Dreamlord - Alter Way Droid Training

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Alter Way Droid Training

2420 - A company named Alter Way found a dimension gate at Carrowmore.
2423 - AW begins researches; soon renames itself to AWT (Alter Way Technologies).
2581 - The fifth World War; AWT develops new super weapons for GB --> Germany, Denmark disappears.
2618 - AWT is the most powerful military power in New Europe --> warp technology
2725 - The first super intelligent droids made by AWT.
2726 - Scandal! AWT sacrificed living humans to create their machines.
2726 - Riots in GB -->
2727 - --> peace returns thanks to AWT.
2842 - New faster, stronger, cleverer droids; no riots this time.

Year: 2844
Location: AWT Research Facility, Ireland
AWT wants to send its droids through a portal to discover Dreamland. Only the four best soldiers can go, so it is time for a little tournament. The volunteers must fight against time, and each other...

Project Information

File Name: Dreamlord_AWDT_Final1.w3x
Game Type: Action/Arena
Battles: Domination; Free For All
Maximum Players: 8
Minimum Players: 1
Average Game Time: About 20-25 minutes
File Size: 3,6 Mbs
Version: final1


× Quake-like intense action.
× Many special weapon and equipment abilities.
× 2 different terrains, 2 different battles.
× New chat-systems.
× Custom models with custom soundsets.

Changelog - final1

- Fixed various bugs.
- Added a new spike type.
- Added starting location defensive turrets.
- Added observer sounds and triggers.
- Added a new background music.
- Added Credits and Help topic.
- The map isn't protected anymore!


BTNArcaneBeam by X.e.r.e.X
BTNDroidgrunt2 by BROAD_SIDE
BTNOrbitalBeam by Big Dub
BTNOrbOfWater by mortal
BTNRedElectric by mortal
BTNwarpfast by ivandanny
BTNWarShip by Bas

DroidGrunt by BROAD_SIDE
ContainerTeamColor by Illidan(Evil)X
CyborgSpider by iristle
ConcreteAndMetalTiles by Punisher_x
ArtilleryStrike by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
BlackHoleSpell by Mc!
GroundExplosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
HealthPowerUps by General Frank
Laser by Mc!
Laser_Blue by Illidan(Evil)X
MassiveExplosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
SparksExplosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Staff_Sanctuary_Target by JetFangInferno

SpyGameSneeking by DJ Chronos
ElectronicFightScene by Paul Spaeth

Dreamlord, Action, Arena, Quake

Dreamlord - Alter Way Droid Training (Map)

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