Buff effect on flying mechanical unit

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I have determined that certain auras do not display the buff effect on certain unit. For instance:

-Trueshot Aura will not show the buff effect on mechanical units
-Endurance Aura will not show the effect on mechanical flying units

Is there a aura that will display the buff effect on all friendly owned mechanical units?

In the shots below you can see how the Harasser is affected by the buff, but the effect does not display. In the second all I did was change the Harasser's movement type from flying to hover and it showed.


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They need to be classified as mechanical. Mostly I am curious why changing the movement type would change when the graphic effect of a buff is displayed.

They are classified as what they need to be classified as though, so changing that is not an option. Does anyone know of an aura ability that will apply to a flying mechanical unit?

If there is any problem with clarity simply open up your WE and place a Gyrocopter, and Tauren Chieftan. Change the Endurance aura buff model to something large and obvious, and then test in game. You will see that the buff is being applied but the effect model is not.
Certain things are hardcoded to the engine and can not be overcome.
However, you can always just apply the buff sfx via trigger.

You might try some other auras until you find something that works.

Try the tornado aura, for example. It adds the buff icon and applies the sfx, but doesn't show an ability icon which is pretty neat.

Btw, have you tried adding the SFX art to other fields in the data editor? Like special or art - target in the ability, not the buff?
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