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Sylvan Siege

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Level 4
Sep 24, 2007
Sylvan Siege
Or a name along those lines.... The name isn't really important at the moment.
The game is basically a three-teamed castle siege/defence. Each player has a different specialty or hero within their team.

City Defenders- Inside the center castle defending from north invaders and south bandits.
Red: Demigod of War
Blue: Demigod of Magic
Teal: Demigod of Archery
Purple: Demigod of Time

Northern Invaders- In the North section of the map, they arrived by ship and are camped in the shallow waters of the bay, the City Defenders' shipyards have been demolished.
Yellow: Demigod of Light
Orange: Demigod of Fire
Green: Demigod of Earth
Pink: Demigod of Ice

Bandit Tribes- The southern tribes have banded together to oppose the city. They each have a specialty of their tribe.
Gray: Bandit Lord
Lightblue: Assassin
Darkgreen: ?Explosives Expert?
Brown: ?Tunneler?

Those are the basic teams, and the map is shaped like this.
X=Invader SP *=Defender SP ^=Tribe SP o=Tower [ , ] , _, -=Gate |=Wall U=water !=road ),( = boundries for map < , > = nothing/clear ground
Sorry about it being nearly impossible to decipher, but the spaces are removed so I had to use these: < , >. And yes, the map will be that elongated, or maybe a little less.
Reply with thoughts or if you want to know more about the game.
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