Possible backstory to a possible map I might possibly make. This isn't a story, just a description of a fictional world. The map would be set in the second age, and be named Dynasty: War of the Dragons, and I may make maps for the first and second ages too. I'm not writing much about the 2nd or 3rd age because they are likely to be made into maps. Shut up I'm not a nerd and this is not nerdy

Dynasty setting: set in the region of Yura, a land of diverse landscapes and climates, and cut off from the world below by an ancient great Wall that extends for miles. The mainland, taking much of the bottom-left quadrant of Yura, is known as Teiku. It is theorised the first humans of Teiku built the great Wall of the south. On the bottom-right quadrant lies Tian-long. Teiku and Tian-long share one border. The dark land of Hei, north of Tian-long, consists of murky swamps and jungles. To the north is a entire landmass known as Okai. Okai is connected to the northern borders of Hei-an, and the border is separated by a large mountain range. Even though Okai is the largest province, the cold weather of the north make life scarce and difficult.

Dynasty: the Age of The First Dragonlord
The cradle of Yura and the first men. Not much is known, but it is thought by Teikuan historians that the first men arrived from south of where the great Wall is today, and settled in Teiku. These men then spread through the whole of Yura, and became the Yuran men. It is thought that the Yurans had a war with the men of the south, and built a large Wall spanning from Teiku to Tian-long. This age began many centuries after the building of the Wall. The Yurans who settled in the lands of Tian-long met the land's native dragons, majestic winged serpents who dwelled in caves and forests. One man, Shien Long, a Yuran warlord, fathered a son with a female Dragon. Many Yurans were disgusted or frightened, whether he used sorcery or mated with a dragon to produce his son. His son, who was named Tian Long, had dragonic magic within him. Tian grew to adulthood by a year, and had incredible power. Soon enough, Tian mustered a loyal following and commanded a fleet of dragons with his tongue. Tian named his followers the 'Long-shyr', and formeed a large army. Tian sought to conquer the whole of Yura through enslavement and oppression. Three Yuran warlords, Ocho Teiku, greatest warrior of the south, Hei-an, esteemed sorcerer from the swamplands of the east, and Testu Okai, barbarian of the north, formed an alliance to oppose Tian's force. They were known as the Three Warlords, and opposed the Long-shyr in what is now known as the 'Long War'. Nearly every battle however, was won by Tian. Near the end of the Long War, both sides had severe casualities. The dragons fell greatly in numbers, and the three warlords were exhausted and depressed from their war efforts. However, despite the loss of men on Tian's side, he continued to rally more under his banner, declaring himself as a dragon god. The final battle of the war began with a Long-shyr army of approximately 10000 men assaulting a heavily guarded fortress, and one of the remaining strongholds of the Three Warlords. The battle ended with Tian successfully taking over this stronghold, and slaying the warlord Ocho Teiku. The two remaining Warlords had fled, and hope was lost. At the last moment, whilst Tian was celebrating his victories in his palace, his father had come with small company of other warlords and fought Tian. Tian outmatched all of them, and easily executed all the warlords, except his father. Tian could not murder his own family, and turned and walked away from his beaten father. Shien took this opportunity, and stuck his blade through Tian. The Long-shyr rallied under Shien, but Shien grieved off what he had to do, declared a ceasfire to the war. Hei-an and Okai met with Shien, and they agreed on peace. Each warlord founded their own kingdom in their own province, Hei was named after Hei-an and the Hei-an people are all in his dynasty. Okai was named after Tetsu Okai, and the Okami people lived in the cold north. Shien took charge of the Long-shyr people, and founded the province of Tian-Long. Teiku's son, Kisuto Teiku, settled in the Teiku province, and governed the Teikuan people, most of whom served under Ocho Teiku in the war. The near-extinct dragons are released by Shien, and disappear from the world, many did not know if they died out or lie in slumber. The four dynasties lived in relative peace for three milennia.

Dynasty: the age of the Dragon War
Its been over 3000 years since the first major war. The Teikuans have declared themselves to be an empire, and Kotei Teiku their emperor. Teiku has waged war against the Long-shyr people. Admist the conflict, suspicions arise that there is a descendant of Tian Long alive. And to add to the chaos, there have been numerous sightings of dragons, who have not been seen since the end of the Long War. The Hei-an dynasty and the Okami dynasty have yet to take sides. The beginning of the War of the Dragons is at hand...

Dynasty: the age of the War in the South
Some time after the Dragon War, the four dynasties of Yura explore what lies south of the great Wall. The Yurans were after all descendants of the first men that travelled from the south to settle in the north. They are met with unexpected surprises...