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[General] force esc

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Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Quick and simple question, can you force a player to press esc?

  • Game - Force Player 1 (Red) to press the key ESC
doesn't seem to work.

edit: my goal is to cancel a cinematic transmission aka:
  • Cinematic - Send transmission to (All players) from Paladin 0000 <gen> named Chaosy: Play No sound and display msg. Modify duration: Set to 99.00 seconds and Don't wait
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Level 12
Feb 22, 2010
Well, the problem is you tried to use this action.

  • Game - Force Player 1 (Red) to press the key A
and instead of "A" you typed "ESC" to there.But there is a special action for escape key.It is the next action in the list, Game - Force UI Cancel

  • Game - Force Player 1 (Red) to press Escape/Cancel

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
If you want to force them to press esc to fire the "skip cinematic" event then I would recommend simply wrapping the event response code into a function which you then explicitly call. When the event fires normally you then call this function as well passing the event arguments as arguments to the function.

In this case you will be bypassing the event completely which should result in the same outcome as the same code is run.
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