D3W requires 1.24!

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Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
As the title says, if your not able to play the map or can not host it online becouse warcraft 3 had a limit of 4mb in maps, but they increased it in patch 1.24 to 8mb, making it possible for us to add things such as high quality skins, etc, making it impossible to play it on any version before 1.24.

So, try updating to 1.24 & it should work.

I made this thread to prevent people from asking why it doesnt work, when they simply doesnt have the latest version.

Also, if you have a pirate version of the game, we wont help you!
It is illigal, and you should be able to buy warcraft 3 if you have access to a computer aswell as internet.
So do not ask where to download patches etc, we want a world of peace, not pirates. (i didnt mean to offend you with the pirates part RedMarine ;D)

I really hope this will reduce the amount of topics asking about this issue.


Not open for further replies.