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CliCli Incubation Program Season 1 Recap

Hey all! As some of you know I am currently working on a new platform for user generated content, along with other Warcraft III community members and former Warcraft III developers.

Our first Incubation Program recently completed resulting in a slate of exciting indie games. We had 27 of 37 teams complete the three month program, earning a total of $246,800 in progress based payments along the way. While the Incubation Program has concluded for now, we have begun our relaunch of the Bounty Hunter Program, which you can read more about here: CliCli Monthly Bounty Hunter Program

See the results here:

Take a look at these games and many more by downloading our platform here: CliCli- Brand New UGC Gaming Platform

We have an active Discord server where creators chat with each other and us on their projects and the ongoing platform development: Join the CliCli Dev Discord Server!

If you're interested reach out with any questions. We also have documentation you may review here: Help - Find answers to CliCli publishing & review, creator agreement, triggers, User manual, art, and other general topics

We look forward to accompanying you on our journey to from Alpha to launch in 2023, and beyond.
Level 16
Nov 12, 2016

Youtube moment.