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Dark Knights and Shining Castles

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Level 8
Jun 13, 2007
Ok, this is just an idea I've been bouncing around for a while....I'm not going to onsider starting it until I'm done with my MOO2 map.

Anyway, the game would start as kind of an FFA AoS/RPGish kind of thing, where there are a bunch of rouge knights who run around the countryside doing quests and killing creeps.

In the second stage of the game, when a rouge knight gets powerful enough, he will hire a small mercanary army and attempt to storm one of the castles in the land, thus becoming a king. But there wouldn't be enough castles for everyone.....

The goal of the game would be to kill all the other knights. Good idea? Bad?
Level 2
Jul 24, 2007
OK, I think this is a good idea but...
1) those other knights also get experienced? Anyway, is this a multiplayer map or a campaign?
2) he got a castle, someone else got a castle, then what? The third stage? Battle between castles?
(two scottish castles fight, shooting from cannons. Bah... Buh... Bah... Then, there is silence for an hour. People from one castle shout: "Why don't you shoot?" - "We can't, you've got the cannon-ball!" :>)
3) Who decides when one stage is complete, and it is time for the second? Are the castles invulnerable before the Hero gains some level or completes some quests? Or u can attack the castle at any time, on your own risk?
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