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Change current cooldown of ability

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Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
Hi folks!
I'm currently working on a hero with several abilities, all triggered stuff.. but I have the following problem:
I'm in need of setting an ability into cooldown without using it - preferably to the same amount another specified unit has, or at least to kick the cooldown starting (1st solution would allow me to do another hero i've got in mind and would be useless without shared cooldowns).

Is there any way to read an ability's current cooldown (or if the ability is in cooldown or not)? If so, how?
I've tried searching for it, but found nothing.

+Rep & credits for any explanations, useful links to threads answering this question and other help :)
Level 9
Dec 12, 2007
in general, it is impossible to read or manipulate the cooldown of any spells.
its a feature that is not modifiable in warcraft III.
the option we have on is just refreshes them all or not,
(well, people have found the way to refresh some abilities instead of all)
unless you make your own cooldown system.

and its also impossible to initiate an ability cooldown without using it.
i remember someone trying to make a cooldown system with some feature that you need,
you might want to search his thread on Google.
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