foot massage, while only wearing underwear. Without their leader, the demons were clearly disillusioned, which gave Santa's helpers a huge advantage. Go'an Wise-Horn was rightfully promoted to Niss Commander for his great deeds in the battle, succeeding former commander Proxy, and Am'ar was also promoted to be a captain of the Niss. Together, they decided that it would be strategically wise to push back the tide all the way to Earth's Core, and take advantage of the demons' sudden weakness. So with a team consisting of Commander Wise-Horn, Captain Am'ar Kardos, Rheiko, Dilrin, DeadlyStroke, and a lot of Niss soldiers, they fought back through the Workshop wings, all the way through the Valley of Christmas and finally teleported their attack force through the Gate of Oblivion, so that they could attack the demons in their own home. During this counter-attack, Paillan the half-demon who had just stolen the Holy Rod, revealed that he also had an angelic half, and joined the winning side, betraying the demons of Hell and instead helping Santa's helpers push the tide back.

This was when Am'ar coincidentally came by a special Hell pit, with two magical talking skulls in it, Xenox and Kenny. While Kenny was asleep, Am'ar realized that Xenox had the personality of a frightened little boy child, tormented by a cruel parent - the Mad King, so the Orc decided to take Xenox with him back to the Workshop. Once back, he hung up Xenox on a Christmas tree as a decoration and quickly grew very fond of the boy, treating the skull as his old child, giving him ice cream and gave him fatherly lessons. Not knowing Xenox' real name, he decided to rename him David, and from then on refer to the boy as his adopted son. It took a while for David to getting used to the new, much kinder atmosphere, but he really liked it there, and it didn't take long before he thought of Am'ar as his real father too.

However, unknown to Am'ar, his new decorationist assistant, Frederica Bernkastel, had only decided to help out so that she could take off Alagremm's LoveSlave collar and free him of the powerful effect, while the others were serving in the war. Now the two cultists had successfully fled Santa's house and met a third cultist in Alagremm's nearby everyday home, the Shedford. The third cultist was the corrupted Minotaur known as Veljko. The young boy known as Azsure was also present, whom they believed was the mortal prison of Hastur - a holy entity in their religion. They believed that with the help of this boy they could overcome both Santa's helpers and the Mad King's Legion, and create a new holiday that should forever be known as R'lyehmas. Unfortunately for them, their theory proved wrong. However, when Am'ar noticed this unexpected betrayal from the assistant that he had already started to like a lot, he became very sad and that sparked what would later become a bitter rivalry between the two...

Although Santa Claus and his helpers had won the war, facts revealed that the upcoming Christmas Eve would still be ruined, with no reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh around the skies so that he could hand out presents to every well-behaved child in the world. This was when the half-angel Paillan revealed that he was in possession of a sacred artifact that might be able to help them - the Holy Rod! Using the Holy Rod, he was able to directly communicate with the God of Light, who then sent angels to resurrect all of Santa's reindeer. They also made a special Christmas miracle happen, when their mere presence turned the soul of martyr Christmas Elf Bisnar into a permanent presence inside a nearby felhound corpse, in which he could continue his life as an undead servant of goodness. Finally, with the safety of Christmas Eve completely secured, the following days progressed quietly and cozily for the allies of Santa Claus. Am'ar gave to his new adopted son the following Christmas present - a pair of sunglasses resembling his own, and also Bisnar the skeletal felhound, to function as a loyal pet of their small happy family, and mount of David, so that he could move around by himself. On the special night, the Idol of Christmas traveled around the world in his sleigh, handing out presents to the well-behaved children of every town, and then returned to celebrate a happy ending with his special guests, including Am'ar Kardos, David Kardos, Bisnar, Kari, Niss Commander Go'an Wise-Horn, Paillan, Ralle the Moose, Dilrin the Goblin, Rheiko and DeadlyStroke. The Mad King was forced to continue his foot massage the whole evening, until he was finally let free afterwards to return to his demons in Earth's Core. Vengeancekael the Storyteller also came on a visit, to take part in the happy ending of this adventure.
The two most prominent locations during the entire December month.
(Terrain Screenshot for the 2012 Christmas contest by kari0003.)

When the Mad King's armies fought their way through the Valley of Christmas, in their attempt to destroy Santa's Workshop, they met resistance from the Christmas defensive army, called the Niss, including members like Am'ar Kardos, Rheiko and Gen Bloodhorn.
But nothing seemed to be able to stop the demon armies, especially not with the Mad King's powerful servant, Moltenfury by his side to wreak havoc upon the poor Christmas Elves...
(Drawing for the 2012 Christmas contest by Legion_King.)

When Moltenpyre finally stroke down Kari's barricaded entrances to Santa's Workshop, the fearsome Pumpkin Infernals and other horrifying creatures in the Mad King's army were finally allowed to enter and fight the Niss defenders inside.
(Terrain Screenshot for the 2012 Christmas contest by Deolrin.)

Inside Santa's Workshop, the magical Christmas Gear provided power to the Idol of Christmas and all of his helpers. This picture was taken after the war had already been won.
(Terrain Screenshot for the 2012 Christmas contest by Amargaard.)

When Am'ar Kardos suddenly had a new son to prepare Christmas presents for, he had to make up something fast, but still it had to be grand for David to receive. So David's Christmas presents in 2012 included a pair of his father's sunglasses and a new pet, Bisnar - the skeletal felhound. A seat was then attached to Bisnar's back, so that David could also use the skeletal felhound as mount.

(Drawing for the 2012 Christmas event by Amargaard.)

When the war was over, and Santa Claus was done with delivering presents to all of the world's well-behaved children, they finally had the time to celebrate the great day that they had fought so hard to achieve.
The drawing is not completely accurate though, since it was made throughout the month, and not on the final day, the happenings in the drawing might not actually be the ones happening on Christmas Eve;
*Frederica Bernkastel, Alagremm and Aszure didn't attend the party at all.
*Paillan was not under the effect of a LoveSlave collar on Christmas Eve, as he had already switched side and helped out Santa's helpers quite a lot at this time.
*David didn't hang on the tree as a decoration on Christmas Eve. He was riding on Bisnar the whole night.
*Gen Bloodhorn, Niss Commander Deolrin, Rheiko and Vengeancekael were also present in Santa Claus' house on this day.

(Drawing for the 2012 Christmas contest by Amargaard.)


The Red Christmas - December 2013:

(This chapter is still in progress of being written, and there is a long way to go...)
On the first day of December, mistress Frederica Bernkastel mercilessly killed Santa Claus, and burned down his Workshop with all of the residents inside.

At the meantime Am'ar Kardos had finally travelled all the way to the Valley of Christmas, about to spend another month in the Idol of Christmas' company, but on his way to the workshop, he was met by Gyro driving a flying vehicle, who told Am'ar to join the ride. While Am'ar greeted Juno the cat inside the van, the old Grepett bartender told Am'ar of the recent dramatic events, and revealed that he had luckily been able to secure the magical Christmas Gear before the Workshop had burned down completely. Gyro drove all the way to a nearby mountain-top, where Kari and Paillan awaited them. This new base, called the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. HQ, supposedly housed the only remaining supporters of Santa Claus. Together, they started plotting how to save Christmas, and agreed the Christmas Gear seemed to be their only chance, but unfortunately it had somehow been corrupted by Frederica's dark magic. Am'ar suddenly got an idea - they needed to seek out Santa's formerly number one adversary, the Mad king, who had not been heard of since he had disappeared in the Destruction World long ago. Paillan used his demonic side to summon a portal that would lead him and Am'ar through to the other side, so they could search for the one person who perhaps could possibly hold an answer how to rescue Christmas.

At the meantime Bernkastel summoned a huge black citadel in the Workshop's place, as well as goat butlers to serve her needs. These interesting new events soon drew the attention of the wandering Kyousuke Imadori, a naive human who decided to enter the citadel. Also Bernkastel's old cultist friend Alagremm, was woken up from his long slumber inside the Shedfort, and irritated with the shining star on the Christmas Tree in the nearby T.H.U.M.P.E.R. HQ he fired off the fort's Death Ray cannon towards the HQ, causing the mountain to break apart, and the Christmas tree along with it. Luckily half of the HQ and majority of the mountain remained. After this, Alagremm too ventured to Bernkastel's new citadel.

Soon after, Kenny, riding on his loyal skeletal felhound mount Bisnar, arrived in the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. HQ, and decided to help out Kari, Juno and Gyro with their plans of saving Christmas. They finally decided to enter a nearby cave and travel through the mountain's underground tunnel systems. On their journey, they encountered enemy tauren voidwalkers - who had slipped through Paillan's portal to the Destruction World from earlier. Luckily, Kenny proved to have been trained to become a much greater fighter, and managed to defeat the tauren voidwalkers. Finally, the group arrived in a special natural underground hall, with steaming hot water and magical mushrooms. They decided to stay here, where they could be safe - until Kenny was contacted by a demon, addressing himself as Bartheus, the King of Destruction World, and a fight between the two emerged and was then continued in the Destruction World.

Meanwhile, Am'ar and Paillan had searched for quite a while and had fought several Tauren Voidwalkers and Destruction Revenants in the Destruction World, and had finally arrived at the Destruction Castle. However, at this time, Am'ar was heavily weakened by the soul-siphoning effect of the world, which only demons were immune to, but they decided to enter the Castle anyway. Inside, they fought a clone of Bartheus, who was easily defeated by their combined effort. However, this was when the true secret king of Destruction World revealed himself to the two intruders - the Mad King! Despite the fact that he was the one they sought out, it appeared he was interested in nothing but fighting with Am'ar and Paillan, and after a while the weakened Am'ar have to give up, almost helplessly receiving the final strike from the Mad King, but was rescued by Paillan who made a spontaneous deal with the Mad King. Paillan wanted the Mad King to return Am'ar home to the real world, and instead the Mad King would be allowed to absorb Paillan's powers. The Mad King quickly accepts the deal, and both kept their promises.

At the meantime, the real Bartheus discovered that his fake clone placeholder in the Destruction Castle had been defeated, and thus decided to cut off the fight with Kenny, and teleport both of them to aid the Mad King. However, upon their arrival he realized that the fight was already over, and that his king needed no help. However, the Mad King, was of course surprised about the unexpected reunion with his long-lost son, Kenny. Because of this, he gave Kenny a new magical weapon - a fiery whip, and taught him how to use it properly.

Bernkastel soon fell in love with Kyousuke the strange human guest, despite having a long distance relationship with Vengeacekael. However, it seemed like Kyousuke was too stupid to understand what love even means. Realizing that the feeling was not mutual, Bernkastel, in her rage, ordered Alagremm to shove his fist down the human's throat, thus assassinating him in a ruthless way. Kyousuke died and his ghost wandered around the Valley of Christmas without any purpose, but the mistress' rage wouldn't stop, resulting in her entire black citadel crumbling around her. Alagremm nearly died from this as well, and left the place to his Shedfort thinking she was a crazy bitch.

This was when the Mad King decided to use the new increase of power from Paillan to entertain himself by corrupting Juno the cat, by sending Paillan's spirit to possess Juno's soul. He also sent a minor demon attack force to assault Kari, Gyro, Juno and Bisnar inside the mountain cavern where they had settled. However, inside Juno's possessed mind, Paillan's angel side begun fighting his demonic side.

Legion King, now once again known as Moltenfury, arrives in the Valley of Christmas, but is captured within the bypassing tauren shaman Veljko's magical totem. Veljko have traveled all the way to the Valley from the south in search of a legendary orc named Am'ar Kardos.

At the meantime Am'ar wakes up inside a locked closet, and knocks on it until his old Niss ally Go'an Wise-Horn opens up the closet from the other side. It appears Am'ar is inside Santa Claus' living room, that has been prepared and decorated for Christmas Eve already. Go'an takes Am'ar to the balcony outside, from where the Orc realizes that Christmas might still be saved, despite the Workshop being destroyed, for below Santa's house, the remaining Christmas Elves and the Niss army founded a defensive fortress called Santania, operating against the enemies of Christmas.
Niss Commander Wise-Horn reunites Am'ar with Dilrin the Goblin and Rheiko the Christmas Elven Shapeshifter. The two decides to take the last of Santa's flying reindeer, Rudolph the Red-nosed, and fly on his back to the T.H.U.M.P.E.R. HQ.


*only to realize the others are not there.
*Christmas Eve is finally there, and everyone gathers in Santa's living room, having a cozy night. Vengeancekael also came by, and gave to the ghost of Kyousuke a very special Christmas present - the Thumper mask, which would grant him the title of Idol of Easter and unlimited powers during April month, at the cost of never being able to take off the mask, except if his head was cut off from his ghostly body...