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Dwarven Structures and Doodads (Bronzebeard)

  • Additional Buildings and Assorted Doodads for the Dwarven Race. These are intended to be used in campaign maps and the buildings included in this pack are originally for the interior of the City of Ironforge .
  • Use pathing blockers to the bridge towers on the side to prevent ground units from moving to these parts.
  • Added Dwarven Statues


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Building 1 (Model)

Building 1 (Icon)

Building 2 (Icon)

Building 2 (Model)

Building 3 (Model)

Building 3 (Icon)

Building 4 (Icon)

Building 4 (Model)

Building 5 (Icon)

Building 5 (Model)

Building 6 (Icon)

Building 6 (Model)

Building 7 (Model)

Building 7 (Icon)

Lighthouse (Icon)

Lighthouse (Model)

Statue 1 (Model)

Statue 2 (Model)

Statue 3 (Model)

Statue 4 (Model)

Thandol Span Bridge (Horizontal) (Model)

Thandol Span Bridge (Vertical) (Model)

General Frank
Extremely useful and very well made buildings. Good execution and extremely good size. Great job!
Level 2
Jul 15, 2022
Very useful models. But cant fit to my project bc of very bright yellow windows. Maybe gonna fix it with some rock tiles. Thanks for share!