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Fullsceen Mercenary system

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Jun 9, 2011
Hello. This is a WIP of mine.

The system basically use a fullscreen UI, aiming to enchant the buildings in melee like maps. Mainly mercenary building and possibly barracks.
To-do list:
*add gold/lumber cost
*add the possibility to add train time before spawning
*add sounds when clicking certain buttons
*Display the model of the units in the UI (unsure if I want to add it opinions?)
*add more visual effects
*actually fix the code so he isn't too ashamed to show it



I am open for suggestions.

Credits to -Kobas- for the original map.
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Nov 30, 2007
Does the window have to be moved to a black area? Can't it apear right above the building? I'm thinking that's fine for an RPG type map but not sure if it would be as nice in a strategy map where you control more units and have to keep an eye on whats going on.

Not sure if above is a valid concern as I've never tested it.

Could you add so that if this option is enabled the user can remove the unit types for sale by pressing [X] a button right to the amount. This might not be useful for your specific task of selling mercenaries, but it would be useful for other things this might be used for. ;)

I'm also wondering if the unit icons are clickable, if not make that an option too?
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