Force Gates

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“Electricity is really just organized lightning”
~ George Carlin

A set of electric/magical gates I made while fiddling wth animated textures. Each contains birth/death animations and fits the in-game gate pahing to be easily utilized as a destructible.
Modelled from scratch in Sketchup, wrapped and animated in MdlVis and Magos.

As always, everything is open source, feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

ForceGate_Ashenvale (Model)

ForceGate_Dalaran (Model)

ForceGate_Darnassus (Model)

ForceGate_Dungeon (Model)

ForceGate_Icecrown (Model)

ForceGate_Icecrown_2 (Model)

ForceGate_Naga (Model)

ForceGate_Naga_2 (Model)

ForceGate_Orgrimmar (Model)

ForceGate_Outland (Model)

ForceGate_Scourge (Model)

ForceGate_Silvermoon (Model)

ForceGate_Stormwind (Model)

ForceGate_Underground (Model)

ForceGate_Zandalar (Model)

Level 6
Mar 16, 2008
this is so perfect and so needed in the Hive library!!! I hope these don't crash the game/are approved.


Media Manager
Level 35
May 25, 2007
It should be interesting to have the lighning textures files too.
All ingame textures, fam. ReplaceableTextures\Weather\LightningForked.blp

I definitely think there should be dwarf / gnome / goblin themed ones as well, though. :)
And maybe a futuristic/sci-fi/Starcraft themed one as well with Marine textures.
Dwarf/gnome/goblin are definitely on my list for a future update to the bundle. I'm really keen to do a bloodelf version too, but I've been having difficulty finding the right textures for that. If you've got suggestions let me know.

A variant without the poles would be useful too
Good point actually, I can see how a plainly-colored lightning wall without the poles can be useful. Expect to see this put up in the bundle soon.

Perhaps it would be better if there was a death animation that destroyed the poles and instead you could use stand/stand alternate and morph animations for the electricity turning on and off.
The idea was for these to function like the ingame gates, i.e. the sides stay after you break through the middle. Nonetheless, a valid suggestion, and might be something I fiddle with later on.
Level 45
Apr 18, 2008
For BElf, I would suggest the Spellbreaker's armour from the TFT campaign screen, Blood Mage armour, Dragonhawk stuff, and probably a white column base from Cityscape doodads. You can also add green crystals from other sources (Ancient Ziggurat hidden texture) and/or vines and flowers from the various nature props.
I second the other suggestions you quoted. :) Especially the Death animation one.
Level 10
Feb 2, 2009
I love the birth animation! When the little force field comes out to meet the other pillar I'm reminded of Star Wars when Darth Maul is just fuming beyond several force gates. These models are incredibly handy for any project and it is fantastic to have so many variations.