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Creation of Several Skin Bundles from my map project

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Level 5
Jul 12, 2010
Hello to whomever this thread comes across. I am the map designer from Titan Land: Kingdoms of Terfall and i have wanted to create a skin bundle for some of the work i had develop on my own map. However i am not sure whether or not to go about doing so.

Firstly, i dont know about how the bundle package system works on this site but do i know to upload the works individual or can they all be bundled immedietaly, since they would work better uploaded together.

Secondly, these skins which i made were used on tl kot in 3.0 project, but based on my previous skin upload it was deemed substandard to which all of these skins i've made would be as a can agree most of it isnt free-hand but use of colour correction. However i do believe they may still be used if they are grouped together in such a way.

The two main pieces of these bundles would be
-the briari (wood elf skins would replaces most of the night elf units).
-The gelldir (grey elf skin which replaces certain blood elf units.)

Any advice people can give me in regard to whether i should just upload the content and suffer the wrath of the admins or hold off on its creation.

Thank you for listening.
Level 14
Nov 13, 2017
You could upload them separately bundle by bundle them upload a pack containing all of em once you have released them all. If you do separate bundles so, easier for... moderation and approval I guess. :)
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