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Fou-Lu, The First Emperor

Level 1
Feb 10, 2011
So, I was wandering if I could possibly get a Fou-Lu model.
I would like his attack to be an appearing white blade much like in the Breath of Fire 4 game, and his second maybe a double slash of white blades from both hands. Possibly having him stand without the blades visible unless attacking, and maybe just a white glow at his hands instead. Also a casting animation, thinking him just pointing ahead of himself in the direction of the spell cast.

Would also like an Astral Dragon model, and maybe a Tyrant Dragon model, also from the same game. I can provide pictures if needed.

And of course I want to request a Ryu model along with his Aura Dragon and Kaiser Dragon. Ryu would just have his one sheathed sword with him, unless attacking. Having a seperate model of each of them in there meditate form, would be great as well.

And also my last request in this thread would be the Infiniti Dragon. This would be greatly appreciated.