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Castle Wars

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Level 2
Dec 4, 2007
THis project is about two castles, you fight in three different lanes, there will be creepspawns of 3 footmen and one Priest.

Some general information:
Map size: 128x128
Forces: 2
Players: 10
Tileset: Cityscape

Of the god Saradomin
Of the god Zamorak

[You may notice that this map is a LITTLE bit like DotA :wthumbsup:]
[AND, this project and its idea from the MMORPG, RuneScape]

There will be a river in between of the two castles, mostly grass around.
In the Saradomin Castle: White marble (from the cityscape tile set).

In the Zamorak Castle: Black marble.

I've alredy started a bit, designed the two castles and hero picking.

How its played:
The two teams are fighting and the best areas to controll are around the lake.
You can get points for your team by killing opposit heroes and taking their flag to your side (this will be explained below).

The two teams will have flags, they can be captured and be taken to opposit castle. Example: You are at the Saradomin team, you go to the top of Zamorak castle and take the flag, now here's the hard part: you need to go BACK with it to your own base (Note: some heroes will have slow spells and so on) when getting out of the castle, the gates are opened and closed every 30 seconds, this might be an oppertunity to fight with your mates against the attacking foes. When oppened try to run to your own castle, when reached the top (Where your team's flag is) the flag you're holding will be returned to the opposit force and you'll gain points.

About the gates;
there are two ways into the castles, one big and one small, the small one.

The lake goes through the middle of the map, and there is some land in the middle of the map with the lake around it. There are two bridges, leading to each castle. There are two smaller ways to eachothers castles, rocky areas, hard to come through with some barricades at the way.

The map will have ome woods filled with creeps to train against.
The shops are INSIDE the castle, not OUT in the woods (No exception :wgrin:)
There will be three basic shops witht he following: Weapons, potions, attribute bonus items.

The weapons can be upgraded by combine items. (I do not know how this trigger works..). And maybe two recipe shops.

- An neutral god (Guthix) that can make teams more even when leaver is detected.
- An neutral shop in both sides of the map, Items will come later.
- Woods on Saradomin Side [South-East]. (Update on map soon)

Comment it <'3

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Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
Runescape was never my favorite game, a good game till I learned the computer beheld greater games. But i believe the neutral god Guthix, is his name, should have some role here. Like possible to even teams up when someone leaves a player on a team with extra people will be put into the neutral team which your unallied against all put can't actually pick up a flag. When a possibility to even teams up he joins a team to even it up. Also all 3 gods names should be included into items, which would probly be an obvious one. Also maybe a mercenary shop of "Guthix" creatures.
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