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Changing Attack Speed Gain per AGI to less than 0.01 per each point of AGI

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Level 3
Apr 6, 2015
So in gameplay constant, each point of agility adds a minimum of 0.01 AS, is it possible to change the amount of agility points needed, like every 5 points of agility adds 0.01 AS, seeing as I don't think 0.002 AS per point would work. Anyone has any idea on how I can probably do something like that? I tried making a spell and a trigger that increases the level for each 5 points of agility, but it ended up lagging and/or not working.



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Level 25
Aug 13, 2011
To do it the trigger method without 100 integer checks (which is probably what's causing the lag), you could do it like this:
  • Agility Change
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Gains a level
      • Unit - A unit Acquires an item
      • Unit - A unit Loses an item
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set TempInteger = ((Agility of (Triggering unit) (Include bonuses)) / 5)
      • Unit - Set level of Item Attack Speed Bonus (Gloves of Haste) for (Triggering unit) to TempInteger
And each level of the ability would add 0.01 more attack speed with 5 agility = 1 ability level.


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Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Be aware that there is always the preload lagg.
I suggest you use either 3 abilities for it with all 10 levels.
Make the first one have the values from 0 to 9
Make the second one have the values from 0 to 90 (with steps of 10)
Make the third one have the values from 0 to 400 (with steps of 100) (bonus attack speed never rises above 400% of base.

Or use many more abilities and let them all have numbers at the power of 2 + one ability with 1.
Abil1: 1% bonus
Abil2: 2% bonus
Abil3: 4% bonus
Abil4: 8% bonus
Abil5: 16% bonus
Abil6: 32% bonus
Abil7: 64% bonus
Abil8: 128% bonus
Abil9: 256% bonus
Abil10: 512% bonus
Abil11: -1024% bonus
With those abilities, you can make anything from -1024 to 1023 possible.
It is harder to use so the first one might be better for you.
Level 3
Apr 6, 2015
So to import the modified gameplay constant file, where would I go (Assuming we use a MPQ Broswer to get it) I'm in scripts > Blizzard, and I don't see anything there that is connected to the attack speed, and Im not asking you guys to look through the entire list for me, thats too much, but any idea where it would be located for me to find.
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