Everstill v2.13

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Everstill is a new AoS map that is based on dynamism and combats. More than on any other AoS, Everstill matches do intend to finish very fast, priorizing fights and pushes with its small 2-laned terrain.

As said, the game follows the AoS (Aeon of Strife) standards, which means it is a Hero Defense map (where you pick heroes to defend your base) with lanes, creeps and towers, similar to DotA Allstars.


It is very simple to get started, just choose a game mode and pick the hero you want to play for the rest of the match. The game modes are such as follow:

All Pick (-ap): All players may choose any hero from any Tavern in the map, Alliance or Horde.
All Random (-ar): All players will get a random hero that can be from the Alliance or Horde.
Team Random (-tr): All players will get a random hero according to their team. Eg: Alliance players will only be randomized Alliance heroes.
Easy Mode (-em): Increases gold income and experience gained.
Double Hero (-dh): Allows everyone to pick a second hero, being able to switch between both at will.
Shuffle Players (-sp): Randomly shuffles all players into new teams.
No Death (-nd): Instant hero revival.
Cooperative Mode (-cm): All gold gained by creep/tower/hero kills will be divided equally to the whole team.
Blind Mode (-bm): Disables allied shared vision.
No Kenny (-nk): Disables the anti-feeder system "Kenny". "Kenny" will be decided by the hero with the less experience in the team, and will not give gold when killed.
Hero of Time (-ht): Enables the "Hero of Time" system. Time by time, a hero will be selected as a main target, and the one to kill that target will gain extra gold.
Only Agility (-oa): Only the heroes with the primmary attribute "Agility" will be available to pick.
Only Intelligence (-oi): Only the heroes with the primmary attribute "Intelligence" will be available to pick.
Only Strength (-os): Only the heroes with the primmary attribute "Strength" will be available to pick.
Only Ranged (-or): Only the heroes with ranged attacks will be available to pick.
Only Melee (-om): Only the heroes with melee attacks will be available to pick.

- 48 completely unique heroes.
- 4 unique recipe shops.
- Customized quests
- Strategy camps.
- Customized Sprees.
- A 30 minute showdown guaranteed.


This map was originally created by DeathKnight (DeKa) and assisted by me, NoTioNLeSS, but, DeKa's last version was 2.11d (he stopped editing) and so I've been editing the map alone (with his permission, of course) since 2.12 beta versions, and now I've released the stable version.

Everstill, Dynamic, two-laned, fast paced, unique.

Everstill v2.13 (Map)

10:07, 11th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: A not so original AoS map, with a lot of abilities and items based on Dota. It has a few of it's own features, however nothing much to make it too interesting. Approved with a 2/5 (Lacking) rating. Since the...




10:07, 11th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2:
A not so original AoS map, with a lot of abilities and items based on Dota. It has a few of it's own features, however nothing much to make it too interesting. Approved with a 2/5 (Lacking) rating. Since the authors put a lot of work into the map, I hope it will improve over time.

You can find my full review Here.
Level 7
Feb 3, 2008
Ok, I play a lot of AoS's and here is my opinion on this map.
-The gameplay was somewhat unique, its not a plain old copy of DotA or anything like that
-The heroes powers are triggered - I CANT stand maps where heroes have spells that arent triggered, its so lazy - good job ^_^
-Lots of heroes to choose from
-Quite a nice selection of items

A few bad points
-Knockback triggers do not run very smoothly, you might wanna make the intervals shorter and make the distance a tiny bit greater
-I played a bit with the `Swift Blade`. At level 4 his Dash Skill costs only 20 mana. Whilst the power is very unique, online that could be very imbalanced.

I rate this map 9/10 as it is very well made and deserves a lot of credit. I hope to see future versions of this map as I can see it going a long way!
Level 19
Sep 27, 2005
bounty hunter2's Review on Everstill v2.12b

I have tested this map a couple of times single player to check the heroes, and then I played a short LAN game with it.

Everstill is a AoS (Aeon of Strife) type of map, where you seize control of one hero and you have to defeat the opponents, by destroying their main building. You boost your hero with items, thus making him more powerful.

First of all, I must say a couple of lines about the terrain, that was done fine. I can't complain much on it, however it can still have some improvements, such as less blizzard cliffs in the middle. The heroes weren't anything special, a lot of them had Dota based spells with changed tooltips. Not much originality placed in them. There were some tooltips errors in the Taverns, such as two times: History was written. You should make a history for all the heroes. The items, were basically Dota copied with changed icons and names. The stat gain is the same. You should be more original in this part. Adding your own original items, especially heroes make the game special. The gold gain is immense, 1 each second, and if you buy that gold gain item it will raise to 2. That is too much and may cause imbalance. I can't talk much about balance, since I didn't play it enough, however I am sure that some heroes are more powered then the others, since most AoS have that problem.

To conclude, this AoS is another Dota copy, with a bit different terrain style, 2 lanes only. The quests make it interesting, however not enough. The heroes and items weren't much original, mostly Dota. The terrain was fine and the scripting seemed to work. I've seen far better AoS maps, more original to be precise. This map is about a 2,3 perhaps. For now 2/5 (Lacking) and Approved! Since I am sure you will work more on it, and it deserves the approval since a lot of work has been put into it.
Level 5
Sep 26, 2008
if the map creator need hero idesa just tell me i have 22 hero ideas(created myself and some items)
Level 2
Dec 28, 2006
Well, ok, I'm not gonna argue, hehe. I play this with my friends and we have fun, and that's what matters =)

To me the most important thing on a map is simplicity and functionality, most so called original maps tend to have alot of complicated skills and heavy graphics which gives a bad gaming experience, something only a 4v4 or a 5v5 match would show you is how smoothly this game runs and how unique it is when it comes to PvP, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for your time on judging this though.
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Level 5
Aug 17, 2008
this is pissing me of:
is a new AoS map.
whenever i see that i want to rate 1 because there are so many and people just play the first one if the even are the first lol.
but anyway after checked it out of pure boredom im gonna rate 2.
ps. im a dota/aos hater
Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
What about creating a Top/bottom only mode? I get fucking iritated when i play 1v1 bottom only (without the mode cus it doesnt exist) and the freaking creeps manage to get inside the base themself. I had 14-0 kills but only becouse they got into the upper part of my base i lost. PLEASE make a mode for 1v1.
Level 1
Aug 4, 2009
As I've enjoyed seeing this map progress - I haven't had a chance to play it in forever.
The Ice Archer (If she's still in there, which she BETTER be or I'll destroy you) is still my favourite hero. :p