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[Defense] League of Heroes

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Level 2
Dec 3, 2005
League of Heroes
Revolutionizing Hero Defense.

League of Heroes is a hero defense map that aims to revolutionize how the genre is played. Take control of a unique hero, with up to seven spells, as you battle through a unique variety of enemies, which will do much more than just walk in a line and attack. The map aims to correct the flaw in most Hero Defense map, namely, the hero itself. If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, then read on.

While playing a Hero Defense map, have you ever encountered...

A hero where its skillset is just a bunch of random skills thrown together?
Wave after wave of the same creeps, just with more HP and attack?
Heroes that seem fun at first, but gets more and more montonous as the game drags on?
Boring heroes concepts that seem laughable?

This map aims to do away with all that, and to create a fast paced gameplay that revolves around controlling your hero to its maximum potential. Interesting heroes with a unique playstyle and story will also be prioritized.

Major Features
New Portrayal of Heroes

Each and every hero will have their own theme and unique playstyle. Whether its a speedy blademaster that dashes around the battlefield, literally untouchable, or a elemental swordsman that enchants his sword with different elements, all of them will require a certain amount of attention to play. As opposed to your average cleaving lifesteal, hero.

Different Victory/Defeat Conditions

Introduces a different way of winning or losing a game. Players are to protect a city, that will react differently to certain conditions and enemies. The city will also have a danger level, that will ultimately decide the outcome of the game. As the game plays out, the players will also have minimal control of the management of the city.

Either a corrupted water supply, or a traitor within the city midst are just a few examples of the things that can endanger the city.

Unique Skill System

League of Heroes features a more unique skill system, such as:

- 7 abilities on every hero, which consists of 6 normal ones and an ultimate.
- A mastery system that levels up the abilities depending on certain situations. Usually it consists of using the skill, or carrying out the skills effect.
- Each ability has 10 mastery bars. Each time an additional bar is mastered, the skill will gain in power.
-Fully mastered abilities will have extra effects, or a greater boost in the ability itself.
-An ultimate system that emulates the limit break of the final fantasy series. The limit break bar for the ultimate must be fully charged before it can be used. The bar charges when a hero takes damage, deals damage or during certain situations.

Special Creep Waves

The creep waves in the map will definitely deviate from the usual style of creeps. Each wave will feature a different variety of creeps that plays a different role in the wave. Also, waves will have different requirements of completing it, and will always stay fresh after even 20 waves. Some examples:

- A summoner wave that continously spawns creeps until the summoner is killed.
- A guardian wave that teams creeps in pairs, where one (usually with high damage) cannot be killed until the other (the guardian) is dead.
- A wave where a certain building or buildings must be destroyed.
- Boss wave that features a unique boss, with a unique style, coupled up with certain events that can make a seemingly weak boss become very devastating.

Hero Lores and Backstory

Each and every hero will have their own interesting story. Much of their skills also contain story tooltips that may briefly describe why the skill was learnt, how was it gotten, and so on.


Blade Dancer



Agile Stride - Passive

Type: Targeted Blink

A basic footwork that must be mastered by any Blade Dancer. The sudden burst of speed is essential to even grasp the more advanced techniques that lay ahead. Allows the Blade Dancer to easily ease through enemy ranks, appearing and disappearing with phantom-like will. Some can even go to the extent of being so swift that an afterimage of themselves are left behind for a while.

Each ordered attack on an enemy unit will instantly teleport the Blade Dancer beside it. Must be within 800 range of targeted unit.

: [||||||||||]

Mastery Bonus : Leaves an afterimage after teleporting for 8 seconds.

Each level increases range by 25.


Tip Of The Blade - [Passive]

Type: Chance Critical

The Blade Dancers come from a long line of ancestry, nevertheless the mastery of a blade still runs deep within their blood. They are capable of striking enemies with the tip of their blade with extreme precision, where many believe to be the sharpest part of the blade.

Has a 20% chance to deal 30 bonus damage. Damage multiplier doubles each time it triggers within 3 seconds of the last one. Resets when it doesn't trigger after 3 seconds.

Mastery : [||||||||||]


Waltz Of Steel - [Active]

Type: Instant Damage Over Time

A misconception that the name of a Blade Dancer only came from their erratic movement style during combat, it's other meaning also derives from the Blade Dancer's ability to instill life into their blades, allowing them to have a waltz of their own.

Summon 10 blades that circle around the Blade Dancer, dealing 5 damage each every 0.2 seconds. Lasts 8 seconds.

Cooldown : 20 seconds

Mastery : [||||||||||]

Mastery Bonus : Blades spiral out at the end of the duration, dealing triple the damage.


Momentum - [Passive]

Type: Factored Attack Speed Increment

Always entranced by the fervor of speed, the Blade Dancer can strike faster as he moves with greater agility. As he disappears between the enemy crowd, nowhere to be seen, the afterimages that he leaves are the only proof of his presence.

Gains 1% attack speed for each afterimage present.

Mastery : [||||||||||]

Mastery Bonus : Greater boost to increased attack speed. (7%)


Retrace - [Active]

: Situational Blink Damage

As the ability of a Blade Dancer grows, they can eventually retrace their steps with minimal effort, allowing them to strike much harder and stronger then before. Few have seen just what seems to be fake traces of the Blade Dancer, but none have live to tell the tale when the illusion becomes a reality, a blade to their throats.

Teleports to a random afterimage, dealing 50 damage in a small area. Repeats until there are no more afterimages left.

: 25 seconds

Mastery : [||||||||||]

Mastery Bonus : Improved area. (Medium area)


Phase - [Passive]

Type: Pathing Removal

During the Great War, the Blade Dancers suffered a huge defeat. Although incomparable in speed, the sheer tightness of the enemy formation left no room between them to be exploited. Realising that their way of life could become extinct, they trained themself to be able to dodge and run through enemies with the slightest movements. At times some have mistaken the Blade Dancers as ghosts, as they passed through their physical being at blinding speeds.

Ignore Blade Dancer's pathing.

Mastery : [Cannot Be Mastered]


Blade Dance - [Active]

Combining the gracefulness of a dance, and the deadliness of the blade, the Blade Dancer zips around the battle field, attacking fervently with a style that almost seems mesmerising. The speed and intensity that the Blade Dancer goes through is so intense that even he himself cannot predict where the next attack will strike. At times what seems like a whole army of Blade Dancers is actually just a lone warrior.

Strikes random areas within 800 AOE of the original casting point, dealing a 100 damage in an area every 0.25 seconds. Each attack leaves behind an afterimage, which expires 8 seconds after the spell duration ends. Lasts 5 seconds.

Limit Break
: [||||||||||]

Voltic Charger



Storm Pillars - [Active]

Type : AoE Damage and Purge

Concentrating a large amount of voltic power, the Voltic Charger can call upon bolts from the sky that strikes down unto the Earth, powerful enough to remain on the Earth's atmosphere for a while, resembling pillars of pure thunder.

Releases 4 pillars of electrical energy onto a random area of 500 around the Voltic Charger. Initially deals 30 damage in a small area when the bolt lands, and 10 damage as well as purge per second to enemies near the pillar until the duration ends. Lasts 10 seconds.

Cooldown : 30 seconds

Mastery : [||||||||||]


Static Current - [Active]

Type : Uncontrollable Chain Dash

Using the pillars as a conductor, the Voltic Charger is able charge himself up and move from pillar to pillar at an extremely fast speed. As he rolls up into a sphere lightning, gaining more volts when he passes through each pillar, enemies unlucky enough to be caught within the path of his trajectory will find themselves walking away with more than just a slight shock.

Jumps 5 times between pillars, dealing 15% more damage after each pillar. Deals 20 initial damage. Jumps to pillars that are at least within 700 AoE of the current one.

: 22 seconds

Mastery : [||||||||||]


Static Charge - [Passive]

Type : Attack Build-up Passive

Each attack that the Voltic Charger does builds up static electricity. The static electricity often empowers the Voltic Charger and his abilities as well.

Builds up 1 charge after 10 attacks. Maximum of 50 charges.

Mastery : [||||||||||]


Voltic Soul - [Passive]

Type : Factored Passive

Those who are blessed with the gifts of electric running through their soul are capable of charging themselves up, thus moving faster and faster, becoming one with the element itself. Sometimes the sparks become so strong that it is hard to get close to the Voltic Charger without getting zapped.

Gains 2% attack speed and 1% movement speed per charge. Also deals 2 damage per charge in a 100 AoE around the Voltic Charger. Each charge increases AoE by 5.

Mastery : [Cannot Be Mastered]

So far there are only 2 heroes in total. About 5 are to be expected during the first release.



Terrain - 60%
Triggers - 10%
Heroes - 15%
Ideas - 35%
Skills - 25%

How You Can Help

Basically it would already be much appreciated if you could just post your comments and thoughts about the map. Being constructive in your criticism would be a big plus as well.

If you want to help contribute hero, skills or gameplay ideas, please feel free to do so. Of course rep will be given.

For Hero Skills, post it according to the format of the Blade Dancer's skills. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or enquiries, ask away, and I would be more than happy to answer. Thanks.


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Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
I like how it is looking thus far. I think you might be exaggerating slightly when you say 'revolutionizing hero defense'. So far I cannot witness anything that may define the map as revolutionizing. But I do classify the map as unique in comparison to other siege/hero defenses.

I admire how you want to make your heroes to be better and more in-depth rather than the simple heroes produced by others of this genre. And while reading the abilities of your heroes and watching the demo videos, I'm curious... will all of your heroes be jumping all over the place? The two abilities seem very similar, as in they're both omni-striking abilities. Try not to go overboard in the SFX department.

Otherwise, you better hurry with some terrain screenies. I'd love to see how that area is going for you. The project certainly has a lot of potential.

Good luck.
Level 2
Dec 3, 2005
Thanks for the comments.

Regarding to your query of the heroes, No, not all of them will be jumping around the place. It just so happens that these 2 are the more speedy characters in the map. The other heroes will have different ways of playing them. E.g. An extremely large, tank but slow hero, capable of causing devastating effects over a landscape. And etc.

I've uploaded the terrain screenshots, take a look and tell me what you think about them.
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
The terrain is awesome 0_o
I had expected one of those City-Like Terrains that are kinda plain. Rather, I find a forest-themed terrain that looks really, really damn beautiful :D
Great job!

@Wolfe Orscythe
He used little/no sfx for the Blade Dancer hero. Most of the trails and stuff are the ribbons that are emitted when the Blademaster attacks and stuff.
IMO, Special Effects are cool and important. A really powerful skill with no special effects makes it boring. There are just enough SFX for this IMO.

A suggestion for the Voltic Charger: Perhaps grant him an alternative way to gain Charges, like standing in the Lightning Pillars for x seconds or something.
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