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By Demons Be Driven

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By Demons Be Driven
Created by Blizzzard Entertainment. Edited by Pyraeus.




By Demons Be Driven Three days later, near the edge of the Barrens...

  • New Armies
  • New Units
  • New Triggers
  • Extra Goldmines
  • Improved Terrain
  • New Blizzard AI
  • New Quests and Quest Rewards
  • New Upgrades
  • New Heroes
  • New Spells and Effects
  • Bosses
  • A lot of Trivia in game

All Updates
  • V.1.1. Update - The Dimensional Gateways vanished due to them not having a spell animation for one of their attacks. This unknown bug has scarred players greatly. It has been fixed now. Each base of the Warsong Clan and Raven's Edge Clan have more heroes now protecting their base, which are hard to beat. Three attacking heroes are now made to attack each one of the bases. A Death Knight, a Molten Lich, and a Warlock similar to my other map's attacking heroes of "A New Power in Lordaeron", but not strong as them, but much weaker instead. This means difficulty enhanced. Tool tip icons information fixed (unfortunately I can't fix some icons) and Cairne's Bloodhoof Rune spear can now heal him. Enjoy for now. Also for those who don't know. Destroy all the Warsong Clan Buildings in order to access the way to Grom. Thank you.
  • V.1.2. Update - Centaur quest difficult increases and Infernals have large armor once more.
  • V1.3. Custom Commands added for switching alliance ways: Type in the chatbox /Avision (Alliance with just vision share) and /Aforce (Full shared units and vision) to switch to whatever you fancy in game. Goblin Laboratory and Goblin Merchant renamed to "Low Lu's Laboratory" and "Yolo's Shop". A new unit has been added to the laboratory to replace the "Goblin Zeppelin". The starting camera for all teams of the Kalimdor Alliance are now fixed. No longer will all of them pan on Thrall after the cinematic ends. Game should no longer cause confusion.

Tired of that old By Demons Be Driven crap and playing it alone? Play it with three players now online. Choose from the High Elven Survivors of Quel'Thalas, The Alliance survivors of Lordaeron, or the Orcish Horde. All deriving from the united Kalimdor Alliance and take on against the Burning Legion, Raven's Edge Clan, and the Warsong Clan. With many new quests which feature quest rewards for completing them, a secret hidden in the map, and bosses. It will be tough. Also make note that many names in the map are a reference to many characters I created for a book I'm writing. While only two in it are a reference to "Percula" the creator of the "Best WoW Machinima" and "Cloud Whitewolf" of the "Warcraft Underground" forum. Remember to click on the Whitewolf in game! o_O.
This map is originally made by Blizzard Entertainment for Warcraft 3: The Reign of Chaos' Orc Campaign. The map is called "By Demons Be Driven", which is Chapter Eight in the Invasion of Kalimdor Campaign. The map was edited by me so three players could play, but not just that. It's more just then just that. The map's difficulty selection has been removed and the map has been made to be challenging for anyone who plays it with another. The map is highly updated and features the battle from the original Invasion of Kalimdor Campaign. The battle between the forces of the Burning Legion (Their Demon and Corrupt Orc forces) and the Warsong Clan against the Kalimdor United Alliance of the Horde and the Alliance.

Description of the Player's Armies - The three player armies are "The High Elves" of Percula Starseeker, "The Alliance" of Lady Jaina Proudmoore, and "The Horde" lead by Warchief Go'el "Thrall", son of Durotan. Each side has two heroes, which means that three new ones have been added. The new hero is at the side of the Alliance and is a undead, not a human. Many skins and models of all sides had been changed. They look more "wonderful" then before. New Units have been added with a new army. New spells and best of all new quests which offer quest rewards. Without passing some of these quests. It's impossible to reach Grom. The players have to work together or all could be lost.

Description of the Burning Legion - The Burning Legion have improved a lot in this map. They now send minions to aid the Warsong Clan in battle against the Kalimdor Alliance and sent the Raven's Edge Clan from their homeworld of Outland to aid the Warsong Clan as well. The Burning Legion are lead by Mannoroth as the original storyline goes, but they also get a new hero to their side in the map who will be somewhat seen as their leader. "Sergeros", the Eredar of the Frost.

The Raven's Edge Clan have appeared and allied them selves with the Warsong Clan. Send by the Burning Legion to make sure that Mannoroth's new "pets" succeed. The Raven's Edge Clan have established two big encampments to the east and north east of the Kalimdor's Alliance's location. The Raven Edge Clan have brought their mighty Chaos Hulks who they ordered the Warsong Clan to serve. They will attack with the same system in game as the Warsong Clan. Proving to be somewhat of a double force for multiplayer.

Custom Lore:

The Raven's Edge Clan was a brutal clan on Draenor. The most powerful and the best organized. They feared no one and were more intellectual then any clan. They were lead by their mysterious leader they called "The Raven" and they were her servants. The Orcs called them selves her weapon's edge, which is why they named them selves the "Raven's Edge Clan". The Raven's Edge Clan was responsible for the beginning of all the clans on Draenor and they brought glory to them in many battles with the axe called "Raven's Edge". The Orcish Clans suspected the Raven's Edge Clan weren't lead by an orc, but someone appearing as one. The Clan was formed since the beginning of the everything in the universe and for that were suspected in more by the clans. However, in one day and one night, the Raven's Edge Clan mysteriously vanished from Draenor. Their homes, their kind, their ways, and everything else just vanished mysteriously, but one thing remained. The very axe their leader carried into battle: "The Raven's Edge". Shortly after their mysterious disappearance, new orcish clans began to rise and new orcish civilization arose, thus replacing the old orcish traditions. The Raven's Edge Clan remained in the orc's legends and mythology. No one knows why they suddenly vanished that day, or how, and why they left their chieftain's axe behind. However, maybe one day that story will be discovered.

Credits - The credits go to Blizzard Entertainment for making the map in the first place and all that, duh!
Edited, made for two players, and everything else - Pyraeus.
Model/Skins - The Hive Workshop, Blizzard Entertainment, WC3C.net.
Testers - Gerwas and Pyraeus
Art Loading Screen of By Demons Be Driven by ~HeeWonLee - http://heewonlee.deviantart.com/
Mr. SonOfJay for teaching me to create a well map description like his own.
















For the rest of the images. Look here - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/199530-albums6158.html


By Demons Be Driven (Map)

20:23, 3rd Apr 2013 Orcnet: another addition to the customed orc campaign, map approved




20:23, 3rd Apr 2013
Orcnet: another addition to the customed orc campaign, map approved
Level 3
Jul 4, 2013
It does. You got to do the quests. When the quests are done. It opens the gate to Grom.

I could have missed something and I may be late on this, but this does seem to be an issue for me too. I have completed the quests and killed the bosses as well. However, even though the quest did register the buildings as destroyed, it did not register the bodyguards as slain.

Another issue I may point out, the portals seem to vanish, but the periodic waves of NPC's/heroes continue to spawn. This usually (but not always) seems to happen as the portal summons it's own NPC's as it is attacked.

Other than that, great map!
Level 61
Jan 20, 2008
Just as with "A New Power in Lordaeron", I've added AI if the other playable factions are computer-controlled. I've also rearranged some research buttons and updated your Blood Elf buildings with the complete set.

I tried playing it out as the High Elves and I just found a very interesting bug. After the cutscene where Thrall confronts Grom, Player 3 (High Elves) lose control of Thrall's forces making it technically impossible to finish the game if you set Thrall's forces as a computer because you have to bring Thrall to the circle of power. I checked the triggers and saw the mistake. As of now, I've reuploaded the fixed version.


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Level 1
Jul 4, 2014
Well done, enjoyed this map a lot :) At our 3rd time playing we finally won it :D
Btw.. we did it by using 4 heroes only (High Elves - AI).. I mean, we crushed Warsong only using 4 heroes and a bit of knights + few gryphons at the very beginning of the map. +Afk defence: knights (damn they spin!) and gryphons from my m8's side & witch docs + taurens from my side.
Anyway, we had huge fun playing this map, thanks you, guys, a lot ;)
P.S. i thought last 2 heroes of Warsong clan will be more dangerous.
P.S.S. Achivement unlocked: Make lurker say!