Dreamspawn Pack Rejects

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
This is a pack of models that were created as a part of the Dreamspawn Techtree Contest entry, but that were not actually used in the entry. They were either inspirational ideas that were scrapped, or else parts and components of what led to the models in the actual techtree contest entry. If this pack interests you, you may also want to check out the Oak of Souls which was created and scrapped for the same techtree contest entry. I would have included it here, if it were not for the fact that I already uploaded it to Hive at that other link.

Ancient of Wildkin (Model)

Cultist Portrait (Model)

Cultist w/ Morph Animation (Model)

Doyen of Wishes (Model)

Dreamspinner Tree (Model)

Endoplasm Ball (Model)

Spines Structure (Model)

Tablets (Model)

Whispering Vale (Model)

Whispering Vale (Iteration 1) (Model)

Whispering Vale (Iteration 2) (Model)

If we take this Wildkin of Ancients and give it re-wrapping by Ujimasa, would be a full-fledged Ancient :ned: