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Features 3 hearts with a simple glow. I uploaded to use as a deactivate form of my HeartOn icons.

Heart, Valentine, Valentine's, Day, Candy, Light, Seduce, Seduction, Amor

BTNHeartOff (Icon)

09:35, 11th Feb 2010 enjoy: Might be useful.
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Jan 25, 2008
its greater than HeartOn, but "Off/On" are completely different, so bad
i suggest to delete or improve HeartOn

Usually when an icon is made in two ways Off / On. It's the same icon with different lighting effects and bg.

These two comments are completely opposite and unhelpful. You should try to be less vague and actually suggest ways in order for the artist to help further their work directly and fluently, or just not criticise what you aren't able to comprehend.

Back on topic, he does raise the point that this is more or less an undeveloped version of the On version. It's good for it's purpose, but to achieve a better response from the public i think more details on the background could be an idea, the glow needs to be more of a glow, rather than just a fading circle. Try adding some strokes and dodges to the glow and some burn strokes and shading to lower the positive feel of the heart to make it feel more "off". That or lower saturation of the hearts could work. Hope that helps!