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Different Ways of Gearing

Discussion in 'The Oakwood Forest' started by Sephalo, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Sephalo


    Oct 12, 2007
    Recently fixed up the formula's for the stats and changed several stats. Currently this are the stats to chose from:

    Main Stats:
    Agility (Increases Physical Crit Chance, Dodge Chance and Armor)
    Strength (Increases Health, Block Chance and Health Regeneration)
    Intelligence (Increases Magical Crit Chance and Disrupt Chance)

    Secondary Stats:
    Dexterity (Increases Physical Crit Chance)
    Mastery (Increases Magical Crit Chance)
    Might (Increases Physical Critical Damage)
    Focus (Increases Magical Critical Damage)
    Wisdom (Increases Energy Regeneration)
    Endurance (Increases Health Regeneration)
    Haste (Increases Attack Speed)
    Swiftness (Increases Dodge Chance)
    Toughness (Increases Block Chance)
    Deflection (Increases Parry Chance)
    Disruption (Increases Disrupt Chance)

    Because of this variety players can decide to gear in various different ways. Every class will somehow have it's strengths and weaknesses with different stats. It makes perfect sence for some classes to focus on other stats then other classes.

    Per example:
    - A Sage gets a 0-40% Magical Critical Strike Chance bonus from her Heath. Therefor she crits much faster then any other spellcaster. Because of this it might be smarter for a Sage player to get higher Focus then Mastery to get the max out of her crits.
    - A Redeemer generates Righteous Fury with every melee strike he does. The amount of Righteous Fury he gets per strike is based on the attack speed of the weapon he is using. Because of this increasing the attack speed of the Redeemer basically also increases the amount of Righteous Fury he generates; therefor giving him the opportunity to use more of his powerful strikes. Because of this the Redeemer will have the choice to get much Haste to focus on Righteous Fury useage, or to get much Dexterity or Might to increase his basic critical strike chance/damage.

    Some priorities I would say for some classes would be;
    Sage: Intelligence > Focus > Wisdom > Mastery > Haste
    Sage's have quite a high energy cost for abilities. Therefor Wisdom is a pretty important stat as well.

    Redeemer: Agility > Haste > Dexterity > Might > Wisdom
    Redeemers barely spend Energy because their Righteous Fury skills require no Energy. Therefor Wisdom isn't a very important stat.

    Rune Warrior (healer): Intelligence > Wisdom > Focus > Mastery > Strength
    As a Healer you always use pretty much Energy. Because of that Wisdom is an important stat. Rune Warriors have various talents that increase crit chance. Therefor Focus might be better then Mastery for a Rune Warrior.

    Ranger: Agility > Dexterity > Haste > Wisdom > Might
    Rangers don't need very much Wisdom, but a base amount will give the Ranger a better continuation. Haste is also a great stat for Rangers because with a fast attack speed a Ranger can shoot twice before using her auto-skill; Forestshot. A Ranger with an attack speed of 1.60 will waste 1.40 seconds for nothing if she uses Forestshot every 3 seconds; therefor reducing her auto-hit damage by ~50% compared to a Ranger with an attack speed of 1.40.