Curved Sword

Another quick attachment model I've made.

You can use/edit/whatever this model if you want to, just giving me a little credit for it would be nice if you did.

Update: Fixed blade texture

Curved Sword (Model)

I think there's something wrong with the smoothing of the blade... are you working in 3ds max? Because in that case, i'm assuming that you applied a smooth modifier with too much of an angle. Use one modifier on the top half of the blade with an angle of less than 90 degrees, and another one on the top half. This will make it look more like a blade and less like a white worm. Additionally, you might want to have a sharper transition between the upper part of the blade and the sharp edge - just look at some of Blood Raven's attachment and see how he does it. Set to needs fix for now.
Hmm, i have no experience with MDLvis... In that case i'm assuming that you started off with a cylinder which had smoothing by default. That's OK though, you want the smoothing for the handle so it's better to have it than to not have it. Either way, assuming that you can't fix the smoothing, i'd still want you to fix the wrap of the blade. Like i said, look at Blood Raven's swords - they have a darker, unsharpened color at the upper edge and bright, more sharpened-looking one at the lower edge. When it's a gradient the way you have it, it looks too soft and not like metal, which should have sharp reflections. You did a much better job on your other sword (which i will approve once i have tested it).
Level 8
Aug 7, 2011
It's something simple... you could add more details, because at first glance, looks like the weapon of the Warcraft's sirens.

It's good, just add more details. ;)