Building Model becomes unselectable after upgrade animation plays

Level 22
Oct 27, 2004
As the topic suggests, my Building Model becomes unselectable after the upgrade (Birth Upgrade) animation is played. It works fine otherwise, and can be drag-selected, but it seems like the collision shape disappears after that animation is played.
I made this model from the hunter's hall, and I'd really appreciate some help.
Here's the model:
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You may need to recalculate them. But i'm not sure if that's the error, I have lots of models with incorrect extents but are still selectable.

For now add the colition shape 150 units in the z component so it be larger and try it out.

CollisionShape "Collision" {
	ObjectId 33,
	Vertices 2 {
		{ -150, -150, 0 },
		{ 150, 150, 250 },

If it does not work, then I'll reimport the model to max and recalculate everything(it will be painful, though)