Fel Horde

The Fel Horde
The Fel Horde v1.0
By Footman16

To play the Fel Horde go Orc and set handicap to 90%. I have removed the chaos damage from most of their units. They are the strongest soldiers out on the field even stronger than the regular orcs, but that comes at a cost. Your army will be small but deadly. Their spellcasters can enhance the already formidable force with aggresive spells that disable the enemy or supporting spells that increase the endurance of your forces.

There is no computer AI in place

Units & Heroes
Your tier 1 melee is the Grunt who can later receive a health and damage upgrade.
Your tier 1 ranged is the Bone-thrower but he can get the poisoned bones upgrade.
The Raider is your tier 2 melee who's role is pretty similar to his original counterpart.
The Kodo beast deals chaos damage and can get damage/armour upgrades this comes at a greatly increased cost which counteracts spamming.
The Doom Guard is your end game melee unit slightly stronger than the tauren and can cast rain of fire. Very expensive
The Orc Warlock can cast Firebolt, Unholy Frenzy and Summon Fel Beast.
The Black Shaman is your offensive spellcaster can cast Fel Fire, Burning Defence and Bloodlust.
The Eredar Agent is your primary spellcaster and deals high magic damage. Can cast Curse, Confusion and Dark Vision.
The Black Drake is your anti-air unit an deals heavy melee damage with high hit points. Can learn Devour and fiery breath increasing versatility.
The Dragon Rider is your primary end game air unit with high ranged damage and medium armour. Can learn Devour.

There are currently four, completely custom heroes with unique spells.
The Fel Blademaster is similar to his Orc counterpart but his different abilities greatly change his playstyle.
The Warchief is painfully slow but his very powerful attacks and abilities make him viable.
The demon spawned is a primarily physical hero who can intercept and disrupt the enemy forces.
The Blood Prophet can pick off enemies and support his own strength, despite being ranged, this helps his own support abilities.

The Fel Orcs are brute strength and hard hitting. This leaves them vulnerable to subterfuge and underhand tactics such as stealth etc. This forces them into diversifying which can be expensive but deadly unless countered appropriately.

Units and Heroes
Heroes: Blademaster, Demon Spawned, Warchief

I would like to thank: Frankster, lelyanra, Power, Pyritie, The_Silent, s4nji, Champara Bros, Epsilon, Red XIII, BloodElf300 and Sellenisko. (if I have used your model/icon but haven't given credit then please tell me and I will rectify the mistake and give my sincerest apologies.)
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Fel Horde (Map)

17:12, 7th Sep 2013 Orcnet: Map Approved
Any suggestions or feedback would be welcomed and taken on board. Any bugs please report them and I shall fix them for the next update.

This might be the last of these before I put my full attention into my campaigns etc. There might be one more and another non custom race map before the rest of the campaigns but I really want to be known for my campaigns of which I have none released so far so please understand that this isn't what I really want to keep doing.

This race took me 3 days to complete.
Well it cost me my social life and a lot of vitamin D.

EDIT: Don't worry there is a lot of customization and I have changed a lot of the units. No CnP here... for the most part.

EDIT EDIT: All 3 Heroes have 4 custom abilities.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Daffa you didn't download it? Your reviews are so good though and informative.
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Feb 19, 2011
Quick Review

Quick Review of Fel Horde

From one race-maker to another, you should spend a lot more than three days making an entire race. With that said I want to give you a quick review.


-A large majority of the icons are too cartoony; being from warcraft 2.
The Warcraft 2 buildings dont exactly fit within warcraft 3.

-No intial defense.

-Alot of tooltip errors (ex. Says Fel Orc Peons can go into burrows, Bone Throwers says Leather Padding, but no such upgrade exists -Speaking of the Bone Throwers, the Envenomed Bone says "Bone-Thrower... which one is it?-, etc.)

-The Team's orb has the same effect as Orb of Fire
I can get the same hero 3 times.

-Cant Reseacrh Backpack

-Blademaster has two abilities that require level 6.
The Bladebane armor ability is a greatly reduced version of Avatar -- at least add some extra damage.

Final Score: 2/5

I have a lot more things that I have found, but I think it's up to you to find them. Right now, this is a pretty shabby job. You should seriously take some time to polish your maps before releasing them.


Once this map was updates, I saw major improvements in all aspects of the race.

- A full set of custom units.
- All heroes come with unique and costume abilities
- Nice models of building and units
- Most icons are correctly placed
- Fun to play as and explore
- Good choice of most abilities
- Well functions
- Good tooltips
- Fitting Icons
- Overall, very well done once updated


- Backback upgrade in the Barracks
- OrchishArmor <-- needs a space
- Color scheme for the Fel Blademaster - the blue icon makes it wacky.
- Black Shame, but the building just says produces Shaman
- Bone Throwers as units, and Bone-Throwers on the Envenomed weapons upgrade.
- The position of the Blademaster Bloodlust ability once auto has been activated.
- Position of Rain of Fire for Doom Guards
- Doomguards says "ranged" unit?
- Legion Commander for the Eredar leaks into the Inventor space.


- Still only 3 heroes (you forgot to add it)
- No initial defense (Humans; Militia. Orcs; Burrows. Night Elves; Ancients. Undead; Blight/Ghouls)
- Chaos damage from beginning with the "Summon Fel Horde" ability.
- Tiny Great Hall broke icon.
- Spiked Barricades exactly same as Orcs
- Reinforced Armor same as Orcs
- Fairly boring items; don't really match the race.
- The orb is just like Orb of Fire but with +1 damage.
- "Chosen" may be OP with 40% evasion and 30% for 3x damage.
- The Poisoned Blade might pose problems because at lvl 3, it deals 600 total damage (more than many total HP of units) (10 dmg x 60 secs = 600 total dmg)
- 2 Devour type abilities
- Raiders are basically the same (function and ability wise)
- Curse is exactly the same as Banshees'

Final Score: 4/5

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From one race maker to another does it matter how long I spend on it. It always takes me 3 days to make a map usually spread out over weeks or months this time the 3 days took me 3 days. Thank you for the review none the less.

I didn't base blade bane armour off of avatar. It is an activatable spell immunity for no mana but increases damage taken.

What do you mean no initial defence?

Oh yah the tooltips I'll fix those. The hero thing can be fixed easily I'll do that.

What. That's the point of a review so that people tells me what's wrong and I fix it. It would help if you told me all the problems I'm not going to hunt through my own map. What makes you think I don't "polish" my maps. Have you played my high elves map? You should've played it when I first uploaded it.

Either way all will be fixed by tomorrow evening maybe sooner.
Level 22
Feb 19, 2011
From one race maker to another does it matter how long I spend on it. It always takes me 3 days to make a map usually spread out over weeks or months this time the 3 days took me 3 days. Thank you for the review none the less.

I didn't base blade bane armour off of avatar. It is an activatable spell immunity for no mana but increases damage taken.

What do you mean no initial defence?

Oh yah the tooltips I'll fix those. The hero thing can be fixed easily I'll do that.

What. That's the point of a review so that people tells me what's wrong and I fix it. It would help if you told me all the problems I'm not going to hunt through my own map. What makes you think I don't "polish" my maps. Have you played my high elves map? You should've played it when I first uploaded it.

Either way all will be fixed by tomorrow evening maybe sooner.

It would take me a long while to list all the tooltips (the largest issue), and it is your map, so you kinda should look for them and fix them. I never said you dont polish your games, I meant that you should do a little bit more prior to releasing the map. If you are going to fix the map up the next day, why not just wait until everything is in place. The map will seem more professional and less rushed that way --just saying.
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Nov 29, 2012
Fel Horde Review


The new race is a great addition but there are some little problems when it comes in balance and also the overall looks of the structures of the race fits but is cartoonish.

Unexpected tab 1

[tab][tabheader]Good Points:[/tabheader]
  • The race is balance but a problem is that the Blademaster's Poison damage is quite strong. 5 damage for 60 (I think) seconds which makes it strong and that is just in each attack. I suggest lower down the duration of the poison. Also the Blademaster has two ulti, his Bloodlust is for level 6 and the Mass Image is for level 6. I do think this is quite weird to have an ulti but nothing to worry that it is just minor and can still be accepted as balance but do remember that it is also in the verge of imbalance-ness
  • The new units that the new race offers are all good and strong.

[tab][tabheader]Bad Points:[/tabheader]
  • The icons for the building does not go with its building. The icons are like for a human structure and to add, it is cartoonish as what wa666r said.
  • The building does fit for a fel horde race though most of them are left unchanged and some are quite cartoonish to look at.
  • The Foundry can also be a lumber drop point which should not be and just for upgrades
  • The undead building like in the Fel Horde (That shrine that resembles like a mouth in fire) uses the undead birthanimation which should not be. Mixing two animations for a race looks awkward dont you think?
  • Some units morely resembles a demon or undead. Such as the Eredar. I suggest reconcept the idea about that.

  • You could fix some thing about the Blademasters. It is quite imbalance a little due to its massive skills.
  • The icons for the buildings does not resemble the building that it builds. It most likely resembles a human structure. I suggest that you find more fitting icons for those. If you cant find anything, request for some.
  • Foundry which is an upgrade building should not be a lumber drop point. Remove its ability to be a lumber drop point.
  • The undead building uses the undead birth animation that looks awkward for Fel Horde.
  • I suggest that you change the Eredar to something that is more fel orcish. Something that resembles a fel orc.


Overall, this looks like a decent altered melee featuring a new race which is the Fel Orc. Though some thing just doesn go with each other which crushes the map and overall race's quality.

Rating: 3/5
Vote: Pending
The Blademaster isn't supposed to have 2 ultis sorry about that. It will be fixed.

I don't understand about the icons. The icons are the actual icons for each of the buildings they are warcraft 2 buildings with the warcraft 2 icons.

You're complaining about it being cartoonish? I thought that was the Warcraft style. I forgot to change the foundry. I can't change the birth animation and I have no other building option. My Fel Horde is the Outland Fel Horde, the one Magtheridon used so I think the demon units fit; I'm also trying to limit imports.
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Nov 29, 2012
Warcraft's icon might be cartoonish but not in the form that it is TOO much cartoonish.You should fine some icns that goes with the quality of the wc3 icons. Not too much cartoonish and also not too much realistic. Im not being picky here but it quite affects on how you present the game tbh.
Level 2
Feb 16, 2013
Well, after a single playtest - which isn't necessarily representative of the map, I understand - I found that this race's not half-bad. They certainly are a very powerful force on the map played correctly - a bloodlusted+Frenzied, well, anything rips apart enemy forces like a knife through butter, I found - but do suffer on occasion from a lack of versatility. The heroes did seem balanced, with one exception - the Demon spawned's ability to stop such a large area of units from attacking was such a game-changer it wasn't funny, and his summon fel orc ability could be very abused with the appropriate amount of mana regen, though early game he is less of a problem. even his regular damage output, with a combo of his ultimate, and unholy frenzy(Never did try stacking it with bloodlust, not even entirely sure if that works, but the idea gives me chills) allowed him to brutally bulldoze without enemy disables. That said, this race has no way to stop spells and with the exception of dust of appearance appeared to have no way of dealing with invisibility. This allowed the undead CPU to beat me handily at scouting. the catapults were also rather powerful, a combination of speed and extra damage allowing me to use them to quickly destroy enemy siege engines without issue. The doom guard and Kodo's also appeared powerful, but I didn't get to use them much as I'd already gained an advantage on my opponent by the time I built them.

as for bugs and other issues - yeah, I noticed a few. The black drake's Devour(And I'd assume the rider's, I didn't test) appeared to be glitched as it refused to eat anything I asked it to.
I was incapable of getting war drums for the Kodo Beast, as it required a "War mill" from me, and apparently the dark mill didn't have enough war in it to count, so that might be something to fix.
lastly, I was quite capable of getting multiple demon spawned for heroes. I'd say that's an issue when you have a force capable of getting you 6 soldiers for 450 mana.

As far as balance issues, the only two that spring to mind is that on a second playthrough, worker rushing with those chaos damage peons was very effective, and the lesser scroll of regeneration is so prohibitively expensive to purchase ends up being economically unfriendly for a short while.

besides that, while I'm unsure if it's considered an issue on the hive, there appears to be no intelligence hero.
Lastly, what's the issue with the icons? I found them neat, though that might just be nostalgia speaking.
Thank you for the very informative review I'll check those bugs out and the demon spawned will be needed. As for the mass demon spawned problem that will be fixed very easily next version as well. The peons are the fel orcs unique defence strategy. Humans have the improved masonry orcs have burrows and spikes night elves have trees etc so that was the fel orcs. The scroll's price is actually reduced from the original which was 450 I guess 250 should be alright for what you get.

A fourth hero will be added later and he will be intelligence/strength. The humans don't have an agility hero and the NE doesn't have a strength hero so I guess it's fair.

That seems to be a recurring problem with a custom devour. It never seems to work I'll look into it. I'll change the summon ability and nerf the stop attack ability. I forgot to nerf the catapult as well which I was planning to do. Doom guard are balanced in my opinion they're stronger and better than Tauren but more expensive and need to be used properly.

I will sort the war drums.

Edit oh yeah to counter scouting and stealth get the endear agent to max level and he can reveal them for you.
Level 7
May 29, 2011
Some Points:

-The devour-ability of the black dragons doesnt work( i dont know how work the ability on the other units).

-Yo can make till 3 heroes of the same typ.

-The last spell of this "archimonde-model-unit"(i dont remember at name), which discripted in the mastertrainingupgrade doesnt exist.

-One discription of the spell of one caster(I forget which one, maybe the second) is non-sense(spell: FURY-Discription: learn swarm lvl% or somelike this).

-You can´t upgrade the wartombs of the "Warg", becouz you need a building, which only peons of the orcs can build.

-With the Demonspawned you can make normally hel-grunts and warg-raiders and come over 100 supply(thats looks shit).

Greetz, The_New_Divide

Edit: Oh, i see now, someone has told you somethings, but maybe some things is writen by me, who you dont know.
Level 34
Feb 5, 2009
Many flaws with this, most of which have been mentioned.

War Drums upgrade and the Tiny Great Hall item, for example, still have their old requirements.

The Eredar Agent unit's third ability does not require the master training. If it is meant to, then this may be due to not having the 'check techtree requirements' set to 'true'. If it IS set to true, then that ability may just not be compatible with requiring upgrades, meaning you will either need a work around or to base the ability off of another (if it isn't already based off of Far Sight, then that should work).

Starting units look like they're too powerful. You kept the same stats from the Fel Orc Grunt, only changing the attack type to Normal rather than Chaos (which was a big plus, I was afraid of everything doing Chaos damage).

The Dragon and Dragon Rider units end up having the exact same roles. It's only a matter of determining which one is more powerful before the other becomes redundant.

Doom Guards could implement some abilities. It would be nice. That would allow room for more upgrades. As it stands, it's strange that their really big magical ranged attack is doing Normal damage, but that's just personal preference.

The Icon placement is horrible. On the most part, it's non-existent. It needs to be touched up for polishing (I hate polishing, too).

The Eredar Agent's attack stat confuses me. It seems to be too powerful. Entirely too powerful.

The hero's, on the most part, seem a little imbalanced. The Demon Spawned in particular, with its permanent summons (I think that's been addressed before, but not with regards to balance).

Actually, there is a severe lack of upgrades, come to think of it. There definitely needs to be some more (about half of them are CnP upgrades, but it's fine, since it's a Fel Orc race primarily [love the Fel Orcs, especially when they're combined with Demons like this]).

I find the system for selecting the race to be very tacky, personally. But it does the job. Sort of. (the original Orc Peons die before my very eyes...)

It's a little strange that this race has the Catapult rather than the Infernal Machine, but I think it works relatively well (cause, y'know, Orcs), so it's not really a bad point. Just something I wanted to mention.

As for whoever said most of the icons look like Human structures, they are generally Orc structure icons from Warcraft 2. They still don't quite fit, but they fit with the models, which are also based off of Warcraft 2 Orc structures.

On the most part, the ideas are there, but not fully realized. Hell, it's possible that the Hel-Grunt and the Doom Guard have the same unit role, although it's not quite the same thing (different armour types, for example, and the Doom Guard has an added ability. Also shoots air. I personally like my Doom Guards to be a mixture of being a heavy infantry unit while also having caster qualities, BUT that is PURELY personal preference).

It'd be a 2/5 from me as it stands now, but that can be remedied with relative ease.

ADDITIONAL: Damn it, can't believe I forgot to mention that you can get more than one Demon Spawn hero. The Fel Orc Blademaster Hellscream hero doesn't have that issue, though. I'm not sure about hte Warchief, but it's definitely worth checking that he's limited properly on your end, if and when you get to it.
Yeah a lot of what the 2 posts above have said has actually been fixed but not uploaded. If you could also check if what you have found has already been said because I need to be informed of new problems not existing ones which have been fixed.

I'm not saying you shouldn't respond but it makes it difficult to find some of the hidden problems when the same are being repeated. Either way thanks for the reviews and will inform all when the updates are made.
Right I've fixed most of the issues that you've raised Wazz but the icon placement is fine please explain what you mean. The building tab has all the proper places.

I have added another upgrade and there were originally going to be two more but the game didn't make them work. The Doom Guard is a stronger version of the grunt a bit like how the knight is a stronger version of the footman. I've changed the armour types of the two Dragon units to make your scenario different.

The cost of the starting units evens out their strength.

EDIT: All bugs reported have been fixed.
Level 2
May 16, 2013
Have played and must say it has been rather funny.
I am agree with all Hell_Master's suggestions with the same argumentation. -_-
Noticed some things you may work on.
* Map's preview image is just white square.
* Demon Spawned's Dark Fumes spell is imba. May be short effect time for just avoiding focusing or change aims number to only one unit (than amount of time spell effects increases by spell level).
* Demon Spawned's Summon Fel Orc spell uses O hotkey. Change the hotkey, cause O is used to choose ability.
* Farm's 12 food giving is too much, is not it? Also other races can gain right 100 amount of food building farms, but 12 does not divide 100-[amount of food, provided by a Great Hall].
* Bag research is able at Barracks
* Illidan's quotes does not fit Warlock
* Eredar Agent's spy spell has no cooldown and requires no mana. Such an imba.
* Same training hotkeys fo different units trained at Temple of the Damned.
* Warchief has too low agility and armor, that do not fit with his tank role.
* Warchief's Battle Slam spell uses S hotkey that is used to cancel commands.
* Fel Blademaster's Bloodlust ability choosing hotkey L does not work.
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May 23, 2011

The Blood Prophet is now fully ready with an all new set of four custom abilities ranging from Dark Grip to Transfusion. The perfect combination of strength and range has been used by the Demonic Hordes for the annihilation of peoples.

well time to grind some meat :ogre_rage:
Level 6
Jan 15, 2010
Was hard for me to understand those people complaining that the models were way too cartoonish ... Maybe Im blind or sumfin, but checkin this http://i39.tinypic.com/2cynlx.png again, and again, and again wasnt showing me any difference between blizz models and this dud's models. To those people I have sum baaaaaad news ... You should go and find some half-life 2 or ... something more realistic, cause wc3 ain any such!

The only problems I have found with this map were unbalancing problems and nonsense descriptions and sounds. Its definitely not finished!
Well actually I changed the models after a little while. They're referencing to the old models I used which, were admittedly too cartoony. I was being a bit stubborn due to it being a new map and all.

But, anyway would you care to point out the mistakes so I can fix them as I thought I had it all nailed down this update.
Level 15
May 25, 2004
JC's Review
[rainbow]Map Review[/rainbow]
by: JCarrill0

Map Name: Fel Horde (last update April 2014)
Map Author: Footman16


So I know this is rather old map, but I decided to review your map anywas based on it being a custom race.

Unexpected tab 1

  1. I do understand this is a Blizzard made map, but the creeps based on this race is kinda op imo.
  2. Some creeps are strictly all air, which is ok as long as your Raider bring em down, or you spent a nice amount of anti-air units, just to expand. I watch an insane comp get beat by a normal AI, just because the creeps killed the insane expansion over and over. lol

  • Custom Models is a very nice touch to additional Horde race!
  • Love the Dragon Rider!
  • Nice touch using the handicap as a setting rather then a dialog box!

[tab][tabheader]Need Updates:[/tabheader]
  • Peons still do chaos damage and have higher armor then regular worker units.

[tab][tabheader]Needs Fixes:[/tabheader]
  • There is no Victory/Defeat Trigger. I spent a better half of an hour looking for that last enemy building before I Cheated (ISeeDeadPeople) & ended the game and opened the map in the editor.

  1. Why did you decide on this map rather then another 4 player Outland map?
  2. I noticed bone throwers are unarmored and have higher hp? why not just have their armor/hp the same as most ranged units? Bone thrower 1v1 troll headhunter, Bone thrower still dies :(

  • Add a Victory/Defeat Trigger
  • Instead of killing the units at the beginning of the game and then create new ones, Replace units instead.
  • Lower the hp of the bonethrowers and give them something other then unarmored, such as medium armor.


I Like what you done here. Keep making custom races!

Rating Vote: 3/5 Fair
Disclaimer: I am not considered an "Official Hive" Map reviewer as of yet, but i do hope to become one in the possible future.
Level 15
May 25, 2004
The peons are supposed be like that as an extra defence method. About the map choice, I don't know, I wanted an Outland map and it was the first to appear.

As for the bone-thrower, well he's supposed to be like that.

Either way thanks for the review.
Np, don't forget to read some of the suggestions I made if you ever update your map.
I would like to play an updated version in the near future :)