Discord/Hosting/Website Info

Level 2
Jan 4, 2018
Island Troll Tribes Discord
This is the home for every troll that wonders in the jungle.
All shades and sizes of Trolls are welcome!
We hope to see you on our discord!
Taz'Dingo Mon!

TwGB Hosting Bots
Playing Island Troll Tribes for Competition!
You can check Game Names/Status of the bots on our Discord/Website!
  • We have a automatic bot always running with 6 slots available for casual play.
    (Automatic bot hosted games are NOT for stats/elo)
  • To play for stats you can ask for games in Discord's channel Games.
    After which a bot admin can host a game manually.
  • You are not forced to play for stats!
  • You can ask the hosting admin to !c off which will turn off stats.

Clan TwGB Website
Home to Competitive Island Troll Tribes!
On our website you will be able to accese various information such as:

  • Hosting bots status/Game names so you can join in the fun!
  • Stats/Elo that you have gained by playing on our hosting bots.
  • Tournament information/Signup and participation in our ongoing tournaments!
  • General meta data and statistics based on classes played.
  • Map changelogs and more!

Visit our site for more information!

We hope to see you in the jungle!
Happy trolling!