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Experience an action/horror cinematic fully loaded with action, special effects, and wild camera works all timed upon eachother.

Supported by clan WCM this cinematic will take around 8 to 10 minutes, and has two additional endings.

A young divine paladin 'Daratal', half god and half human had a place in heaven (Star-Side).
He was able to walk in the star-side as well as earth, he was told not to walk on earth by the supreme council of high gods (A council formed to make decision for all of Star-Side).
Said was that many dark monsters crawled beneath the earth (The Underworld-side).
They are capable to appear on the earths survice to get a hold on gifted people whom possesed more than normal powers.

Nontheless the young paladin ignored star-side's orders and walked earth.
Moments later, a dark monster from The Underworld-side scented his presence and slurped him into the boundaries of hell.
When our young paladin awakened he found himself in this underworld-side......

2nd place winner of the [link='http://maps.worldofwar.net/news.php?id=613']Maps&mods cinematic contest[/link]

Alpha testers
- Peacecraft.
- Player_72985
- Death
- Rulerofiron99

* [link='http://maps.worldofwar.net']Maps.worldofwar.net[/link], [link='http://wc3campaigns.net']Wc3campaigns.com[/link] and [link='http://clan-wcm.net']Clan-wcm[/link] for their support in this cinematic.
* Samuraipanda, For the starting narration.
* Blizzard Entertainment, without them this cinematic would not have breached the surface.

*1.1 Changelog
Added an Alternative Ending selection.
Music Synchronization.
Removed the bigger memory leaks.
Redid some camera work here and there.
Removed some old trigger work with more effectient trigger works
Redid/Refined small portions of actions moves.
Removed 2 units that weren't supposed to be visible.


Divinity (Map)

03:45, 18th Sep 2009 ap0calypse: Approved I didn't quite like the overall camera movement, sometimes the battle was a bit off as well, but certainly worth approval. Update: Re-moderating with rating! (Vengeancekael)




03:45, 18th Sep 2009
ap0calypse: Approved

I didn't quite like the overall camera movement, sometimes the battle was a bit off as well, but certainly worth approval.
Update: Re-moderating with rating! (Vengeancekael)
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
Now... That sounds epic, will try it soon.

EDIT: Well. That was pretty epic. The cameras were perfect, and the fights were excellent. There were some typos, but w/e. I liked the ''Choose Your Destiny'' option. When Eperoth said The Earth is mine! i saw peasants... PEASANTS? What are peasants doing there?

One thing would be cool, and that is ''See Alternate Ending'' at the end. It was pretty annoying to watch over half of the cinematic again to see the other ending.

Oh well, excellent cinematic with lots of special effects and cool fights.
Rating: 5/5 HR
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Level 14
Apr 21, 2007
Wow, glad to see not all the professional map makers have completely abandoned warcraft, although for a while I thought you did. Haven't seen you since maps & mods a few years back.

Anyway, I watched this cinematic before and I'd like yo say that I recommend it to everyone. Not too long, not too short, not a too detailed story, but a great one nonetheless.

Oh, and welcome back!
Level 13
Jun 22, 2004
Cheers for the feedback lads.

TheHunterKiller: I will have a look at this peasant thing you wrote about.

CMarket: Thanks for your Feedback (eventho it's a rather sloppy cinematic compared to never released cinematics that were made later on).
It's good to be back, going under the new name of Hemlock tho.
I've signed up for the contest at the forums should be fun, so hopefully another cinematic release from me since around 2 years or so.

Narrator: It was credited as "Dawn of Chaos".
Level 13
Jan 3, 2008
Wow, I don't know what to say but.. All my fivezors belong to this.

• Awesome terrain
• Understandable story
• Good fights
• Good music and sounds


• As CMarket said, Its good to see that not all the good map makers and stuffs have left WC3. :D

But, I also agree with the others, I hate watching half the movie just to see the other ending after picking the other ending. I suggest to add a skip button so that i can just jump to the Choose your destiny part.
Level 18
Aug 3, 2008
id have to see , a very well made cinematic. I wasn't too fond of the camera movements, until the final battle between the holy guy and the devil guy (forgot their names =p )

Your terrain was decent. Very good in fact, but of course could be better. it has alot of potential.

Your fighting scenes was very cool. it actually felt like they were fighting.

overall, a 5/5 . Its not perfect so in essence deserves a 4/5, but because it was so neatly packaged ( credits, intro etc ) it gets a 5/5.
Level 3
Mar 20, 2008
Nice movie, i like it quite a much, theres just that sometimes it looks like the main character floats, and a few typos, but who cares its nice 5/5
Level 12
Oct 16, 2008
HOoooooolly shIT!! Awesome cinematic dude.
You've been using the engine in all its possible aspects as far as i can tell, with great results!

I love cinematics and i'm pretty much watching all those that come out in here, and yours stands out by its quality.
Besides, the fact that its open source is gonna allow people like me to further increase their cinematic-making level. If i could dble +rep you i'd Do it man!

I would ask you for some tips on how to improve mine but i wouldn't want to look like a lazy noob...
Anyways, even though i find your hell sort of bizarrely greenish, the overall awesomeness earns my 5/5. Good job!
Level 13
Jun 22, 2004
Thank you all for the lovely comments people.

There might just be another update(e.g, Voices,more polished triggering, and some improvements on the action scene's), but at this current point I am quite busy with other obligations I have to attend to.
Level 3
Aug 18, 2009
Just watched it and i gotta say, good job! No doubt the best cinematic i've seen. The fighting seen with that giant guy reminded me of soul calibur. Pretty cool! 10/5