Curved Walls

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Originally made for a builder map I've been working on with some friends, I decided to release these to public seeing as I've had people finding the concept of curved walls useful.

The bundle includes the pathing maps that's used to give the walls their actual curvic shape pathing-wise, and to also snap together when built in conjunt.

The optimal scale size I used for them in-game was 1.5

The bundle doesn't include a shadow file yet. I may or may not add these at some point later.

Curved Wall 1 (Model)

Curved Wall 1 Icon (Icon)

Curved Wall 1 Pathing Map (Texture)

Curved Wall 2 (Model)

Curved Wall 2 Icon (Icon)

Curved Wall 2 Pathing Map (Texture)

Curved Wall 3 (Model)

Curved Wall 3 Icon (Icon)

Curved Wall 3 Pathing Map (Texture)

Curved Wall 4 (Model)

Curved Wall 4 Icon (Icon)

Curved Wall 4 Pathing Map (Texture)

General Frank
Quite useful doodad/destructible model. Work in-game and perform adequately. Good job.
Level 19
Nov 4, 2010
Thing is, I don't really know where could I fit in the team colors in these models without it looking odd.

Make a strip of team colored line somewhere near the top or the bottom of the walls?
Or something like these?

Human Stonewalls