Defence and ladder-like maps

Level 6
Apr 26, 2007
Could You recommend me some nice altered melee (ladder-style) and/or defence maps?

Just some guidelines first:

  • You shouldn't end up with 1000000 gazillion units (BFME ftl).
  • Too many tiers is bad, makes all players tech and that leads to the point above (main flaw of Aeroblyctos's New World, imo).
  • Nice design/tech tree for races.
  • As for defence maps- could be hero-based, as long as the heroes are interesting and waves are varying, not just 100 hp, 200 hp, 300 hp, 500 hp ... 100000 hp, insert random stuff like slow poison here and there.
  • Ladder-like maps- max average lenght of a game, one hour. Would be best if you finish it in half an hour.
  • Ladder-like- should be comparable to normal ladder, if we look at fun-factor and quality.

That's what comes to my mind for now. Don't mention World in Conflict, I know the map, it's good, though still could use some improvement. It could be a hosted project, btw :wink:
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