Desync produces a log folder : anybody knows how to read/understand it ?

Level 9
Feb 27, 2019

I have been looking for the random desync cause of the map I am editing (Xnd Hero Siege).
I have searched all the potential causes documented on this forum, and also tried logging almost all trigger executions in the map, but it does not help me anymore..

Recently I discovered that on desync the game W3R produces a log folder in : C:/Users/<name>/Documents/Warcraft III/Errors

This folder contains:

  • Desync.txt
  • <AccountName>_Date_Integer_Desync.log
  • <AccountName>_Date_Integer_replay.w3g
  • TempReplay.w3g
  • War3Log.txt

However those text files are totally not "human friendly". Here is an exemple ZIP I hosted on a free file hosting website : Upload files for free - 2022-01-10 -

Does anybody knows how to read those text files ?
What revelant info can be extracted from it to pin point the cause of the desync ?