Discuss Pirate Tag 1.4b

Nahh I will wait for the AI as I have found some serious bugs with leaving players when there are no other pirates and so on that then stops the gameplay, that would be fixed with the computer player thing, else I would have to do a lot of work to fix it and a lot of problems comming along with the fixing of that one!

So the time spend on that would run up in many hours of work that I simply don't want to spend right now :)

I'll get the map to you within a day or so, just checking up if everything has been done!
Level 10
Mar 31, 2007
Hey guys im going to have to quite this thing, life issues, school, family massacures, you name it, im going to be steady with hive work for now on and not multiply.
Level 1
Sep 5, 2007
I srry that this isnt shall be at this Thread but i really need to know how to make the enemy revive after they been killed? if you know pm me plz!