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Mar 6, 2008

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask such questions - I just hope so.
In my map I use the model which I attached to this post for the assassin hero - of course I gave credits for it. =)

Some days ago I've made an illusion system which requires the same model but without death sound, death blood effects and without a texture (only black). I can't just set all colors of the model to 0 because there are some effects like frost slow which encolor it again ...

That's why I wanted to ask for help at the models thread - however, I can't find it anymore - seems to be removed from the hives pool ...

So I tried to do it myself but I'm not experienced.
I've already removed the death sound and blood effects but the model is still 188 kb big - I need further compression by removing the textures but when I do this the model completely hides. :-(
(I just want the model to have the team color glow)

I was able to remove the textures so that the model is completely black, however the file size is still the same - perhaps I did something wrong?

It would be also very good if the dissipath animation is getting removed (for more compression) and the death animation is not matching with illusions - better would be the death animation of the small archimonde where he is imploding.

Can anybody tell me how I can do this? I used the wc3 model editor until now. Or can anybody do these more or less little enchantments to this model? I don't want to share it with the public nor would I replace it with the original model - I just need it for its illusions.



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for the future: when making a model completely black, use the texture Black32.blp, not the Replaceable ID 0. Models that have this ID 0 in the Texture Manager (regardless if they use it in any of ther materials or elsewhere), are displaid as a square-tiled, chessboard-like box in WC 3 Editor and won't display ingames. Oh, and the path of this texture is War3.mpq --> Textures --> Black32.blp :wink: