Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2E(1)

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Special Thanks to SHBlade, FanOf.Anonymous and Jumbo for applying some much needed bugfixes for WC3 Reforged compatibility.

v1.2E(1) is downwards compatible to v1.2D(3).

Note: to import codes of v1.2D(2), use -comp instead of -load!
Only codes of 1.2D(2) or later are currently supported by the "-comp" command. If you have older codes, load and save them in 1.2D(2) to convert them into the new format!

In case the savesystem crashes from invalid load codes, you can use -fixsave to unstuck the system. However, this might cause unwanted bugs, so use with caution!

- Added attack speed to the stats screen
- Berserker Rage now notifies the player via sound and visual effect
- Expanded Mountain Beast area
- Expanded Mines Area in The Foothills.
- Expanded the Ogre area outside Mytargas.
- Added new rarespawn in foothills area
- Added new item Lance for Valkyries (lvl 50)

- Unholy Brand's stats now match the tooltip AP: 30 -> 28, Int: 12 -> 14
- Hulking Bear Head's stats now match the tooltip AP: 0 -> 5, Str: 10 -> 7
- The Siren's Lament's stats now match the tooltip HP: 60 - > 50
- Raging Trinket's stats now match the tooltip AP: 0 -> 3, Str: 0 -> 3
- Ethereal Vestments tooltip now matches the stats AP: 25 - > 8
- Fixed Unholy Brand's attachment not disappearing immediately when unequiping the item
- Arctic Pine Scepter attachment point fixed so it no longer is invisible
- Fixed Rest in Peace quest spawning models far away from actual interactable corpses
- Talents that increase item stats (i.e. Squire lvl 10 to increase equipped shield armor) now works correctly with ethereal items
- Fixed Mountain Bear not casting demoralizing shout while being enslaved by Psion
- Fixed the Troll Witch Doctor path blockers
- Fixed some foothills path blockers

- Quest Safety Measures (20) is now split into 2 separate repeatable quests
-- Safety Measures I (18): crows/bandits (Sophia on Greavus' Farm), awards 800xp
-- Safety Measures II (26): gnolls/ogres (Adept Marco), awards 900xp (was 500)
-- Both quests have cooldown of 10 minutes instead of 20
- New quest The Hunt (44) added to foothills area

--- Pre lvl 25 2h weapons buffs to bring them on par with sword and board
--- Whitepine area items were sometimes worse than ethereal gear so adjustments were made
--- Necromancer
- Deathfire Veil now stacks up to SP * 2 instead of SP * 3, adds 25% of damage dealt to shield power instead of 33% and shield is destroyed upon absorbing damage
--- Mystic
- Draining Timber now provides logarythmically scaled AP when AP gained from a staff is too low (outscales all staves up to level 26)
--- Berserker
- During Berserker Rage Revenge does AP * (1.5 + 0.5 * Rage Stacks) damage, has 10s cooldown and reduces all rage stacks to 0
--- Crusaders
- During Celestial Zeal Revenge does 1.5*SP extra damage
--- Hunter
- Buffed Servant of Nature/ Servant of the Skies offensive stats by ~20%
- Frostbite Arrow and Multishot now deal 50% more damage when hitting a single target
- Beast Fury now additionally deals AP (pet) * 1 damage
- Increased Cooldown time of Urgency: 45s -> 55s , 35s -> 45s (with talent)

- fixed Reforged Classic Graphics Gfx glitches
- fixed Meteor Strike being unable to cast
- fixed Overseer tower quest trigger to no longer allow completing the quest from outside the tower
- fixed crash on Backstab ability due to Reforged patch 1.33
- Added new endgame item Sword for Valkyries
- buying a legendary material with full inventory will no longer despawn the legendary materials vendor
- Northwind Blast damage dot is now applied properly on Iridescent Mark targets
- Lucky Trickster can no longer be sold
- Fixed a tooltip inconsistency with Growth Trinket (Druid)
- Fixed Icy Harp applying too much health
- Fixed Ethereal Mantle ArP value
- Divine Hammer now properly interrupts as the description implies
- Ensnare from Rangers can no longer be partially dispelled by Dispel Magic (as it's not a magical effect); it can still be removed by abilities that dispel all immobilizers, though
- Fixed Valkyrie +7% AP talent to linger even after unlearning the talent
- Ethereal Bead now gives the correct stats
- Ethereal Vestment now gives the correct stats
- Escort NPC now properly vanishs when Blackfire Deep resets
- Hinjo the Collector soul now properly displays
- Fixed Divine Fist duration increase talent often not working correctly
- Fixed Dread Lance buff tooltip
- DP now properly resets to zero when you use the -repick command
- Double clicking the town portal or ability/talent reset icons no longer causes the popup menues to break

- *Hotfix* Fixed a small exploit with the legendary vendor
- Added an option to summon a legendary material vendor for DP
- Water Globes no longer apply the 'soaked' debuff; this is now exclusive to the new old Waterball ability from water elementals
- 'Meteor Strike' is now a spell with cast time, but much lower cooldown
- Fixed a cave wall corner tile in Blackfire Deep that sometimes prevented passage through the caves
- Fixed a bug that dropped the Psionic Blade when leaving or entering Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug that sometimes rendered stolen items saved
- You can no longer progress to the next Blackfire Floor when you die on the exit Beacon
- Fire Globes now applies a DOT on first hit instead of a resistance debuff

- Fixed two major exploits with the inventory system
- When your minion gets attacked, the master will also be set in combat state
- Laying traps is now always possible when being stealthed, regardless of combat state
- Blackfire Events can no longer appear on the first floor
- mounts will no longer grant dp
- Lava dungeon tileset can no longer spawn the defense event
- Fixed typo in Greater Rod of Summoning

- *Hotfix* fixed incorrect version numbers displayed ingame
- Due to the newly added Dungeon Points feature; save/load has been modified; -comp in your codes from D(1) or D(2)!
- Added new resource: Dungeon Points can be gained by progressing through Blackfire Deep
- Dungeon Points can be turned in for Ethereal items and a unique summoning rod at the entrance of Blackfire Deep
- More Dungeon Point rewards will be added in future updates
- Blackfire Deep floors can now have special event features like dual-bosses, multiple bosses in general and a defense or escort event
- 'Radiant Heart' Spellpower modifiers Reduced

- *Hotfix* Fixed a bug with vault saves that prevent newly created vaults from being loaded
- *Hotfix* Meteor Strike cooldown reset has been removed again for obvious reasons

- Changed Divine Lance and Dread Lance implementation so that they no longer get deactivated randomly; in addition, the buff icons will now be displayed in the status monitor
- Fire Globes, Water Globes and Lightning Arc will now resummon 5 orbs when used out of combat
- Fixed a problem with Blackfire map generator to sometimes create empty maps
- Treasure Chest and Ancient Apparatus are now more common in lower floors
- Increased item droprates of mobs in Blackfire Deep by 50% to accomodate for the smaller maps
- 'Meditation', 'Meteor Strike' and 'Recovery' will now reset cooldowns out of combat
- 'Meteor Strike' and 'Guardian Angel' Cooldowns reduced by 30 seconds
- You can no longer stay out of combat when a player of your group is fighting in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug with the mercenary system that prevented multiple players from employing the same mercenary even when they are far enough apart

- *Hotfix* Fixed a bug with the save/load system that prevent D(1) vault codes from being loaded in D(1); your old D(1) vault codes are useless; you need to save again in this version to get a "clean" save
- Due to significant changes in the vault, this version no longer supports vault codes without the collectible feature initialized
- To properly load vault codes from c(18), make sure you have at least one collectible in your vault archive!
- New character class: Valkyrie - this class gets unlocked by reaching level 50 with any class - to create this character, simply use the -repick with any level 50 character
- New item type: Lances are the new misc item used by Valkyries
- "Fireball", "Water Globes" and "Lightning Charge" have been redesigned to make Mage archetypes more enjoyable and versatile
- All talents affecting these abilities have been replaced by new effects
- Blackfire Deep maps are now 33% smaller; in return, all mobs inside Blackfire deep now grant 50% more experience to compensate for the smaller maps
- fixed -fixsave command to properly execute when used as a direct chat input
- Displayed Green numbers from quick consecutive heals on the same target will now be displaced similar to damage numbers
- Fixed a bug with the train prevention script (players will now properly receive less kill experience when a player that is 5+ levels above the creature level is in range)
- Keystones can no longer be traded with other players after leaving Blackfire Deep
- Keystones will now be dropped to the ground when leaving Blackfire Deep, to prevent them from blocking inventory space when the game attempts to recreate the original outdoor item set on the hero
- Players can no longer -repick in combat
- Lunar Mantle selling price fixed

- changed merc mechanic to count validity based on players and mercs within range of each other instead of in the game in total; this allows for all 6 players having their own mercs out, as long as they aren't questing in the same general area
- Added custom sound sets (including the pissed responses) for Squire, Magician (both skins) and Cleric (both skins) ... more to come soon!
-> Voices by: Travis "Capt. Eagle" Lindsey, brock lee, Jeni Dean (, David Bodtcher, Chris Luhrs (MetalMartian)
- Druid efreet summons now also provide an aura that grants 9 to all resistances
- Fixed a bug with Instill momentum charge count flickering in buff monitor
- added audio cue for tranquilizing sting
- tranquilizing sting can no longer be dispelled by dispel magic
- Venomspawn generation will now shake the camera around to give it more impact
- Reduced HP of Venomspawns
- Ethereal Attire now properly grants 3% crit chance
- The entering zone of the Arsaios entry beacon will no longer be covered in fog of war when entering
- negative auras will no longer affect allied NPC units
- terrain fog no longer overwrites current terrain fog for other players if a player enters Blackfire
- fixed a bug that assigned the wrong class items to quest rewards of alternate hero skins
- fixed cinematic filters not being properly displayed in cinematics when another player is also watching a cinematic
- fixed an inconsistency that could potentially lead to desyncs when watching cinematics *Note: Please report any further desyncs when watching cinematics!*
- maximum Number of players in Blackfire Deep now limited to 5 to bring it in line with other dungeon content in Gaias Retaliation

- *Hotfix* Fixed a bug that prevented Venomspine from respawning properly when resetting D4
- *Hotfix* vault saves now also save to .txt
- You can now use "-fixsave" command to unlock the saving system again if it crashed from an invalid code; warning: this might cause unwanted bugs; use with caution!
- Added the first boss encounter of Dungeon 4 for betatesting; you can reach D4 via Zaxis Zepelin
- Savecodes will now save as .txt files again, to prevent the client from renaming the files to .pld
- Added support for extension pack 1.6
- extension pack files will now be loaded from the path "Warcraft III\CustomMapData\GaiasRetaliation", make sure to install the new extension pack into CustomMapData, not the main directory
- Fixed a bug with items dropping when dying inside Blackfire and reviving via the Gravestone

- Added support for recent WC3 patch 1.27b
- Souls will now drop on the ground when leaving blackfire, so that they no longer occupy inventory space when the old gear is reapplied
- Made dwarf Cleric shadow smaller
- Improved visuals of dwarf cleric portrait
- Redesign of Blackfire entry mechanic: starting gear will now spawn in a shop instead of being applied to heroes directly
- you can now also enter Blackfire with a keystone in backpack; you can manually select the floor to spawn to on entry
- Fixed a bug that prevented clerics from finishing the advanced class training to monk
- Due to changes in the hero command card in the most recent patch, the way town portals work has been revamped
- Added a new button to the command card: you can now place a team colored beacon on the ground to communicate locations with other players

- Added a new hero skin: Dwarven Cleric
- Squire and Mystic models now have a proper attack sound on 2 handed attacks
- Cleric and Magician models now have a particle emitter on ranged attacks
- Fixed a bug with legendary auras not being shared properly
- target dummies are no longer flagged as mechanical (for better DPS testing)

- fixed a bug where female magicians could level beyond level 25 before changing class
- fixed a bug that sometimes prevented new floors from getting generated in Blackfire
- fixed a bug that allowed duplicating keystones
- save code version has been updated: load codes from (13) by using -comp
- Added a new alternate hero skin for the magician to pick ... still highly experimental; so there might be bugs - use at your own risk!
- Fixed a bug with Hexblade shield absorb not working for physical abilities
- Increased Awareness aura is no longer displayed in shop windows
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to skip floors in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused ethereal items to disappear when having an ethereal item, keystone or soul in your hero inventory
- collectible stands of other players should now no longer be visible to players
- ethereal item skins no longer disappear when entering Blackfire
- items that can not be added when entering Blackfire (due to full inventory) will now spawn near the entry of the first floor
- fixed a bug that caused collectibles from other players to carry over to your vault load sometimes
- Wiped all collectibles for the sake of bringing everyone back to square one

- Ethereals will now be properly snapshotted when entering Blackfire Deep, so that they will remain in the inventory when leaving Blackfire by townportal or death
- Druids will now receive a rod of revitalization when entering Blackfire Deep via a keystone; this rod has unlimited ressurection spells, but can only be used outside of combat
- Keystones can no longer be purchased on the ancient Apparatus in Blackfire
- Fixed some attack elements and attack splash damage of Blackfire mobs
- chests and shops in Blackfire will now always be guarded by creeps, to make stealth tactics harder
- chests and shops in Blackfire will now grant all creeps guarding them improved stealth detection
- Rebalanced AP values in Blackfire Deep (nerfed too strong mobs and buffed too weak mobs)
- Removed several unfair boss abilities with high attack modifiers from Blackfire Deep ability database

- fixed a bug that allowed duping collectibles
- fixed missing mail armor in floor 10 shop in Blackfire
- fixed archives being removed when dying or entering Blackfire
- fixed a bug with Blackfire not properly resetting when dying on a Keystone run

- Added new Legendary items as rewards for Blackfire Deep
- Added a new item category as a reward from Blackfire Deep: Chains can be used as offhand items by Mystics/Hexblades and Squires/Crusaders using 2H weapons
- Added a new item class: Ethereal items as rewards for Blackfire Deep. These items will level with the hero and will not get removed when entering Blackfire Deep
- Added a new item class: Collectible items as rewards for Blackfire Deep. These items can be stored in class-specific containers inside your vault (and will be saved in your vault save)
- Added new mount rewards for Blackfire Deep
- Added Intro cinematic to the core game imports
- Added legendary vault models to be part of the core game imports
- Increased resolution of many environmental doodads and hero textures
- Blackfire now has a quick explanation dialogue from Winalis Blackfire
- Fixed Keystone tooltip not to be cut off early
- Reduced drop chance of Hopebringer
- Fixed Revenge Tooltip
- Instill momentum now only charges up from white physical damage, but will now ignore all damage mitigation like evasion and armor in return
- Fel Nova is now stunnable in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a small problem with the Squire model shield attachment point
- Thunderstep no longer breaks Blackfire when used on the entry
- Fixed the druid spirit HP bug
- Water Globes "soaked" debuff nerfed to -10% resistance
- Merchants that spawn when entering Blackfire through a keystone will no longer be randomized

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(10)):
- Crafting Bag contents are no longer bound to the character opening the crafting bag
- Fixed Hat of Wisdom granting +2 AP instead of +1 Ar
- Increased boss spawn rate in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed Keystone tooltip not displaying properly ingame
- Fixed a bug with items dropping at wrong points when leaving blackfire, however...
- When leaving Blackfire Deep, the Psionic Blade ability will now reset to what it was before entering
- You can now use mounts inside Blackfire Deep
- Heroes will now stop moving after getting transported to the next floor in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed Keystone tooltips

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(9)):
- Warhammer of The Brute now attaches properly to the hands of heroes
- Shield Throw now properly deals double damage to undead
- Optimized Squire model right hand attach point to make shields attach better
- Closed a hole in the pathing map south of Varthuvash spawn region
- "Body and Mind" now triggers on a pseudo-random (instead of true random) distribution to make it more reliable
- Fixed a bug that allowed duplicating keystones
- Keystones are now much more likely to drop after reaching the required floor
- However, Keystone drops will now be limited to the amount of players in the dungeon
- Greatly increased mob spawn rates in all cavernous tilesets in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug that caused minion/mercenary HP/MP not to update properly on death or gear changes
- 'Barbed Arrow' Cooldown reduced to 40s (30s with talent); damage reduced to x2.5

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(8)):
- Added a new type of item to Blackfire Deep: Keystones. Keystones can be found from level 10 onward and allow players to "skip" floors on future visits of the dungeon. But they can also be used to safely exit the dungeon and taking your loot outside.
- Dun Haldran teleport now gets properly deactivated when repicking a character
- Fixed an small graphical inconsistency in the lava cave tileset of Blackfire Deep
- Removed Holy Surge from the table of available spells for Blackfire Deep
- Remedy will only appear with a cooldown on mobs in Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug that caused abilities not to be reassigned properly upon leaving Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug with Helios' Blazing Eyes not healing properly on proc
- Fixed a bug with negative spell haste capping at -100% (infinite casting time) instead of -50% (2x casting time)
- Reduced Clumsy Moves haste penalty from 30% to 25%
- Reduced haste penalty from all kinds of frost effects from 25% to 15%
- Auto Engage toggle setting will no longer reset during the game
- White Steel Mail now got a proper model
- 'Instill Momentum' buff now lasts 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds
- 'Distracting Weapon' cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (10 with talent)
- increased nature cave tile set spawnrate
- Reduced cooldown of Revenge to 50 seconds (37.5 seconds with talent), but also reduced damage modifier to x3.
- Taunt now also generates permanent threat based on damage dealt from allies against the target over the duration

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(7)):
- Added two new tilesets and a huge set of new creeps to Blackfire Deep
- Big nerf of HP of mobs inside Blackfire Deep
- Slightly increased drop chance of rods of summoning and tomes in Blackfire Deep
- Added a mercenary NPC to the list of possible spawns in the dungeon
- Slightly increased XP gain inside the dungeon
- Changed the icon of "Mind Lash" in buff status to what the ability actually uses
- Fixed Hat of the Traitor icon
- Fixed a bug with Bladefury sometimes bugging up enemies to increase their animation speed

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(6)):
- Ma'kar's crushing blow attack now also has a small range
- You can no longer enter Blackfire deep while a quest dialogue plays
- Removed Revenge from the table of available spells for Blackfire Deep
- Fixed a bug that sometimes bugged up the item randomizer on the first levels of Blackfire Deep
- Adjusted the level curve of monsters inside Blackfire Deep at floor 7+
- Arctic Skull now properly grants Water Resistance
- Changed merc hiring rules to allow hiring up to 3 mercs total and hiring until the fifth player slot

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(5)):
- First Public Beta release of Blackfire Deep, a fully randomized dungeon in the style of old rogue-like games beneath the village of Dun Haldran
-> Currently, there are no rewards attached to Blackfire Deep except the chance to find legendary souls at a higher chance at higher levels; this release is mainly for those guys that enjoy a challenge and want to give feedback on the balancing and do proper bugtesting before this becomes actual content in later releases
- Adjusted stats and attributes of dozens of items
- Switched positions of tier 3 and tier 4 abilities of rangers
- Added some lowlevel healing items for rangers using remedy
- Spirit of Ma'kar now has an attack range
- Dancing Blade will now stop of the target and the caster get too far away from each other while casting
- Magma Wave, Icy Barrage, Flame Nova and Thunderstep now take Spellpower or Attackpower depending on what is the higher value
- Reduced Mana cost of Magma Wave, Icy Barrage, Flame Nova and Thunderstep
- Fixed a typo on Arctic Pine Scepter
- Made High Mage staff model slightly smaller
- Fire Nova damage is now applied earlier
- Healing Salve no longer breaks from bleeding damage
- Fixed a math error that sometimes caused bosses to not drop an item
- Fixed a typo in "Black Defender" recipe
- Fixed a bug in crit calculations that caused certain crit modifiers not to work properly (including Monk level 50 talent)
- Blade Storm now ignores armor
- Psions can no longer absorb steel body
- Reduced cooldown of Berserker Rage
- Plane Shift is now a 5 second channel ability that turns the hero invulnerable, but no longer resets threat; cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with Divine Fist lasting shorter than it should
- Fixed a bug with Divine Fist +duration talent not working correctly

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(4)):
- Crafting materials spawned from whitepine bags will now properly despawn
- Fixed a bug with Gaias Retaliation Part III
- Flamebringer recipe now properly creates the item instead of creating the precursor
- d3 waves will now spawn as soon as the previous wave was defeated
- Gravestones now have the "roll" ability

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(3)):
- *Hotfix* Fixed a bug with the output HTML files when saving your character/vault
- Staff of the Dead recipe now only requires 1 silver ore (to match the tooltip)
- Fixed a bug that caused recipes to subtract stacks from more than one material stack if the number of stacks exceeds the requirement of the recipe
- Fixed incorrect pricing of Dun Haldran recipes
- Fixed a tooltip error in Magic Arrow
- Mark of Chaos from mercenary will no longer trigger Lady Carimedraz Sound file
- Improved the looks of Mask of Guile

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(2)):
- Lightning blade now always calculates its path from the current position instead of the starting point
- Fixed aura from Devils Flute
- Improved the looks of Mask of the Betrayal
- Improved the looks of Verdant Cap
- Fixed a requirements bug with Icy Harp Recipe
- Increased Slevar attack modifier
- Decreased Vale health modifier
- Fixed Fevered bow granting attackspeed even if it shouldn't
- Fixed Hurricane Ring Crit chance (and increase AP a little to compensate for the undertuned stats)
- Nerfed Mask of Guile to only award 3 crit instead of 7 (it wasn't applying the correct bonus anyway)
- Increases AP gained from Lucky Sevens and removed the useless INT stat
- Improved Lucky Sevens and Lucky Trickster Stat distribution
- Improved Icy Harp Stat distribution

CHANGELOG (v1.2C(1)):
- Mercenaries will now learn a new spell when reaching level 30 and 45
- Added some extra polygons to improve the texture wrapping on the Ranger and Thief model
- Granite maul model attachment point corrected
- Footman's Platebody armor model now properly displays
- Artifacts can no longer be carried on the hero main inventory, as originally intended
- Fixed dwarf corpse animation on respawn
- Heroes now properly require level 42 to teleport to Dun Haldran
- Readjusted the size of the cap of vines model to better fit the size of the heroes heads
- Readjusted the position of the Mask of the Betrayal model to fit the heroes heads better
- You can no longer use your mount in caves or dungeons
- Increased the return range of the elite Magnataurs in the ice cavern
- Slightly increased the respawn timer of elite creeps
- Bloodthirst now has a visual and sound effect
- Expedition Chimes and Icy Harp now have the aura effect promised on the tooltip
- Gryphon head now properly grants 10 agi
- Viper's Grip now grants armor
- Fixed Pure Essence and Frost Entity Totem recipe
- The Lord of Caverns no longer drops both skulls and trophies; one has been moved to other bosses each
- Titan's Spear model has been made slightly longer
- Runic Vestment now has a cloak model
- Divine Fist no longer procs on allies
- Captured Lightning now has a model that attaches correctly to the mage's hand
- Overseer's Constructs now spawn farther away from the Overseer so they won't get stuck behind him
- Pure Essence proc damage increased
- Made Gift of Genos model slightly smaller
- Healing and Mana potions in the potion belt now got proper hotkeys
- Fixed the particle emitters of both skulls
- Greatly increased drop chance for Whitepine crafting bag
- Increased the speed of the Spirit of Ma'kar
- Fixed several tooltip typos


- You can now explore the Whitepine Mountains for a brand new chapter of Gaias Retaliation
- New items, quests, bosses, events
- Explore the world and find unique rarespawns and treasure chests for interesting loot in duo and even for single players with mercenaries
- Over 30 new recipes
- Find components and build 10 new legendaries
- Updated Extension pack to 1.4: new music, new voice-over, etc
... update here: Gaias Retaliation: Extension Package (v1.6)

- Fixed a serious flaw in the buff system, causing the struct allocation to get corrupted (very likely responsible for the crashes and permabuff bugs too)
- Fixed a bug with some items (Golden Feather Mantle, Celestial Garments) not showing the right skin texture
- Fixed some weird shadows around the neck of the thief and ranger portrait
- Added some improvements to the ranger portrait (more visible hair)
- Block ability on shields reduced from 20% to 10%
- Bosses with random target abilities will no longer try to target untargetable units
- Fixed a bug that allowed picking both abilities in the first ability choice
- Increased cooldown of Mass Teleport on Overseer again, but kept the reduced time until the first Mass Teleport
- Changed the buff monitor to display charges for Chorus, Divine Fist, Berserker Rage and Deathfire Veil
- Curse of the Vampire will now be displayed on the buff monitor
- Fixed a bug with steel body hotkey on deactivate
- 'Charge' buff will now be removed if the character dismounts
- Hardened Dagger now correctly applies the attackspeed bonus
- The game will now determine the highest level player that had threat on a unit when applying XP gains; if the highest level player is more than 5 levels over the level of the killed creep, XP awarded by that creep is reduced by 10% for each additional level over the creep beyond 5
- Gold gain is not affected by this
- Cleric Quest no longer bugs for other players after the first player wins the event
- 'Inspire' now regenerates a percentage of mana instead of a fixed amount
- 'Song of Vigor' is now based on the caster's agility instead of character level
- XP gain curve from kills now slightly drops off after reaching level 45
- All mercenaries and minions now have their cast points adjusted properly so that channeling spells no longer cast at a slight delay
- Water resistance now properly reduces the duration of frost slow effects
- Poison resistance now properly reduces the duration of poison slow effects
- Fixed a bug with the disenchanting system not being able to disenchant lowlevel armors
- Fixed a bug that caused some legendary soul auras not to display correctly in the stat window
- Psion Level 50 talent changed to only grant 1 point of attackpower every 2 charges of Psionic Blade

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (16)):

- Added a feature demo (and proof of concept) for the new repeatable quest system just outside of Mytargas at the refugee camp; offering a semi-random repeatable level 16-24 quest
- *HOTFIX* fixed a bug that resetted cooldowns on repeatable quests; changed cooldown to 20 minutes
- Fixed a bug sometimes affecting units with a permanent frost debuff when using Frostbite Arrow or fighting Gazrow
- Dispel Magic can no longer be spammed without triggering the 0.5 second cooldown when upgraded
- SP-dependency of Skeleton Mage, Efreet and Nymph summons now mentioned in the tooltip
- Symbol of Fury tooltips corrected
- Fixed Claw Strike and Beast Fury on Servant of the Skies (this time for real!)
- Game Hints now have a toggle button in the options tab in the hero command card; this will also restart the game hints
- Fixed a bug with frost cage lasting way longer than intended
- Added 'Cold Death' Recipe to the drop list of the Ancient One and increased chance to drop the recipe from turtles and water elementals in the cave aswell

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (15)):

- Replaced some core systems with newer, more up-to-date systems, hopefully fixing some issues with crashes and permanent buffs
- NOTE: Please keep me informed if permanent buffs still happen or not; this is not something that is easy to reproduce, so I kind of have to apply bugfixes in sprinkler fashion
- Implemented new stat: Hit Chance (counters Evasion)
- Gold penalty when dying removed from the game
- Lord of Caverns: Increased life
- Lord of Caverns: Battering Ram damage is now dependant on the distance to the target
- Lord of Caverns: Battering Ram is now a random target ability (prefers heroes over minions)
- Overseer: Increased life
- Overseer: Reduced Cooldown on Mass Teleport
- Bladefury and Opportunist can now be properly interrupted by stuns or interrupt effects
- Fixed a bug that allowed learning both first tier spells when clicking rapidly on the skill selector buttons
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused "Chorus" to not apply the damage/heal effect properly
- Servant of the Skies can now attack air units and will perform "Claw Strike" and "Beast Fury" from a distance (just like normal attacks)
- Fixed a bug that prevent town portals from triggering their cooldown
- Fixed a bug that caused Gargoyle to lose the steal marker when changing it's form
- Fixed a bug that instantly removed spawned blue souls after disenchanting three green souls
- 'Bottle of Whine' no longer grants any stats
- 'Deathfire Veil' will no longer redirect threat caused from minions to the Necromancer
- Fixed a bug with Frostbite Arrow affecting allies
- Fixed a bug with low to midlevel bosses sometimes not dropping any items
- Fixed a bug that caused certain talents to not properly apply if abilities were selected after picking talents
- Lightning charge can now be cast on air units
- Fixed a terrain leak near the beacon tower
- Fixed Zharo'khen AI
- Riding Turtle now has a faster walk animation
- Made the SFX of Holy Surge less aggressive and moved the ring art more towards the feet of the target
- Corrected tooltip of Warcry buff
- Embrittling acid now scales with AGI instead of the character level
- Detonating Bones armor reduction now scales with SP instead of the character level
- Jolting Strikes damage modifier increased from 0.5 to 1.0
- Shield Throw will now deal the remaining hits against the currently affected target if no other unit is within range
- Dancing Blade damage will now ignore armor of the target
- Soul Strike no longer does reduced damage when under the effect of 'Weakened Soul'
- Corrected tooltip from the evasion damage reduction talent
- Ensnare now works on bosses (at a drastically reduced immobilize duration, followed by a slow for the remaining duration) and also reduces the chance to hit of the target by 20%
- Burst of Light cooldown reduced to 90 seconds
- Added a 30% haste bonus to Symbol of Fury and increased attackspeed bonus by 5%
- Divine Fist now doubles ArP score of the monk, but elemental damage bonus applied is now 2% per stack across the board, including monks
- Divine Fist stacks will now also be applied if the monk deals physical ability damage (instead of just auto attacks)
- Ressurection now works like Life Infusion
- Life Infusion and Ressurection now only heal the target by 50% and grant only 20% mana instead of 30%.
- Using Dazing Trap and Explosive Trap in combat will no longer trigger a cooldown
- Several talents have been revamped or replaced by new ones (more talent changes following throughout the next updates)
- Skeletons under influence of Deathfire Veil and the Servant of the Skies are no longer affected by Broodmother Chrysalis ability
- Load limit has been removed
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Vaults to disappear when a player without a vault leaves the game

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (14)):


IMPORTANT: Due to critical changes in the item system, your backpack and stashes will be empty when importing your character into this version via -comp
Players that finished the Gargoyle Quest will get the quest reward hammer back after importing their old codes.

- Implemented new ability system: abilities can now be learned as mutual exclusive choices directly from within the spellbook at levels 1,3,7,13,25,27,33,37 and 43
- Learned ability spellbook positions will now match the keyboard layout upon learning
- Due to these changes, many ability hotkeys have been changed so that frequently used abilities are on easily reachable keys Q,W,E,R,D,F and less frequently used abilities are on A,S and Z
- Note: Due to the changes in the internal computing, importing old codes from the previous version via -comp can mess up abilities learned
- Note: Due to the removal of ability scrolls, savable non-equipment items (like Recipes) can be messed up when importing old codes via -comp
- Monks can now do a roundhouse kick as one of their attack animations
- 'Rest' mechanic removed. Instead, units will now constantly recover their health/mana at resting speed when out of combat
- Mounts! You can now buy your first mount for a small gold fee at Riversdale
- Better mounts will be available at many places across the map for a larger cost, but will also have an additional ability
- Legendary Souls will no longer have a random distribution of stats; instead, they will now select of a pool of presets with unique names
- This will not affect existing Legendary Souls, only newfound souls will use these presets
- Many Legendary Soul Auras have been changed to have new effects
- Due to the changes to the ability system; the spell unlearning mechanic has been changed to unlearn all abilities in a bulk at a cost
- New base class abilities for all classes!
- Due to the new ranger ability, some talents and abilities have been adjusted to accomodate for the new ability; make sure to read the tooltips to get up to date!
- There is now a button in the hero options menu to kill all controlled minions if neccesary

- There will now be game hints displayed after picking a new level 1 hero
- Until Blizzard releases the patch that increases the map size, the intro cinematic has been temporarily disabled (to avoid synchronization issues at game start)
- The Mystic class change Quest can now be done regardless of the time of day
- Splicing green souls does no longer require an extra item to be disenchanted
- Weather changes (and thus the related lag spike) will no longer happen during combat
- Added some audio cues for the Zharokhen encounter
- Zharokhen priest add can now be CCed; however, he now also has an ability that allows him to break out of CC spells or stuns
- Dazing Trap no longer affects immune units
- Chain Lightning will now properly display a chained lightning instead of a forked lightning
- Binding Chains will no longer pull stationary units
- Reduced Cooldown of 'Guardian Angel' to 90 seconds
- Changed icons for 'Spell Mirror' and 'Confidence' for consistency with the new spell selection method
- Reduced Cooldown of 'Crucify' to 25 seconds
- Added more bloodstone drops throughout the Foothills area loottables
- Legendary Soul Auras will no longer linger around after the owning player left the game
- 'Dispel' can now be used on mechanical units
- The Overseer will no longer cast 'Mana Trap' on minions or mercenaries
- 'Mana Trap' damage and drain effect reduced
- Fixed several terrain leaks around Zharo that caused the pathfinding to go nuts if players accidentally clicked outside of the playable terrain
- Fixed a bug with Hunter level 30 talent (now properly grants 10% resistances instead of just 5%)
- Moved Lieutenant Magast for the transit quest to Mytargas to the bridge connecting the starting area with the farmland area
- Reduced the required level for the transit quest to Mytargas
- Many AoE spells and effects have been updated to take the collision size of units into account (larger units are now easier to hit; for example with 'Crucify')
- Snowfall fog effect reduced to improve visibility
- Fixed 'Maintenance' spell in Overseer encounter still healing even when outranged
- Reduced Construct HP and Aura damage in Construct phase on Overseer encounter
- Slightly increased melee damage of the Lord of Caverns
- Reduced Bloodthirst timer of Lord of Caverns from 360 to 300 seconds
- Increased raw attack power and ArP gain from melee skeletons
- Skeleton mages can now also auto attack once all mana is depleted
- 'Detonating Bones' is now an enemy-target spell (but can only target organic units) and deals extra damage to the main target
- 'Mind Lash' will now always jump to the first-in-threat if that unit is within the jumping range; if not, it will target the closest unit
- 'Imbue Armor' will no longer reflect damage that exceeds the absorbed amount
- You can no longer enslave player units
- 'Steal' will no longer drop the stolen item on the ground if the main inventory is full (and there is space in the bag)
- Quest rewards will no longer drop to the ground if the main inventory is full (and there is space in the bag)
- Updated tooltips of Vault teleport and stash purchase to notify the player that stashes will be moved to the Soul Vault once loaded
- Soul Vault portal will now always be available if the vault is loaded, even if the character hasn't yet reached level 4.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Mystics to reflect white damage back as white damage, triggering onAttack procs like Levitate
- Psionic Blade will no longer accumulate charges when attacking friendlies
- Psionic Blade can no longer steal 'Stealth' and 'Into the Shades' for balancing reasons
- Valgar in Squire class change encounter will no longer cast heal
- Increased droprates for all quest items required to obtain the Gargoyle Hammer
- Fixed a bug with Psionic Blade not absorbing many self-cast abilities correctly
- Fixed a bug with Robe of Fire Protection not giving armor
- Missiles will now originate from the caster even if the caster was pulled by Binding Chains
- Fixed a bug that allowed having 2 enslaved creatures under certain conditions
- Missile launch height from stolen spells will now be properly adjusted for levitating Psions
- Minions and Mercenaries will no longer jerk and run around like crazy if there are many players in the game
- Binding Chains will no longer pull invulnerable units
- Petrify will no longer be castable on bosses
- 'Bladefury' now has a smoother feeling and animation; damage now spreads over 4 hits instead of 5
- 'Bursting Touch' is now SP based instead of AP
- 'Mind Lash' will now jump from any damage dealt, not just normal attack damage
- 'Mind Lash' will now always jump if the unit dies from the damage dealt
- Fixed a bug with a Hexblade talent not applying 60% absorb increase to Imbue Armor correctly
- 'Ground Slam' no longer hits air units

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (13)):

- 'Desintegrate' marker now displayed in the correct direction
- Slimes now have a limited lifespan
- Slimes now have reduced HP and no longer regenerate HP
- Slime damage reduced (however, at a high ArP)
- disenchanting a weapon will now always yield a raremat
- disenchanting everything else will yield a common mat
- 3 item requirement from disenchanting removed
- Fixed a tooltip error with the monk talent for Symbol of Fury
- merc ressurection/dismiss now share a slot in the command card
- Reduced HP of Overseer
- Slightly reduced number of missiles created by 'Fel Nova'
- Implemented a new boss for betatesting; as always, use -test to access the boss area

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (12)):
- Stashes can no longer ... crawl away...
- PvP command in-combat bug fixed
- Fixed 'roar' sometimes applying to invalid targets
- Jolting Strikes Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds
- Distracting Weapon is now an instant-cast self-buff only, but cooldown was reduced to 30 seconds (20 with talent)
- Distracting Weapon Mana cost removed
- Distracting Weapon now also generates a decent amount of threat on it's own when cast (similar to Demoralizing Shout)
- Bladefury will now stop once the caster dies
- Pets will now be considered as the same level as the caster when performing level checks (for hit & crit mechanics)
- Battering Ram now works as intended
- Frostbite now also colors the affected unit
- Spell Mirror cooldown reduced to 25 seconds
- Fire Shield damage increased to SP x 0.4
- Added a new boss to beta test

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (11)):
- Fixed an exploit that allowed duplicating items

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (10)):
- Fixed a tooltip bug with Souls
- Fixed a bug with stashes not appearing correctly when loading vaults
- Removed shadows from stashes
- Fixed a bug where sometimes souls appeared out of nowhere when importing characters
- Fixed a bug that allowed leveling souls further even after reaching level 25 with a base class
- Summoned units no longer drop souls
- Nether Circles can now disenchant 3 green souls combined with a magic item of itemlevel 35+ to create a blue soul
- Playback position of background themes will not be stored and recovered after leaving a bossbattle
- Sound effect from Lightning Blade will not properly cut off if the distance to the model is too large
- Slightly Increased Battering Ram AoE
- Fixed a bug with some soul skins not properly getting displayed (does not fix issues with incorrect filepaths on the Extension Pack, though)

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (9)):
- New feature: disenchanting!
--> Mytargas, Lumberjack and Riversdale now have a Nether Circle that allows to disenchant (unsaved) items for materials
--> 1 item = 1 mat
--> 3 items = 1 raremat
- Increased number of vault slots to 7
- Fixed a bug that caused unused linear stat components of souls to suddenly appear after level 10
- Added a music theme for the soul vault

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (8)):
- New Feature: Souls
- Souls and Soul Vaults are imported on a seperate (account-bound) load code and can be shared between multiple characters
- Only one Vault load per game
- Vault, once loaded, can not be "repicked"
- Vault autosaves whenever a hero is saved
- Saving will now process a HTML file instead of a raw .txt, to improve readability
--> if asked for a confirmation about activating script plugins upon opening these HTML files, confirm it and add this folder to any whitelists regarding scripts
--> this script is not dangerous and will only pre-select the savecode so that you can copy it to your clipboard faster

- Improved performance for Shattering Glacier
- Fixed a bug with AoE of Battering Ram not getting calculated correctly
- Increased damage of Battering Ram, but changed targeting to first-in-aggro
- Added a better visible effect to Frostbite
- Increased base damage of BETA Boss

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (7)):
- Level 42 bears will now cast 'Claw Strike' properly
- Improved Mob repositioning algorithm
- Fixed a couple of bugs with arena battles (alliance states and auto-revival)
- re-added buff art to symbol of fury
- extension package music playback volume slightly reduced
- guardian angel can no longer be cast on enemies
- Dazing trap will now work properly
- Implemented one of the new 1.2C boss battles for balance testing
--> use "-test" chat command to teleport your character to the testing area
--> boss battle will drop no loot or rewards; this is only for playtesting the boss balancing
--> super SPOILERific! Use with discretion and ask players in your session before using this command

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (6)):
- Timers on buffs now get properly initialized (Should fix permanent buff bug; please report if it still happens!)
- Fixed inconsistency on sound file creation (Should fix desyncs on turning in quests; please report if that still happens!)
- Fixed Symbol of Fury sometimes not properly applying
- Fixed a bug with ogre boss battle shield
- Re-enslaving a unit will not make Psionic Resonance buff disappear any longer
- Fixed level 35 Sorcerer cooldown talents
- Level 45 Psion draining timber talent now only applies to the mana drain effect and not the stat gain, as originally intended

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (5)):
- Added support for the newly released extension pack version 1.1
- Added support for new voiceovers to the game (and extension pack)
- Psionic Blade stat bonuses reduced
- Fixed a bug with stat bonuses (or reductions) through talents or abilities stacking on proc attacks
- Fixed a bug with Twisting Metal dealing incorrect damage if used as combat opener
- Redesigned Distracting weapon to deal threat depending on the number of remaining charges
- Fixed a couple of pathing blockers on the Foothills mountain ramp; it should now be easier to cross with pets
- Fixed Dazing Trap
- Fixed mob AI not randomizing targets for certain spells
- Fixed additional delay when casting certain channeled spells
- Individual Town Portals now have a 60 second cooldown
- Fixed Guardian Angel being castable on enemies
- Syncing process at game start is now automaticly disabled for 5 or 6 player games, to avoid massive delay
- Fixed various issues with the Talk scripting, which should hopefully prevent crashes now
- Laros van Garen & his minions are now immune to Enslave
- You will no longer receive level-difference based bonuses when attacking training dummies
- Stashes now have a small sight radius to make them visible in fog of war
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused potions to drop in a bulk
- The anvil in the Lumberjack encampment finished his vacation in a parallel dimension
- Twisting Metal can now target air units
- Psionic Blade now appears properly on first load if the blade was placed in a lower item slot than the weapon
- Fixed Psionic Blade: Crucify
- Psionic Resonance now gets cleansed when an enslaved unit dies
- Respeccing talents will now also reset Psionic Blade charges
- Incinerate will no longer hit friendly targets
- Bladefury can no longer be stolen via Psionic Blade, as it requires an offhand weapon
- Fixed some bugs with the buff system, which will hopefully resolve several issues with persitent buffs
- Psion Levitate attack can now hit air units
- Imbue armor now also reflects absorbed damage
- 20% shield block effect now works properly on Mystics and Hexblades
- Enslave now has a hotkey (B)
- Dispel can now properly target enemy units
- Levitate is now a true modal and can be activated and deactivated regardless of combat state
- Levitation spellcasts will now play the intended animation
- Bosses won't try to reposition themselves if blocked by other mobs anymore to avoid exploitation
- Fixed a bug with players sometimes not leaving combat correctly
- Fixed blood splats of Mystics... no more poison in your veins, folks ;)
- Enemy units will now immediately continue attacking their main target after finishing any spellcasts (instead of attacking randomly)
- Fixed armor value of Ring of the Troll Magi
- Draining timber damage boost increased by 50%
- Mark of the Vampire is now correctly healing Lady Varimetraz
- "Dust to Dust" ability removed from the Blazing Flame (as it bugged up the AI and was made redundant after resistance changes)
- Fixed starting mana of Blazing Flame manifestations
- Crawlings Plague spawns on Gargoyle will no longer spawn inside the mountain walls or in the valley
- Placed two additional Mountain Ursas in the Mountain area to make farming them a bit easier
- Added a new toggle option: Enable/Disable auto engagement of the hero
- Moved the missile spawning point of levitate attacks a bit higher
- Corrected damage on Twisting Metal tooltip
- Changed Mind Lash to always jump to the closest nearby valid target, instead of a random target
- Reduced Mana cost of "Bursting Touch" to 5
- Enslave will now by default allow enslavement of same level creatures
- New Psion level 50 talent: 'Imbue Armor' effect extended to nearby allies aswell

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (4)):
- *hotfix* Added new voice acting files
- *hotfix* wrong ability mapping for Psionic Blade fixed
- *hotfix* dungeon units can not longer be enslaved
- Again, fixed a bug that let the Mystic go invulnerable after completing the class change quest (this time for real)
- Buffs and debuffs now get properly removed on death
- Mytargas gate now is properly shown as opened
- Fixed a couple of bugs with the Mystic class change dungeon patrols
- Fixed hotkeys in Psionic Blade stolen ability tooltips
- Bard Songs can no longer be stolen by Psionic Blade (due to lack of instrument)
- Quest rewards will now properly vanish if not picked up and show their item model properly

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (3)):
- *hotfix* Fixed a bug that rendered a Mystic sometimes invulnerable after class change quest
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to desynchronize when some players used the extension package
- Fixed a bug that allowed mystics to advance beyond level 25
- Fixed a camera pan globally applying to all players on mystic class change quest
- Jolting Strikes now only immobilizes on first hit; immobilize duration reduced to 3 seconds (1.5 seconds on bosses)
- Twisting Metal stun now only lasts 1.5 seconds on bosses (similar to how backstab works)
- Dying during the Mystic class change quest will no longer cause a gold penalty
- Levitate will now last for 3 additional seconds when combat ends, to allow re-engaging enemies before the effect ends
- Levitate evasion bonus reduced to 30%
- Swapped 'Blurred Motions' and 'Stealth' Hotkeys to fix hotkey localization issue

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (2)):
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to desync if one player had the extension module installed and another had not

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (1)):
- Implemented support for Extension Package: Gaias Retaliation: Extension Package (v1.6)
- New basic character class: Mystic
- All relativistic stats (Crit chance, crit damage, spell crit damage and evasion) will now be affected by the level difference between the combatants
--> Level ups will no longer weaken the character, as the formulaes in stat tooltips now only apply to same-level enemies.
- Fixed a bug that caused 3rd person camera to jerk when rotating the view too long
- Bard Songs will now properly vanish if the Bard unequips his instrument
- Fixed monk level 50 anti-crit talent not working on normal attacks
- Reduced damage and health of Crawling Plague spawns of the Gargoyle
- Fixed a bug with cooldown reducing talents on Berserker and Crusader not functioning properly
- Fixed a bug that caused crafted and quest items not to show the proper item model when dropped on the ground from the bag
- Creep reset will now also cleanse any buff or debuff from the resetting creep
- 'Blurred Motions' will now instantly clean all debuffs from the caster (including stun effects), however, will not reduce threat any longer (to remove redundancy with 'Into the Shades')
- 'Stone Skin' will now also remove all immobilizing effects from the caster
- 'Ensnare' will no longer prevent enemy units from casting spells or cancel spellcasting
- Changed the icon of all passive abilities to non-borderized icons
- Changed two buildings in Mytargas to new designs to save map space
- Fixed a bug that caused Coup De Grace critical bonus not to work under certain conditions
- Town Portal scrolls have been removed from the game; instead, characters can now teleport directly via the hero command card

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (13)):
- Gold income from killing is now divided by the number of players (and mercs) in range; however, you will now always gain at least 1 gold
- Fixed a bug with blurred motions causing the game to crash
- Fixed a bug with the soldiers of Mytargas escort quest not following correctly on first attempt
- fixed head attachment point of rangers
- Fixed a typo in Linen Hood Recipe
- Fixed a bug with Flaming Arrow +duration Talent
- Fixed Eternal Strings attack speed bonus
- Gravestones can now be selected via the idle-worker button
- Fixed a typo in Cold Death recipe
- Fixed 'Stone Skin' cooldown talent
- Fixed a bug that caused some talents not to reset properly when unlearning talents
- chance to drop outdoor scrolls on low level bosses increased
- chance to drop dungeon scrolls on D1 bosses increased
- chance to drop Ogre boss scrolls increased
- shifted weights on Ogre boss treasure drops more towards items (instead of demon heart)
- adjusted a lot of drop weights for rare, common and boss materials to make lowlevel crafting easier
- completing the first kill quest now rewards a white armor
- corrected some faulty stats on the hero selector units
- Fixed a bug with the Dispel Magic AoE-talent
- Fixed a rounding error that caused mercenaries to slowly lose HP when repeatedly equipping items

If you experience crashes during the loading process, try set your Texture Quality setting to high. That should fix the problem. I also recommend setting Light Quality to high, or you might encounter graphic bugs inside dungeons.


Years have passed since the poison of Gaia sprung forth from the lands. Corrupted forests, inhospitable to all, have spread across the face of Kurodan, and borders have faded as all fled before the encroachment of the toxic spores. Ankhmaron, the last haven protected by the Grand River, has sent out messengers to gather volunteers for the task of finding a cure to the plague.
In a tavern close to the village Riversdale, a small group of adventurers have gathered, unknowing, that their search will turn out not to be just a race against time ...

Shapy: Terraining
muzzel: Jass
teh.fellow aka Playmo: Terraining, project leading
Zwiebelchen aka Todeszwiebel: Jass, object data, terraining, project leading


Check out our official forums at:
Gaias Retaliation ORPG

Download the official Gaias Retaliation Extension package at:
Gaias Retaliation: Extension Package (v1.6)










I know that I didn't add everyone to the Credits I used resources from. I lost track on all the things I imported into the map. If you made something I didn't give credit to, send me a PM please and the name of the resource.


Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2E (1) (Map)

19:48, 28th Feb 2011 ap0calypse: Director's Cut! All 3 (current) map moderators agreed on this one. It's a unique, high-quality map which certainly deserves a high rating.




19:48, 28th Feb 2011
ap0calypse: Director's Cut!

All 3 (current) map moderators agreed on this one.
It's a unique, high-quality map which certainly deserves a high rating.
Level 9
Apr 20, 2008
Just finished fooling around with it. This is a solid map - the terrain is great, the systems are smoothly implemented, and it does everything well, so far. It falls into many of the standard ORPG traps, i.e. standard classes and boring abilities, but the quality of the rest of it makes up for that.

I'd love to see more, since there's only a bit of terrain at the moment :) 5/5
Hmm, I agree that the actual classes and abilities are nothing special, but well, you can't expect some BAM style spells on the first levels ... ^^

But since there will be an "evolving" system, I think we can add some more spice later.
I will, btw, release an updated version today, fixing almost all of the current bugs and implementing some new features (armor point based instead of % based, resistances, new item stats, etc.)
Level 2
Sep 21, 2007
I like a lot about this! Excellent environment and game mechanics.
I dislike not having a backpack or some way to carry items that aren't equipped.
XP seems a bit slow, although quests are pretty nice.

Bug found: Giant Crab was found invulnerable after our party died to him. Later found many invulnerable creatures.
Also tavern owner won't allow us to complete the bandit sealed message
Last edited:

- new stat system (armor is now point based, not percentage based; new item stats like crit or resistances implemented)
- new magician model
- caster classes will now also have attachment models (however, for now, it's just special shoulder pads. Next version will also include animated cloaks and capes)
- fixed a lot of bugs, optimized source code



Level 4
Oct 10, 2008
I played it on weekend...
nice terrain, nice gameplay, we had much fun.
but some bugs,
especially the done quests can be accepted twice in a weird way...

and 1-2 more classes would be fine
amm this map looks small.. only 2 grounds? lol... its smaler than alpha
Yeah I know there is few content yet. However, the existing content easily lasts for up to 2 hours. It's just that the map is HUGE (480x480), so it looks small ...

I had a bug , respawned in the middle of the map
Yes, I know about that. I am currently trying to fix this, though it's a very annoying bug that I simply can't figure out -_-'

I played it on weekend...
nice terrain, nice gameplay, we had much fun.
but some bugs,
especially the done quests can be accepted twice in a weird way...

and 1-2 more classes would be fine
Could you be more precise please? What exactly happened? Did you repick between doing the quests? The quests are stored to the actual hero, not the player. If you repick and select a new hero, you can do all the quests again, of course.
i like the clean terrains. great cave sight..btw i cant finish the wolf quest somehow, it kept talking about his son.
Errr? Are you sure you tried the right NPC? The wolf quest has no relation to the hermit's quest at all.
what server do you creators play on?
Depends on when we do official bnet testing. Usually at around 21:00 GMT(+1) we switch from Northrend to US servers, cause at that time, there are more people online there than in europe.
Level 3
Aug 27, 2006
but there is one big minus zwiebel .. i'm not there XD i'd love to play togehter with you and also not always talking in englisch to you XD
Level 1
Jun 17, 2008
Your map is nice and terrain is from all game i played 1 of the best if not the best i saw so far. When we run from a group they heal up their hp but not their mp. My guess is that isn't wanted. Anyway, keep up the good work!:thumbs_up:
Level 1
Sep 17, 2009
I really like the game and all, but when i save the game and i started a new game and tried to load my character, it tells me invalid code. I have a screenshot of the code when i saved it but when i tried to load it with the exact code, it tells me invalid code.
Level 3
Aug 27, 2006
hm.. i dont't have that problem... but because of this i always write -save 2 times so i have 2 codes on my screenshot 1 of them must be the right XD
There can't be a problem with the save-load system, since it's not mine. I use KODE. It only says invalid code in one of two cases:

1) Your code is wrong (maybe you saved it with an older version of the map? All maps from 23-09-09 are not downwards compatible. However, 24 will work with 23.

2) There is a bug with KODE, though I don't think that's possible. The system exists for years now. Are you sure you didn't mess up the O's and 0's?

PS: Working hard on the ranger class now. Finished the pet system and almost everything complicated with the class. Dunno when I will release the new version, but I don't think it will take any longer than one or two days.
Level 3
Jun 23, 2008
Erm, finally a good and playable ORPG, too bad that so small part of map is unlocked. Are u gonna release each time with some more terrain and so on?
Level 2
Apr 10, 2008
Pete (questgeber at the entrance of the village) isnt invulnerable like all the others.
The magican "can" learn frostcage in the village but he has it since start at lvl1.
And i think that the taunt of the sqire not always hold the aggro for 4 secs.
Level 3
Jun 23, 2008
But there is one thing that i'd like to know - whole map seems to be huge, however there is already done only 1 town, 1 dungeon, not so big forest and it takes like 3% of whole map space - the question is, can we expect lots more, or even everything with the world stuff in little future, even this year? Anyway for these 2h I enjoyed gameplay at 99% (1% goes to better inventory system, more choice at boss drops, talking with NPC's could be allowed to cancel, no friendly-attack). Thumbs up.
Level 2
Apr 10, 2008
But there is one thing that i'd like to know - whole map seems to be huge, however there is already done only 1 town, 1 dungeon, not so big forest and it takes like 3% of whole map space - the question is, can we expect lots more, or even everything with the world stuff in little future, even this year? Anyway for these 2h I enjoyed gameplay at 99% (1% goes to better inventory system, more choice at boss drops, talking with NPC's could be allowed to cancel, no friendly-attack). Thumbs up.

friendly-attack can be usefull for example against the ice cage of the last thief dungeon boss.
Level 3
Jun 23, 2008
I guess thats why there is Mage spell which removes negative buff. Its unlogical, especialy when some powerfull hit from warrior lands on poor mage ;o And we have retarded people around too which will abuse this
I guess thats why there is Mage spell which removes negative buff. Its unlogical, especialy when some powerfull hit from warrior lands on poor mage ;o And we have retarded people around too which will abuse this
Hmm ... I think it's part of the realism, that there IS the possibility to be player killed. I personally like the feature of being able to PK.
However, I will implement a kickvote system later.

But there is one thing that i'd like to know - whole map seems to be huge, however there is already done only 1 town, 1 dungeon, not so big forest and it takes like 3% of whole map space - the question is, can we expect lots more, or even everything with the world stuff in little future, even this year? Anyway for these 2h I enjoyed gameplay at 99% (1% goes to better inventory system, more choice at boss drops, talking with NPC's could be allowed to cancel, no friendly-attack). Thumbs up.
Of course, there will be more content in the future. We have a lot of new terrain already done now; however, I still need some time for the new classes, before I can implement this new content.

Pete (questgeber at the entrance of the village) isnt invulnerable like all the others.
The magican "can" learn frostcage in the village but he has it since start at lvl1.
And i think that the taunt of the sqire not always hold the aggro for 4 secs.
Thanks for reporting the attackable npc.

Frost cage, actually, is a bug in itself. It was not intended that the mage has it right from the start. It was just coincidence that I didn't see this before I oploaded the new version.

Hmm ... we never experienced problems with taunt. Can you be somewhat more precise? Maybe someone taunted your taunted mob?
Level 3
Jun 23, 2008
Hmm ... I think it's part of the realism, that there IS the possibility to be player killed. I personally like the feature of being able to PK.

I agree only if there is possibility to PK but on both ways - warrior can punch 2 times poor mage, or, mage can send some flashy stuff on warrior's face (impossible). I disagree on only warrior being able to PK someone since mage can stroke up him with a staff. There should be -pvp command or some other logical way to turn on PK.
I agree only if there is possibility to PK but on both ways - warrior can punch 2 times poor mage, or, mage can send some flashy stuff on warrior's face (impossible). I disagree on only warrior being able to PK someone since mage can stroke up him with a staff. There should be -pvp command or some other logical way to turn on PK.
Hmm ... I have to admit that this is something I didn't think of. Alright, I will think about adding a -pvp command. However; don't expect balance in that. There might be classes that simply own others. I will balance PVE, not PVP.
Level 2
Jun 20, 2009
Hey, excellent map and love the terrains the most.

Could we have more skills per class? Passive and active alike.

Also would there be a pet class [ Different types of summoners just like the online MMORPG rappelz where each pet class can summon up to two pets, with the main character being weaker than the other classes]

Being able to specialize in offensive / defensive buffs for pets as weell as some heals

Lastly i am wondering if the map size will be appropriate to be hosted in Wc3 after all the contents have been added. Only about 12% of the map is done and it takes up 3mb
Hey, excellent map and love the terrains the most.

Could we have more skills per class? Passive and active alike.

Also would there be a pet class [ Different types of summoners just like the online MMORPG rappelz where each pet class can summon up to two pets, with the main character being weaker than the other classes]

Being able to specialize in offensive / defensive buffs for pets as weell as some heals

Lastly i am wondering if the map size will be appropriate to be hosted in Wc3 after all the contents have been added. Only about 12% of the map is done and it takes up 3mb
Don't worry about the map size. Of course, we will make sure the map stays compatible.

The pet class is the next to be released. It's almost done. I hope I can update to the new version tomorrow.
Level 7
Aug 14, 2009
Until you release new classes you SHOULD REALLY FOCUS on expanding the terrain/map, adding new quests, creeps, items, spells !! I already made everything possible in two hours of gameplay, and i have only six spells o_O. You could make regions of map, for example Snowy region, Desert region etc. Please expand the map I really want to play more :). Thanks
Until you release new classes you SHOULD REALLY FOCUS on expanding the terrain/map, adding new quests, creeps, items, spells !! I already made everything possible in two hours of gameplay, and i have only six spells o_O. You could make regions of map, for example Snowy region, Desert region etc. Please expand the map I really want to play more :). Thanks
New Content will be released once the Thief class is done. I finished the Ranger class in record-time (only 2 days of work), so expect the thief to be done even faster. (Maybe at around monday)

However ...

New version 30-09-09!

New features:
- town portal scrolls
- new hero class: Ranger
- the mana cost of spells is now removed once the spell finishs instead of at the beginning of the cast
- fixed a bug with spellbooks closing themselves once buffs were fading from units
- new items for the ranger class

Save codes from version 23-09-09 or higher should be compatible.
Level 9
Oct 2, 2008
I found tiny bug with buying spells. When I tryed to buy spell for my Ranger (spell that I already know) it says "You dont have required bla bla ... " and it should say something like "You already have that spell". But it dosent matter that much, great job on Ranger class, cant wait for the Thief.
Level 3
Jun 23, 2008
I will wait for new content then im gonna test new classes. Hope to see lots more in the terrain