Carrion Bats (1.32)

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Commissioned for Frostcraft.

Previews feature Mal'Ganis the Eternal One by FersZ


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Feel free to modify. Give credit.

These models have both animated ribbon alpha and particle priority planes; they are unopenable in Magos' whether in MDL or MDX without the removal of either.


Magos' Model Editor
If a.) the model/s present an error regarding a ribbon emitter upon opening, or b.) the models go blank in-game after editing them in Magos', use MdlxConv to convert the uncorrupted file to mdl, edit the model as you wish, and then convert back to mdx before importing.

If models with omnilights light up the whole map after conversion, make sure you're using version 1.04 of MdlxConv.

Carrion Bat Avocado HD (Model)

Carrion Bat Avocado SD (Model)

Carrion Bat Blood HD (Model)

Carrion Bat Blood SD (Model)

Carrion Bat Jade HD (Model)

Carrion Bat Jade SD (Model)

Question: Do these models have attachment points -- allowing them to be used as unit model? (I realize they don't have attack animations, but that's besides the point)
They have Origin & Chest at the same spot, and then Overhead 100 height above. The main impediment for unit use is the lack of portrait. I'll look into adding a cam.
Level 2
Jan 18, 2009
Sd verison-Downloaded hd textures bcs old warcraft doesnt has the remain original textures Tested on 1.26-27 version: It works but after 2 seconds game crashes. 1.29 - 1-31 works but needs the hd texture addon.