Dreamspawn Pack

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This post contains assets created for the Dreamspawn Entry to the Techtree Contest 12, five years ago back in 2018. On multiple occasions Spellbound and I were asked if there was a place users could download these assets since then, but we always forgot to actually create a pack, so here it is.

The models were created by paired effort on voice calls, where Spellbound would tell me what to create or how it should look while on a call where I was actively creating the 3D asset. As such, the 3D model edits are primarily my handiwork but they are more interesting creations than what you would get if I actually just made something on my own. Also, Spellbound created the custom 2D art such as textures in most cases. So I will update the authors list to also include Spellbound because of how that teamwork was going at the time, and how the assets are primarily the result of an effort to bring his ideas to life actively while on a call with him.

NOTE: The "Dominion Incarnate" model originates from here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/magma-elemental.232885/ but was modified to be a different color, and to have team color glow and spikes.

Altar of Delusions (Upgrades) (Model)

Ascended Lunatic (Model)

Ascended Lunatic Portrait (Model)

Bewitched Gold Mine (Model)

BTNAetherGate (Icon)

BTNAltarOfDelusions (Icon)

BTNDevotionPond (Icon)

BTNDreamhenge (Icon)

BTNGhostPortal (Icon)

BTNHeroEaterOfNightmares (Icon)

BTNLunatic (Icon)

BTNMenhir (Icon)

BTNMonolith (Icon)

BTNPoolOfReflection (Icon)

BTNPrayerBasin (Icon)

BTNShrineOfPossession (Icon)

BTNSoulStones (Icon)

BTNSpectralDoorway (Icon)

BTNWritsOfDominion (Icon)

Chimeric Spawn (Model)

Dominate Essence (Debuff) (Model)

Dream Rift (Model)

Dream Seer (Model)

Dreamcatcher (Model)

Eater of Nightmares (Green theme, for Kam) (Model)

Eye Tentacle (Ward) (Model)

Ghost Portal (Upgrades) (Model)

Hero Broker of Illusions (Model)

Hero Dominion Incarnate (by SuPa- see credits) (Model)

Hero Eater of Nightmares (Model)

Incubus (Model)

Lunatic (Model)

Lunatic Portrait (Model)

Menhir (Model)

Mindbender (Model)

Monolith (Upgrades) (Model)

Orb of Dreams (Attachment) (Model)

Prayer Basin (Upgrades) (Model)

Psychic Totem (Item) (Model)

Psychic Totem (Ward) (Model)

Soulspinner (Model)

Soulspinner Portrait (Model)

Tears of Madness (Effect) (Model)

Veilripper (Model)