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Off-Topic Forum - Rules & Regulations

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Jun 30, 2016
This forum is reserved for topics that don't fit in any of our other forums. Basically the social hub of the HIVE. Also a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Rules and Guidelines specific to the Off-Topic forum
  • Controversial threads and threads that have a strong chance of hosting heated discussion, must be created in Medivh's Tower which is subject to stricter moderation.
  • Threads about introducing yourself to the community, whether you have just joined or returned from long absent, should be posted in the Introductions forum.
  • Threads about computer tech, e.g. hardware, software, and that which pertain to computers and associated technology in general, should be posted in the Computer Tech forum.
  • Threads that have no specific topics and/or are complete nonsense, should be posted in our designated "spam" forum Something Else. This includes forum games.
  • No private talk. Do not start a new thread for a specific member, use PM's (Private Messages) to contact the user.
  • No more threads about someone's post count.
  • Sarcasm is dealt out in large amounts. Don't take everything seriously. You'll live longer.
Read the rules for more information.

Reporting Posts

To help speed up the process of moderating the Off-Topic forum, please use the Report button located in the lower-right hand corner of a user's post, on any posts that break the Rules. Members consistently and accurately reporting rule-breaking posts will be looked upon favourably.

Note: Before reporting, ask yourself if the content you're reporting is in actual violation of the site rules. Please don't use it to report users you find "annoying" or posts that you don't agree with. Deal with this either by discussing with the user or ignoring the posts. If you don't like the thread or its contents, you don't have to post in it. The thicker your skin, the better.
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