"Cityscape +" Doodad Pack

A simple pack that I made for my personal project and thought I would share. Useful to add depth and variation to any cityesque maps.


Important Note!
- To use the Ruined Wall with the heightmap simply copy and paste the Ramp Naga Small and set its "Art - Fixed Rotation to -1" and it "Pathing - Pathing Textures" and "Pathing - Pathing Texture (Dead) to None.
- The City ramps just need to replace the corresponding naga ramps to work.


To import the Stratholme Walls replace the "war3mapimported" with:
- doodads\lordaeronsummer\terrain


The difference between my Border walls and the normal walls is that it is double parapeted. If people want the corners and T junctions comment and I can make them.


I am currently working on a Suramar Throne Room pack which features some sunken ruins themed doodads and statues so keep an eye out.
Please remember to credit if you use.


-Edit: Added Corner and 'T' pieces to the Border Wall set.

"Cityscape +" Doodad Pack (Model)

Arch 2 (Model)

Border Wall (Model)

Border Wall 'T' (Model)

Border Wall Corner (Model)

Border Wall Ruined (Model)

Border Wall Short (Model)

Buttress Double (Model)

Buttress Single (Model)

City Column Statue Shield (Model)

City Column Statue Sword (Model)

City Garrison Column (Model)

City Ramp Bottom (Model)

City Ramp Left (Model)

City Ramp Right (Model)

City Ramp Top (Model)

Foundations (Model)

Planter (Model)

Ruined Column/Turret (Model)

Ruined Tower (Model)

Stone Fence (Model)

Stone Wall (Model)

Stratholme Wall 0 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 135 main_diffuse (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 135 v1 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 135 v2 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 135 v3 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 135 v4 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 45 main_diffuse (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 45 v1 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 45 v2 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 45 v3 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 45 v4 (Texture)

Stratholme Wall 90 (Texture)

Turret (Model)

Wall Flat (Model)

Wall Flat Short (Model)

Wall Ruined (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Very useful walls to complement the village doodads.
Level 6
Sep 3, 2020
Hey hey ! I just saw that you could be able to do the "T" and corner one of the wall that looks pretty good. I would find some very good use if u could have time, in the future, to do them :)

Otherwise, that's very good work, and I'm sure a lot of people win find many good use from this pack, thank you :)
Level 10
Feb 23, 2020
Excellent. *air guitar solo*

You know what would make me even happier? If you could "destroy" that Statue of Terenas, so that only the legs are shown.
Very nice. One thing that I think you could do to improve the breached walls a bit, would be to add rubble spilling out around the breaches, as shown in the two images below.
Yup, you could also take some potruding bricks (some chimneys have them) and fix some bricks that are not rectangular (where it's broken)