Brakak's Tale

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This is the Demo for my Campaign 'Brakak's Tale' taking place just after the events of the Frozen Throne.

Brakak is a simple miner dwarf, living in the deep reaches of the great Dwarven City, Ironforge. However, Brakak has a dream. A dream to leave Ironforge and become a Gryphon Rider. This is the story of that dream, and the challenges he faces along the way.

Note this is the Demo, and has two maps included, the first playable map of the Campaign and a short Interlude.

Known little bugs:
Two extra dwarves show up for the final Cinematic in Brakak's house in the first map

RiflemanElite model by TurieL

DwarfWarrior model by Urkdrengi

Dwarven Doodad Pack by Rondo, Makuza, Bloodslaugher and DiscreetMan;65765

More directly Dwarven Staute model by Bloodslaugher
Dwarvenhammer model by DiscreetMan
Miner, Steam Engine Wreck, Glies (Cart tracks), Bed, Stonesign and Anvil models by Makuza
Garage, Miner and Riflemand by Rondo

dwarf, dwarves, mine, gryphon, ironforge, rider, adventure

Brakak's Tale (Campaign)

14:29, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
Neh, didn't test it but one question: Why do Ironforge appears to be so red? Using Underground, Dalaran, or Cityscape Tiles would be much better. And, if this is still in Development Stage, put it on Map Development Forums.
Good going, I enjoyed it very much, although it has a little lack of Terrain, but it's really amusing. Your map is quite perfect, but I have little comments ( Please, don't bother to read them if you think they are offensive )
1 ) You imported models with a weak portrait and less team color
2 ) You should make monsters with ''Hero Glow'' heroes and not simple creatures like you did to the dwarf captain.
3 ) It's a good thing to add more Terrain to keep it more ''Real''.
Level 4
Dec 21, 2008
Thanks for the comments guys.
dead-man-walking: Looking at more pics of Ironforge, I know what you mean, but I wanted to create more of a mining level of the city. I might redo the map to be in more keeping with Ironforge's layout.

Zenonoth: Thanks for the feedback. I will turn off the hero glow, and I will look into changing the portraits. Which units did you have in mind?
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Aug 10, 2008
Downloading, I'll edit this comment after reviewing.

EDIT: So this is what I think about:
First, as dead-man-walking mentioned, Ironforge is better not to be tiled as Dungeons. Underground, Dalaran, Cityscape or even Icecrown Citadel is much better for it.

- I suggest you put a door for Brakak's home.
- At the end of chapter one, it fades out 2 times instead of 1 and you win for 2 times.
- Brakak's repairing has no sound, as long as I remember.

[×] Also an important note that should not be forgotten in cinematics is the unit selection, you should clear selection using
  • Selection
  • Events
  • Conditions
  • Actions
    • Selection - Clear selection for Player 1 (Red)
so with this used, there will no longer be a Green/Red/Yellow circle around the unit which has been selected before the cinematic.

I give it a 4/5, though the campaign has this bugs/problems I mentioned.
Good Luck
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Level 4
Mar 20, 2010
Here's my review after playing the campaign :)

+ A really nice story!
+ Good gameplay
+ Pretty ok cinematics, far from worst I have seen!
+ I lieked the Brakak model
+ I couldn't see any spelling mistakes, that made my day (*is a person that hates a lot of spelling mistakes in cinematics :D*)

- There's no picture at the campaign screen, where you choose that you wanna play first map or interlude.
- There's no body in the bed at the "dream" cinematic. Wouldn't it be possibly to just add Brakak with death animation in bed?
- The ground, rock thingy, under the Dwarf General at the training ground bugs.
- Brakak got the icon of a mountaineer when selecting several units.
- I believe it was a little strange after he killed the spiders we got to see the tanks, then poof, and he was back at the house with 4 other people. You should add another cinematic between those two.
- At the ending cinematic, the flag on the right bugs. Was just a bit irritating when he got invisisble sometimes.

Overall your campaign looks like a very promising project! Too bad you havn't got any further on it, can't wait for the next parts! 8/10
Level 8
Jan 18, 2010
The first thing that displeased me was the cinematic problems, but that's minor bugs. Other thing, i dunno about the others who tried the campaign but i heard almost no musics and the campaign was damn silent and annoying without this. After the cinematic with the king, there's a music, but after the cinematic finished, the same music played again and again to the end of the chapter t__t. Is that so hard to fix the music at the end of cinematics ?
Overall, i didn't like the gameplay (nothing new, innovating or interesting), the terraining (doodads are very rare and the terrain's choice don't fix, for me, to ironforge) and the ambiance of the campaign rather annoyed me.
Last thing : why your interlude is so damn short and pointless :/ ? You just see Brakak walking on a hill, turning back and thats finished ?
My rating is 2/5
First of all you need to read this Maps Rules
Then check this 2 links below and improve map description!
BB Code and Tutorial

We have here fail description and unfinished campaign -.-
First problem can be solved with that above but about another one, I don't know what to say -.-,
I will not report this campaign because many user love it and want to see more!

(Moderators still can reject map so try to finish and upload it fast)

Because of that above
From me: Vote for rejection + 1/5 for now