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My Hero Arena Heros

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Level 9
Oct 2, 2008
My Heros Arena

Hi.I decited to make my Hero arena.I plan adding few features so it wont just another hero arena.This is my first serius project.Here,I will post few ideas for first heros.I d like you to:
- rate each Hero from 1 to 10.Say what you like or dislike or what to change
- tell what could I add to make my map more interesting
- give me some of your ideas on what to make or not to make
- suggest a name for map since there is no name yet
- tell me if you want to help in any other way (like making terrain,scripting,although its little early for that)

Some Info

Map will be heavily PvP oriented but will have PvE mod.Also,map is based in rounds,so while not fighting in arena,you are in safe place buying items.
There will be lots of items and sets,each to boost certant role in PvE mod.Mods that will be are
-standard (fight in 2 teams)
-deathmatch (every Hero for himself)
-PvE (all Heros cooperate,when round starts,couple of bosses will spawn inside arena.Heros have to kill as many as possible before time runs out,some Heros might be ineffective in PvP but good for this)
At the moment there are 2 arenas:
- Ancient Ruins bellow ground
- Remains of Ruins outdoors

Also,I will give rep to all who contribute to increasing maps quality.Hope you will support my project!Hope my grammar didnt turn yo off :).Keep in mind that all names arent final and probably will change.

Searing Swordwielder
-Agility/Strength based Hero
-Has passive NON-hero skill called Searing Blade.It adds 12 attack per lvl.6 lvls.First lvl adds zero attack.
Searing Slashes
-adds Cleaving Attack effect,also gives 10% on attack to increase Searing Blade by 1.
Searing Heart
-4/3.5/3 sec cast,increases Searing Blade by 1.
Immolating Strike
-deals damage to target and deals additional damage over time.Consumes one Searing Blade.
Executing Heat
-sets Searing Blade lvl to 1 again.Deals massive damage to target and extra damage over time plus extra damage for each lvl of Searing Blade before consuming its powers.

-Intelligence Hero
Soul Freeze
-target cannot move and loses mana over time
Frost Nova
-Frost Nova like in Wow
Snow Blast
-direct damage spell
Touch of Winter
-slows mana reg of nearby enemy units.Any enemy casting nearby Lich might get struck with Frost Nova rank 1.

Survival Expert
-Agility Hero,although not adept at quick mellee attacks like lots of other Agility Heros
Stun Trap
-places invisible trap that will stun unit that comes too close.Duration,delay and stun time improves with each lvl.
Concussion Blow
-deals damage.If target stuned it deals double damage.
Create Bandage
-creates Healing Bandage.Bandages can be droped or you can give them to someone.They heal over time.They heal quite alot but combat will end their effect.
-you stun all nearby enemys for short duration and you become invisible.Invisibility duration improves with each lvl.

-Intelligence/Agility based Hero
Spell-Reflect Armor
-increases your spell damage resistance.When you are hit with enemy spell,you might stun caster for a short duration.
-adds Feedback effect that increases its power each lvl.Also gives chance to cause AoE Manaburn.
Arcane Senses
-whenever target within skills range casts a spell,you will create bolt that moves to location of caster when skill was cast.Range and trail speed improves with each lvl.
Other Force
-deals damage to target.If target has more than half of its mana,damage is increased.If not,then you heal for his amount of mana left.

Hope you liked it.More will come each day.Leave a comment.
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Level 24
Mar 23, 2008
"- suggest a name for map since there is no name yet"
"- tell what could I add to make my map more interesting"
Those two arent easy to help with, since we dont know a thing about how your map is, except that it is a hero arena ;)

And i got one suggestion about the survival expert, if he isnt good at hitting hard and fast, as other agility heroes, and that combined with his skills, will it not be hard for him to do anything, but stunning them? He will be really worthless alone. Just my thoughts ^^
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