Kultiras Structures and Doodads

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  • Buildings and Doodads pack for the Island Nation of Kultiras. The main purpose of these pack as well as my other building and doodad packs is to provide map makers with specific themed resources for their projects. I really like campaign maps and I hope someday someone will use these resources to create a full length campaign (specially with the Kultiras packs), hopefully in patch 1.30.1. :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
  • This pack still have additional models coming
  • Please give proper credits when using or editing these models.
  • Added Clock Tower and Crane
  • Added Fences
  • Added Light Post , Tower, Wall and Gate.

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City Building 1 (Model)

City Building 2 (Model)

City Building 3 (Model)

City Building 4 (Model)

City Building 5 (Model)

City Building 6 (Model)

Clock Tower (Model)

Crane (Model)

Fence Angled Long (Model)

Fence Long (Model)

Fence Short (Model)

Fence Short Angled (Model)

Flag (Model)

Gate (Model)

Light Post (Model)

Proudmoore Keep (Icon)

Proudmoore Keep (Model)

Wall (Model)

Wall Tower (Model)

General Frank
A very nice supplemental pack to your other models. Great job!
Level 10
Aug 3, 2021
Beautiful building. You’ve finished the different human infrastructure and city architecture, what’s next. ornament (statue, Street lamp, etc) or army.