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Apr 18, 2011

Anyone that is subscribing on this amazing project would have by now have realized what is going on! Paranoia is getting hosted. The forum is up and, we are all patiently waiting for the demo and I am sure it will be an big surprise with alot of success. Congratz to the modders of this project and good luck in the future.

★ Grievous1 (Leader/3D Art/Coder/Terrain/Concept/Level Designer/2D Art/Story Writer)
★ Pkw (Animator)
★ Modox (Coder)

"WarCraft III Paranoia" - is a singleplayer & multiplayer modification for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. You will play the role of a russian officer of the secret service. There will be many missions, each with specific objectives for the players to accomplish, such as defending a restricted military area, eliminating a terrorist threat and protecting innocent scientists. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...


To the Bitter End
Created by Soul Reaver


THW is meeting a great time and yet another directors cut have been awarded! This time it's a campaign.

For centuries, the people of the Plane of Ithia have suffered under the iron-fisted rule of the immortal sorcerer Morganem and his Council of Six. Now finally their pleas for help are answered: five legendary heroes arrive from beyond the crimsom storms of the warp, seeking to topple Morganem's corrupt Empire.

But Morganem will not step silently into the darkness of history, and he prepares to fight these interlopers to the bitter end.



In the future i will be interviewing great users on the hive, making a little article of something interesting to know. If you want to get interview and got some time, feel free to pm me.

How did you find THW?

Grendel told me that he was looking for a skinning tutorial the first time he found THW. But he found another one instead; Modelling. As we all know this is a great thing for the community that he starting modelling, as he is contributing alot of great ressources. After he found the tutorial he started his adventure on THW, and his way of learning WC3 modding.

Why did you stay on THW?

Grendel first wanted to learn skinning, so THW was a great site with alot of amazing tutorials, also he liked the community so he continued uploading more and more ressources, and now there is no way back.

Your first reaction about the community?

Grendel's first reaction was the amazing ressources and the users that submitted them, he decided he wanted to become one of these guys and kept working.

How did it go with your first ressource?

Well, Grendel just like anyone else had his first time with uploading.. And his ressource was a recolored lich, everyone kept telling him; ( Anyone can do this!, or something like GTFO NUB ) But this did not hinder Grendal and he kept increasing his experience.

How long time did it take to learn modelling?

Grendel started just like anyone else to read tutorials and find out about modelling was made, after that he started with simple geomerges and later learned to create meshes from the scratch.

How does it feel being a famous modeller on THW?

Grendel is sure hounered to be one of the amazing modellers on THW, anyone knows his creations and he is often seen on credits.

How long do you plan on continueing modelling?

Grendel said as long as WC3 modding will stay alive!, and we are sure glad for that.

Thanks to Grendel for letting me interview him, and lets hope your enjoyed this first interview.
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Sep 6, 2006
To The Bitter End was a solid mod. Glad to see it highlighted here. Keep up the great work Bugz!
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Mar 23, 2011
I know this is a necropost... but
-Grendel has left the hive,even though he said he will make resources as long as Wc3 is alive,but sorry to say,he had to go to romania with his daughter and granparents