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Last Activity:
Mar 30, 2012
Sep 5, 2009
July 15


Hold onto your snarestick

Snarewave was last seen:
Mar 30, 2012
    1. Alagremm
      Dude, how goes the music?
    2. Ralle
      Yes it is my website :)
    3. Pyritie
      I don't think that's going to work!
    4. Pyritie
      Your mouth? Well no wonder it tastes bad! You're supposed to eat them with your stomach.
    5. Pyritie
      You sure? I just had one after you left. Very tasty.

      Also you are my favourite troll. <3
    6. trolman
      Dear Snarewave, recently the owner of the Daily Peon social group changed and there are new rules. Now, only users that really partipiciate in our RP can be members of our group. You have three days to become really active in our RP or to leave by yourself, else you'll be kicked out from a group by force. If you'll join DP, please read the rules and backstory. If there will be any questions, contact Alagremm.
    7. WOWWARS
      aww so this is da end?
    8. Nichita_00
      I ppppppppppppppppoooooooooosted
    9. Nichita_00
      Snaaaaaaaaaaare post something on my maaaap's threaaad
    10. takakenji
      your game looks great so far :)

      awesome terrain, too
    11. Mr.Goblin
      wich icons are you talking about? :P
    12. Alagremm
      Yeap :P
      I like Velen, however it seems everyone enjoyed my Medivh avatar.
    13. Alagremm
      Thanks! ^^
      It took some time to make Draenor have space for Nagrand and Bone Wastes.

      As I said before the Black Temple should be like Temple of the Damned, Auchindoun should use Haunted Mine Model and be a neutral mercenary camp where you can hire Death Knights.

      Trolls will have to have some kind of special building crreation stile to fit in Zangarmarsh after Zul'Aman is destroyed. Also do you think Nerzhul could send his people to find Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, Eye of Dalaran and Book of Medivh? No idea for what, but he could use those powerful artifacts for something
    14. Alagremm
      Ok, factically Im finished. I think you should make Black Temple a "dungeon" like Temple of the Damned.
      I've done what I could, the rest is up to you.
    15. Alagremm
      Working on Draenor. I made a few great changes, so now I have made Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar, Bone Wastes and Shadowmoon Valley. Plus I made Blade's Edge bigger.
    16. Alagremm
    17. Gyrosphinx
      If you say so
    18. trolman
      Blaze of Glory????
    19. takakenji
    20. takakenji
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    July 15
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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