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| [CW] Castle Wars [CW] |

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Level 2
Dec 4, 2007
I'm in the middle of a project called Castle Wars (=CW), this map is about 3 gods & 2 castles. The two teams with the castles have something similar, they both need to take the flag from the opposing team, but there's exceptions of surviving. It is a 5v5 map with 2 computer bots (The Castle Defenders/Shops). The Castle's are exacly alike but one is pathed with white marble, the other one with black (this makes the map a Cityescape map).

There are 3 ways out of the castles, two gates (one smaller, one bigger) and the underground path (this will be explained below).

-- The map pathing --
Cityescape map
128x128 map or bigger (for the areas of the shops, underground path and more..)
Water from the South-West to the North-East part of the map (a river, and some land in the middle with two bridges and two entries to the undergound path).
The underground path may have some sigh blockers, you should not be able to see the area from the Mini-Map or In-Game, only enter the area to see it.
The castles are big enough for running and able to catch the flag holder before he runs to hes own castle and gain points to hes team.
I meantioned that there were 3 gods, the last god should be able to make the teams more stable, for example: one leaves in a team, if the team has a ''feeder'' (=Someone with negative stats, dies many times and dosent kill alot).
There are 3 ways through the water, one in the middle, the south-west part and the north-eastern part. (The two ways at the sides are either rocks or a normal road).
Woods are spread out in each side (the southern part with the white-pathered area are a mixture of Lorderon Summer Woods and Felwood trees, both of them).
The north part is filled with dead woods and some dirty grass :) - Yes you find this very similar to DotA but its not.

-- How the map Works --
As mentioned there are 2 teams and 3 gods;
This is similar to DotA but is time-limited (Some examples of game-time: 1-60 minutes or unlimited time, there can also be a point limit, maximum 200, this will be tested properly).
Points are gathered by taking the opposing team flag to your base, if a opposing team kills you the flag will automaticly teleport back to the opposing team base top. Or killing opposing team heroes.
Game types are basicly: -ar (all random), -ap (all pick), -pt 60 (points 60), -m 60 (60 minutes game). The host of the game has 2 minutes to write tha game type. (Not nessecerly 60 minuted/points).
Suggested game name's (GN): CW -ap -pt 60 America Only! :p

-- Suggested Triggers/programs --
Vote kick system
Banlist (http://www.wc3banlist.de) -For a stable game with no leavers or high pings (see site for information).
The flag should not take space in your inventory.

I have not come up with my own name for the gods but i got proper colors, south god/castle blue, north god/castle red. Please, write suggestions to the map, I know that no map is 'Perfect' but hopefully a good one.:infl_thumbs_up: (If this map becomes a success I think I would open a forum/site) - So I think I need a tutorial with vbulleting forums (phpBB).

I'm not good with triggers (GUI/JASS) or modelling so I would be happy if I had some voulenteers for the map: Link to recruitment comes soon!

I'd like to have some suggestions for creep wave (ammount of units/what type/HP/MP/Dmg). And some basics for Heores (Also Dmg And so on, Rather give your own hero suggestion when the base of a hero is done). [Yes, I think you can wait].

--Update Diary--
-A few fixes to the woods, a mixture of Lordearon Summer woods and Felwood trees.
-No more undergound passage (This idea may come up in later versions).
-New model needed to the flags, icon / model will come up soon.
-Three hero taverns added; Strenght, Intelligence and Agility.
-Towers are added to the roads.
-One road on each side is split into two, one going to the corner of the river, the other in the middle (This gives an oppertunity to add two creep waves in this road).

This map is sorted as an AoS & Capture the flag map. (The idea of this is from the MMORPG RuneScape).

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