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Last Activity:
Jul 26, 2014
Jan 25, 2008



tee.dubs was last seen:
Jul 26, 2014
    1. Windu
      Would really love to see more creepy undeady/bug/zombie/etc models. Kind of insane your are :)
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      You have some funky alien/insect models :D
    3. -Grendel
      will you be modelling again? or just lurk around the site?
    4. -Grendel
      oh dude you're still alive :D
    5. HappyCockroach
      hey tee.dubs.
      been quite out the hive? make us a model :)
    6. Kazzo
      ok send me the model lets see what i can do
    7. Kazzo
      Why you don't reply me?
    8. WherewolfTherewolf
      Hmmm well it could and it would definitely be an interesting competition, but then comes the problem of if it's your own design or not. It's really easy to just follow directions via a book, and then if you do something more simple in nature, like modular origami, then there's also the possibility that someone else came up with the design separately from you and you didn't know.

      hmmmm what about a more general competition, like a Sculpture one - basically you can make any form of sculpture, including origami. That would also increase the likeliness of people to enter as Origami isn't exactly a very common skill.

      You could also do something like an "Origami Scene" sort of thing - there the challenge wouldn't be to create a single design, but to organize it all in an aesthetic way - that would also allow people to use designs from books if they have to, but wouldn't give them an advantage.
    9. Kazzo
      Hey they give us a extra extension wanna try finish the model?
    10. Kazzo
      Well guy,i'm not going to flame you since your a good modeler and a fine guy i guess but are we going to atleast finish our model and upload on resourde section? i guess is good enough? :)
      PD:I talk with happycrockcoah he said we can ask for a extension what do you think?
    11. Kazzo
      Looks really decent keep working and we upload it :)
    12. Kazzo
      So we upload the model? :)
    13. Kazzo
      mM i know how you feel atleast can we finish the model and upload? or send me a screenie to know how it looks? :P
    14. Kazzo
      are you alive?
    15. Kazzo
      DUde we have a extension for the paired maybe we should finish and upload it :P?
    16. tee.dubs
      hmm, yeah i think we'll have to duck out of the contest as i haven't been able to work on the model for a while and the deadline is dangerously close. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get it done, but i will finish it soon and post it up. The wrap is pretty good too, the skull is fantastic :) I also have a screenshot i'll show you when i get a chance.
    17. Kazzo
      How is going the model :)?
    18. Kazzo
      Anyway if we don't put in the contest i dont care i just wanna to see our work finish and uploaded proudly :)
    19. HappyCockroach
      sorry for the randomness, but I just had an insight about how cool it would be to put your monster models in a map as a cool race... :P
      keep doing those weirdos, they're so nice
    20. Kazzo
      The dealine is in 4 days :p hurry up xD!
      I wanna check our awesome work :)
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